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Your Success and Victory is a Victory for the World

You jump off the cliff and then... what?

Topics Discussed:

  • How you can use intention, long-range strategy, and small victories to change the world, starting with your own. “Holding the Space.”
  • An important lesson on the inception, birth, and dying of constructs, ideas, and creations that will keep you from becoming trapped by your creative successes.
  • Practical and pragmatic “spiritualism,”and positive psychology that can only come from a “community” of strong individuals.
  • Ideals are more important than ideas. Putting people above ideas.
  • Real unity versus collectivism. Real diversity versus the creation of “ultimate sameness,” which is a total absence of diversity. #CultureShifting
  • The cultivation of international kindness and friendship. True self-empowerment, and the deeply rewarding gift of helping others.
  • The importance of broad culture-centered open-mindedness in the age of dangerous idiologues, blind partisans, and advocates of ineffective idealism.
  • The real digital divide. Culture-shifting. Technology, Infrastructure, and the new messengers of the digital Guttenberg era.
  • Special announcement and thank you to Google.
  • Developments at McGill Media, The McGill Peace Prize Foundation and Charitable Trust, and the mission.

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Bryant McGill

Bryant McGill is a human potential thought leader, international bestselling author, activist, and social entrepreneur.

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