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Your purpose, your passion, and your destiny

Your total intelligence galvanizes into one electric, master-expression.

“The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire.”
Ferdinand Foch

Having a purpose is one thing, but the quickening is a total animation of passion. After becoming mindful that your purpose is unique to you; that your unmatched spirit is an emerging expression of the fingerprint of life — the power of “awe” may occur to you. This “awe” leads to gratitude and perhaps even enthusiasm. When recognition of your unique value is enjoined with awe, gratitude, and enthusiasm — this is when the FIRE happens. The fire is a quickening of passion; a white-hot reverence for the simple gift of living. It quickens your soul and ignites a sequence that was written into your heart and your DNA. That sequence is called, your destiny. When you are set on fire, and your mind and heart burn with appreciation, your total intelligence galvanizes into one electric, master-expression. Through this expression, you become the supreme architect of your own unfolding, and the passion in your heart burns so brightly that the blaze is felt and seen by everyone who comes near you. Brightly burning passion is the releasing of your essence, your specialness and your gifts to the world. Every person has a destiny and a gift, but not everyone releases their gift fully. There is no greater sensation of consciousness than to expend yourself completely through the quickening fires of passion. The animating fire of life is merely a total devotion to living. Devote yourself to living completely and sharing your unique brilliance. There is no such thing as a person without brilliance. One passionate heart can brighten the world. From person to person the chain reaction burns through us — setting heart to heart ablaze, and lighting the way for us all!

“I think the person who takes a job in order to live – that is to say, for the money (not for purpose or passion) — has turned himself into a slave.”
Joseph Campbell

We only truly understand what we experience

There is a huge difference between learning about truth and experiencing truth. Touch the source. Your mind can take in endless pearls of wisdom, and your mouth can repeat them, but until you have essential experience — you only have noise. Talking and listening are nothing without understanding. We only truly understand what we experience. When people have understanding they tend to be quieter and seek quietness. Consider the possibility that many of the things you hear and say are utter nonsense and meaningless repetitions of noise. Cut it all out. Quit getting your information second hand. Take any concept, lesson, story, book, quote or conversation and look for a way to touch its source of origin — which is always through direct experience alone.

Bryant McGill

Bryant McGill is a human potential thought leader, international bestselling author, activist, and social entrepreneur.

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