Let Go with Love

    Women and Children, and Rejection of War-consciousness

    My Relentless Pursuit of Gratitude

    We believe we are the consumers, but we are the consumed

    Removing the Training Wheels of Meditation and Mindfulness

    The Real Reason We Suffer

    Breaking down the walls of ‘I Can’t’

    4 Relationship Lessons to Overcome Breakup Blues

    5 Steps to Help You Stop Saying Things You Regret

    Using Mindfulness Meditation to Cope with Divorce

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    You are the placebo. Inverse psychosomatics and faith. ​The power of words and intention.

    Watch the video above for an important message about your power. The worst lies are the ones we tell ourselves.…

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    Grateful by The Beloveds (David Newman & Philippo Franchini)

    Grateful is the first single from the debut album “The Beloveds” by David Newman and Philippo Franchini “The Beloveds” is…

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    Bryant & Jenni — A True Love Story

    McGill Media and Simple Reminders is a creation of love, and hand-built homestead to thought-leaders, Bryant McGill & Jenni Young…

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    Your Well-Being is Your Responsibility

    Making self-care a priority in your life is vital to you experiencing joy, happiness and fulfilment. Being responsible for your…

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    Happiness is Your Birthright

    You are a happy soul living in a body. As a soul you are unconditional Love and Light as you…

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    Simple Common Sense Ways to Happiness and Self-Love

    Many people fear accepting those things about themselves which they dislike, are unhappy about, or wish to change. They fear…

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