Your Well-Being is Your Responsibility

Making self-care a priority in your life is vital to you experiencing joy, happiness and fulfilment.

Making self-care a priority in your life is vital to you experiencing joy, happiness and fulfilment.

Being responsible for your own thoughts, feelings, and reactions to situations, is the best way to empower yourself in the present moment. It can help you feel energised and confident enough to make choices that will best support you in creating the life you desire. Here are some ideas for self-care that go over and above simply taking a little “me time” for pampering. This is about creating daily rituals that will support and nourish your whole being. Mind, body and spirit.

Spend time in nature

The healing and restorative powers of being in nature are enormous, yet for many of us, we get less time outdoors regularly that even the compulsory one hour prisoners are allowed to spend outdoors to maintain their wellbeing as part of their human rights. Not only do we get a much-needed boost of fresh air, the change of scenery lets us get out of our own heads, reminds us we are connected to all living things and are part of something much greater than ourselves. It can dissolve tension, reduce stress and provide us with a deeper connection to ourselves and the world around us. Great for mind, body and spirit. 

Create a daily ritual

A ritual is simply something you do at a particular time of day and in the same way each time. Helping to ground you in the present moment and allowing you time to pause.

Taking time for ourselves on a daily basis to really connect with our soul and deepen our connection to self, is essential to our wellbeing and one which is greatly overlooked in today’s technologically led society. Creating a daily ritual that allows us to do that can help build strong foundations from which we can build a life full of joy, peace and fulfilment.

You can make this as simple as lighting a candle and spending a few minutes in silent contemplation, meditation or prayer before starting your day. Perhaps taking time out of your busy day to pause by drinking your favourite herbal tea from a designated cup as you simply watch the world go by. Using the same cup helps reinforce the intention that this time is for you to switch off and “just be”.

Or you could really spend some time and energy creating a dedicated sacred space in your home that allows you to spend longer in contemplation / meditation and fill it with things that inspire, uplift you and hold special meaning. Such as putting on relaxing music, using natural scented candles, stones collected from your favourite beach or pictures of your loved ones.

Explore what works to connect you with your spiritual side. It is a part of you that should not be ignored.

Participate in regular exercise

Don’t let your body cease up on you. Maintaining your physical health has an impact on your whole wellbeing. A tired and stiff body stores stagnant energy. Keep it moving, keep it flexible and keep it active. Get in flow! With the growing number of activities we are now able to do online it’s good to remind yourself to keep your body moving throughout the day.

As well as making sure you keep your body moving, ensure you are also feeding it with food that is going to give you the nutrients, minerals and vitamins to fuel it. Ensuring you drink plenty of water to maintain a healthy body is something we also sometimes need reminding of. 8 – 10 glasses a day is recommended. 

Get a good night’s sleep

We all thrive on different amounts of sleep, but there are things all of us can do to ensure the quality of sleep we are getting is allowing us adequate rest.

Create a simple, clutter free atmosphere to your bedroom. Tidying up before you go to bed and making sure you bed linen is fresh, clean and comfortable helps you get the rest you need. Banish technology from the bedroom and instead opt for a calming bedside lamp and a good book if you wish to participate in a relaxing activity before you nod off. Introduce a soothing colour such as a pale green to your bedroom will promote a calm atmosphere. Let fresh air in to circulate daily and think about introducing some sleep promoting room fragrances such as lavender.

Take regular technology breaks

We were not designed to experience life through a smart screen. Nor were we designed to absorb and process information at the rate at which it is now available to us via technology.

Ensuring you take regular breaks throughout the day and limit the time you spend online will free up both time and energy to participate in other activities that your mind body and spirit may be craving.

The possibilities for self-care routines and rituals are endless and experimenting with things is the only way to really find out what works for you. I’d love to hear in the comments what rituals or self-care routines you have in place for yourself to help maintain your wellbeing.

Linda Pollock

Linda Pollock is a Spiritual Medium, Transformation Coach and the Founder of Mindful Wishes, an online community source for inspiration, self-discovery and empowerment.

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