Your true nature cannot be avoided, just as a tree cannot deny its own roots

The magnitude of the Earth pales in comparison to the limitless expanse within our very own minds.

When you sit atop a thousand foot cliff and view the far reaches that stretch out below, it’s easy to feel small, with our frail and failing bodies held next to the seemingly eternal rock; yet we are as infinite as the sun, and our existence no less vital than a lonely stream that forever feeds a dry, desert juniper.

We underestimate ourselves, just as we take the sand for granted, and just as we overlook the unity of the two.

If we are from the earth, then we are the earth itself. If we are born from stars, then we are also one too.

We hold a piece within us of all things, and in all things there is a piece of us. Our existence is inescapable, and yet we continually and desperately try to do that very thing.

People come and go, live and die, and yet our cities not only remain, they grow. The cities live on, with or without you. you see, we are evolution. We are that very thing, manifest. We are the wind. We are the moon. We are the spiral galaxy. We are the night sky.

We cannot escape ourselves, no matter how hard we try, no matter how fervent the distractions we use to deny its very being.

As a people, we are out of breath only because we constantly run — but, we cannot hide.

Only when we stop and bathe in the effortless breeze of now, will we ever feel at peace and find the mental space to unwind and relax.

Your money does not matter, and your things do not care — the Earth will still continue to spin.

Our resistance to life itself is what exhausts us. It’s the games we play, the masks we wear, the prejudices we hold, the stories we believe to be true (and that we fight and kill to protect), and the politics that we pretend make a difference.

The truth however, is absolute — just as are we.

Your true nature cannot be avoided, just as a tree cannot deny its own roots.

We are effervescent and eternal, all bubbling up from the river of life for a mere blink, before we pop! and return to the flow, unencumbered in the fullness of existence itself. We are not a mere piece or a part — we are already complete. We are the wave.

We are but a dream; no different than how a leaf is a dream birthed from the bark and limb of an ancient tree. and so if we ourselves are a dream, then what we choose to do with our life is a dream within a dream.

And so, this is our art. This is our common humanity. This is our binding. So why make it anything but a surreal explosion of the possible? Why not bless it with a breath of whimsy and paint it with a palette of the infinite and majestic?

You see, we determine our fate through the course of our thoughts and actions, and we send each further downstream, towards our future — where we will inherit it all.

Dive into the river of potential for all that the here and now provides.

Close your eyes and dream the magnificent, go with the flow and feel divine.

Brian Thompson

Brian Thompson is Creator of Zen Thinking and author of the upcoming book, Sparks to Awaken. Writer, speaker, and teacher of Non-Duality who shares original essays, poems, podcasts, and videos on spiritual self-realization.

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