Your Mindset is the Key

Words define your mindset. Your mindset defines your life.

“If a man can control his mind he can find the way to Enlightenment, and all wisdom and virtue will naturally come to him.” — Buddha

The moment we realize how magnificent each of us is, by being just a unique individual, is the moment when true change begins. The change is a call for attracting all goodness into our lives. However, before starting a change, we need to be aware of our mindset because our mindset can determine our future.

The words that we speak are manifestation of our thoughts and our thoughts can create the world around us.

Words that we reserve within our thoughts can create us.

Often, we don’t think about what we think about. It is important sometimes to stop and wonder what you are thinking about. If it’s nice, continue to think about that. If it’s not, stop.

You can control your thoughts. You can be the conductor of this orchestra. You simply have to focus on your desires, not on the barriers to those desires. For focus can allow you to control the flow and content of your thoughts and prevent them from creating bad emotions. You need good emotions. Good emotions lead to satisfaction and satisfaction lead to happiness and success.

If you already don’t behave this way, you have to focus on the beautiful characteristics of people who are around you. And stop complaining about their characteristics that don’t suit you. Because this way you will only get what you talked about and you will be more and more unsatisfied and in unbalance with your wishes.

You are the Majesty of your life. You just have to let your beautiful qualities become dominant and fill your thoughts. 

Words define your mindset. Your mindset defines your life.

Pause for a moment and say these words out loud:

  • Life
  • Love
  • Happiness
  • Forgiveness
  • Tenderness
  • Attention
  • Desire
  • Value
  • Faith

Notice how all these words awake positive side of your thoughts and soul and light up your day. We must learn to balance our thoughts with our feelings, and our feelings with the words we speak. We need to remember that words are things which have impact upon others and that we need to want to always have a positive impact on others. We might also remember that scene from the Bambi cartoon when bunny Thumper says: “If you don’t have something to say that’s nice, better don’t say anything at all.”

So let this be the moment when you tell yourself that you will stop thinking about bad things and events, and find something good in every situation.

In fact, it is an old and well-known philosophy:

“What you give, that shall you get.”
“What you sow, that shall you reap.”
“What you think, you become.”

You are magnificence of its own kind. The entire Universe is in your heart. You hold the key of life creation in your mind.

Be the creator of your own life.

There has never been a better time and greater opportunity than right now to become a creative force in this world and achieve true success and happiness in your life.

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Catherine B. Roy

Bestselling Author, CEO and Founder of “Live from Your Heart and Mind” (LHM), Heart and Mind Coach, Human Potential Thought Leader, MENSA member and Award Winning Artist and Scientist whose stimulating, upbeat and inspirational writings have helped countless people in the world.

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  1. Thanks God for giving us healthy mind and spirit. We should focus our mind for goodness and holiness not for an earthly desire. We’re lucky to have happy family, relatives, friends and good people around in times of needs and joy. God bless us all.

  2. I know Catherine personally, and all her writings are most impressive and beneficial. In fact, this inspiring article is in keeping with her LHM book and system which I believe can be of immense benefit to the whole world as it has been already to many, many people!

  3. I love this article SO much Catherine!!! So much brilliant truth and divine wisdom my gifted soul sister. It’s so true that we are ALWAYS creating with our thoughts and words – for better or worse! Becoming mindful and deeply aware of my own internal dialogue (and how negative it can be at times😅🙏🏽) has helped me immensely in shifting my words and thoughts to a higher frequency and creating from a place of self love, inner peace, alignment with the divine and empowerment. I absolutely LOVE what you said at the end – “You are magnificence of its own kind. The entire Universe is in your heart. You hold the key of life creation in your mind.” So beyond beautiful and so divinely true!!! Thank you for sharing your gift with us all beautiful Goddess!!! Love you so much. ❤️👑🙌🏽🦋💃🏼🙏🏽😘💋🌹🕊✨💫

  4. Hi, thoughts are energy and words are vibrations. I definitely believe in the necessity to control our thoughts. But controlling thoughts is not about the negative word called “trying”. It’s more about the positive word called “choice” or “empowerment”. I have my fav YouTube’s I go to often (daily). It’s not as Christian-y as some people I know who think is how/what we’re supposed to do …. but for me it works splendidly. One is called mind silence. Another is by Michael Sealey. One is by Dauchsy. Many many good things to tame your mind on youtube. Louise Hay. Neal Donald Walsh .Ester Hicks. Remember we live in a vibrational world. It’s all about intent. ❤️

    1. Hi Randy,
      Change the word control.
      To understand your emotions you assimilate them.
      So you no longer need to wasted energy on controling yourself.

  5. Wowwwww this is so beautiful Catherine❤️💕💖💗 you’re a gifted child of God. Full of wisdom. Thanks for sharing this it helps me a lot and yes everything is all in the good mind setting. Thank you and more more more beautiful articles to share😘🤗

  6. I enjoyed reading this so much i typed all the mindset words on a Word document, i added bullets for each word e.g Life,Love,Happiness, Forgiveness,Tenderness,Attention,Desire,Value,Faith i then highlighted every word in grey then underlined each word, found some A4 pink photocopy paper then printed it, and placed it on my fridge, if i could add a photo on here i would share it with you all, have a nice day everyone, love from Australia

  7. I agree with this article that thoughts and words create our mindset. It really is important to come up with positive affirmations/vocabulary in order to affect our total mood and disposition. Our positive disposition will affect the people around us and eventually lead to a more peaceful and loving world. I have to be more mindful of my thoughts and words
    once again. Thank you and Namaste Catherine, Bryant and Jenny. 😍

  8. I really enjoyed reading your article. We should always try to stay positive and be conscious of how we choose our thoughts for a better life.

  9. …My Mindset, if you, dear Readers, allow me: Imagine you speak or pray to God. You say somethig like this: Dear God, please give me health in all the cells of my body. After you said that, you imagine how health like red light or colour begins with your head, than grows further in the neck, in the arms, body, legs, feet and toes. At the end your whole body ist filled with red light or colour. And you imagine how your cells speak to each other, better said, they communicate, they dance, they rotate in this red and after a while they are at their place again and remain quiet.
    Second part of your prayer: Dear God (or how do you call the power in which you believe) please give me the joy of life in all the cells of my body. (Like in the childhood, your repeat almost with the same words, like a ritual). And you imagine the joy of life in your favourite colour. Mine is orange. So, i imagine how the joy of life in colour orange invades your head, the same way like the health did. And you wait patiently until this joy of life invades your whole body. And inside of you, you see the cells how they communicate to each other, to bond to each other and they begin to rotate, faster and faster. They dance together through your body. After a while, they stop.
    Then you pray again, the third part: Dear God, give me faith, in all the cells of my body. And your faith has the white colour and she comes like the sea and invades your body. And your cells are bonding to one another, and they start to dance and to rotate and they are so happy. After a while they stop.
    And you say: Thank you, that i live. Thank you, that you live and that you let me know, that you exist.
    Of if this is too much for you, you don’t say anything. You just go to bed and fall asleep.
    This is, what it helped me for years to feel allright with myself. I hope it can also help other people or inspire them.
    You don’t have to take these colours. More important is to choose your favourite colours to what is for you important and you want, that this thing or these values should come and fill your cells.
    Have a good night and let your cells dance :).

  10. Great article Catherine! I always try to see the positive even in negative situations. I always try to have control of my mindset. When we see our thoughts are not in line with the way we would like things to go, we must change our mindset so we can achieve desired results. This makes sense and it is outlined in God’s word. Just like you quoted, what you reap you will sow. And if we don’t give of ourselves generously and lovingly, we cannot expect to have abundance of these things in our lives. Thank you for your wise article.❤😃

  11. Thanks for your reminder to help people to choose to think positively and layout the positive outcomes of positive behaviours and thinking. Words are powerful. Thanks a lot for sharing your ideas and helping people to improve their lives. much love, loklok

  12. I know God knows your thoughts and you’re supposed to have pure, Christian thoughts.
    But, I disagree with this article about controlling your thoughts. It can’t be done.
    I can controll my emotions. No o me is going to make me unhappy or sad or feel guilty unless I let them.
    But, there’s been times I’d just sit and daydream and if it’s bad, I’ll stop and say ” what did I think of something like that for” then I go back to daydreaming and my mind and thoughts just wander around. No, you can’t control your thoughts. I’ve tried and there’s no way to do it and I’m not giving myself a headache trying to.

    1. It’s not about controlling, dear Jeri, it’s about focusing on good and stopping when it’s not good. Yes, it is hard to stop and you may consider it a control but actually it’s just redirection. Try as I described in article and when you succeed you will be surprised and feel relief. Sending you tons of love!

      1. I will try to do what you. Said in your article and I pray that it works because I often think terrible things. I’ve seen so much violence in my life, I find myself of thinking of revenge and I know that’s wrong. I know we should forgive people just as God has forgiving us. But it’s so hard.

  13. Saintly, heavenly words written in the Bible!!!” What you give, that shall you get!!! Real, authentic words in the book of Life and also in Catherine B. Roy’s book!!! What you think, you become!!! Catherine combines intelligence and beauty!!! Catherine B. Roy reminds me of Athena, the Greek Goddess of intelligence, in Ancient Greek mythology, who was born from the mind of Zeus and also of Afrodite the Goddess of beauty!!!

    1. My dear God, I have never received more beautiful words. I am deeply touched and speechless especially because I carry Greek mythology deep in my heart. Thank you. I write to touch hearts and now you touched mine. Thank you.

  14. Thank you very much. My life experience has showed me that everything that is in this wise article is so true.
    That’s why we must be blessing every single person and be as positive as we can. Giving thanks for everything
    in good or bad.
    God bless you and Simple Reminders.

  15. I tell myself All the time I have to get out of my head. I always over think situations. I have been working on this more these past few months. I have been going through a very rough patch in my life. I pray more, a lot more. When I’m done I seek out my friends to go out with. it is a lot of work but we’ll worth it to be a happier, health person . This is a very good article. Thank you

  16. Beautiful advice and wonderful wisdom…
    Such was the way my Parents taught my Sister’s and me…Sadly one does not remember everything they try to teach you. Kindness is something some are born with…They are always reaching out to help just by listening….
    Love and tenderness were always in my life…
    Sadly it is a truth that one can be too sheltered …
    My Father kept my Sister’s and myself in a very different world ..We were taught from an early age the power of good thoughts…
    Positive good thinking affects those around you.
    Sadly even in the Corporate world one can disrupt an entire department by thinking of their pain and anger…
    Thoughts have wings is what we were taught…
    One can enter a home and feel the happiness and peace….
    Love is better than anger and sadness….
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts…

  17. Thank you very much Mrs Roy for the beautiful& wonderful article. Well said and well shared. May you & your hubby be blessed in many ways & many things.

    Sincerely & respectfully,

    Tina ngo

  18. Thank you Catherine for always teaching us in a level that everyone can understand and relate to. Ours thoughts and words are what we send out to the universe and what comes back are the same. I always enjoy reading your work and look forward to reading more.

  19. I am a sexual abuse survivor and have had a lot of therapy in the past. This sounds very much like DBT training where you change your mindset. I like this article because it adds one’s Faith into the aspects of this article. I have recently went back to counseling because of problems with my son and my mother and I needed to read this article so I can begin to change my mindset in a more positive way and in accordance with what the Lord has planned for me. Many negative things were said between me and my son yesterday as we argued and I felt like I wanted to give up, but I know that God has a purpose for my pain. Thank you for this article,

  20. I am a believer. I have used CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) with many of the foster youth I have parented. In changing their thinking the actions that follow many times would have more positive results. So this article speaks tge same truth.

  21. The facts mentioned in this article is known to Indian thinkers more than 5000 years ago. the Vedanta philosophy is based on this. . “RAJA YOGA “OF “PATHANGALI” describes in details the mind control and its effects.{ Refer SWAMI Vivekananda’s Raja yoga In English}
    there is an” Upanisad “named .MANDOKAY UPANISD to read with explanations named Karika. here we can see that all living beings go through three states of mind . in human beings this most visible . they are 1} waking , 2}dream and 3} deep sleep states this all experience daily.but there is one more state called “TURIYA” which is experience by a highly developed mind they this is the reality .all other three states are not real at all .we experience dream that vanishes as soon as we wake up. similarly the waking state is only a dream This we will understand when experience TURIYA state only
    words and thoughts are inter connected . sound can create the thoughts and there by physical manifestation of materials . there are certain words we call Matra which have effects on mind as well as the surroundings. for purification of mind all religions use to tell to repeat the Divine name as much as possible . actually ,sound ,images in mind are connected
    this article touches on the surface . more detailed study is required
    there were lot of people lived who has studied this and noted down in Sanskrit
    this artickle gives an opening to the beginners. .

      1. the Vedas and ,upanisd are a treasure of knowledge in the subject the problem is that were in Sanskrit which most of the people cannot understand . in modern dayssome great souls have translated in to different languages. Even the Bhagavd Gita gives us lot of information on mind control and the ways and means of achieving it .Bhagavad gita guides by step by step t rise to higher realms of mind from the ordinary life self controlled person and ultimately what all this life is it takes us to Divine consciousness. as per it the the presence of Divine is there in the heart all living beings

        I believe in rebirth since there are quite reasons for it . your interest in the subject shows you had previous know how of the subject in one of your previous birth otherwise you might have done good Karma. in the whole of earth very few souls can be seen who have interest in it.if you read good books on the subject and do some practices you may be guided to a good “GURU” by Divine I wish all success and whenever needed guidance will come to you from Divine
        Have a nice day.

  22. Thank you, Catherine . A very enlightening article and very much needed at this time of my life. Your writings bring a smile, for there is hope to bring joy. You have encouraged me.

  23. Daily life is always a challenge to staying mindful. All the trivia, the to do lists, the schedules, the kids, etc. tend to distract us until before we know it our thoughts and emotions are running the show. My cure when I realize this has happened is to remember to breathe. A few deep breaths to still the mind, and remember I can take back control really helps!! Thank you, Catherine, for your wisdom!

  24. If we surpress our emotions and are not real with realistic situations, to become furious or unhappy, when life is a tough struggle, tyat is not healthy at all. Our mindset should not run from things, only cope with it to be more sequre within and trust themselves to deal with the reality. Fiction of the mind is always to surpress the reality, and become Joyful or cheerful in situations that require skillful stragegy of the mind, not running away from bad things, workplaces, relationships etc etc. Of course there are limits for what we can handle, and everyone can only handle what they have developed in their own sequrity over bad experiences. But the fight and flight mode is a sign of development, not a finished expereince. Life will repet everyones obsicles until they are at ease within to handle it with inner strength and sequrity. When it comes to counsiousness and selfawareness, it is i line with knowing what we feel and what we need in orde to balance our comunication and express our emotions and thoughts. When it comes to affirmations and mindset it is a placebo of a mindset to become strong to stay in hardships and deal with it in a constructive and balanced way. Not run away from it. Cognitive experiences makes us walk outside our comfort zone and deal with difficulties. I have the same experiences of childhoostrauma and bad relationships as everyone else who seek enlightment. But it is also healthy to be grounded in reality to recover stress and anxiety in contact with everything that is not comfortable for us. Reflect over our daily lifes and stay put! To deal both with communication, knowledge and adultperspective of values and integrity, and everyone can have a solid non projection to our emotional up and downs towards toxic people or bad enviroment. A meaningful life is to handle the worst situations, not the easy ones, because it develop you and also make you strong and create more experiences over your own balance within and outside yourself. The mind and selfawareness is not expected to be found by yourself. It is only expected to find with everyone you meet, and how we handle it with ease, strength and calm balanced emotions and thoughts.

  25. Be the creator of your own life….achieve true success and happiness….the most powerful motivational thoughts penned down so beautifully indeed an author’s art…knitting the words so carefully making an impact on the minds of the billions to think twice before we act.
    I am an ordinary person with simple thinking… what i feel i write ,good or bad , right or wrong… may be….but definitely one is constantly inspired by your articles… very impressive and even if someone is in a low mood …the magic wand starts working on them… Yes ,atleast it works on me….if i stay connected i feel good…i am grateful to you , thanks to these great authors and their creations…love to read them ….always….providing me strength and encouraging me to live with anew zest…though i have no expectaions from life but i try to stay happy in my own little way..
    Thanks once again and sending love and hugs…

  26. Indeed it is is said that our lives are made of our ideas.the difference between people is that there are people who sow thorns others sow thorns with good seeds and those sow good seeds and get rid of thorns in their lives.I think a true mindset can work magic and miracles if we cultivate in a true way. Mindset has to work in the light of the end I can say thank you.

  27. This is a great article. I am in the process of planting positivity in those around me, even if one person at a time. Thanks for the reminder that mindset is the key.

  28. Catherine…I must say your words are powerful and it’s the truth…I admire women like you who are great, uplifting, and brings positively in our lives every day…thank you….

  29. That is indeed the most interesting article i have ever read!! Good work!! Mindset is the key to everything. We have to stay positive even when we are overwhelmed by negative thoughts!! That might be difficult from time to time but it really worths it. We have been surrounding by so many distractions in our daily routine that we have to find some time alone to figure things out. We have to stay positive even in a negative situation. It’s not easy though it requires a hell of a power to overcome this obstacles. We can achieve everything that our minds aim. We should always have faith, we should always bless God for helping us make through everything it comes along. Shift your mind that is the key to happiness!!

    1. you are right ,we have to watch our daily with big opened eyes , in this short life when it’s going good and so long when it’s going wrong any way life bad or good it is priceless it worths all the gold but t’s always priceless ,so we have to be always optimistic

  30. I believe that greatness comes from within and to those who find such greatness. First one must clear all of the clutter in their lives to be able to see the ‘rainbow.” So many people are talking about a certain person’s behavior, yet, that person has the belief in himself that so many of us lack. “Knowledge is power” as we have been taught for our whole lives and knowing ourselves is the first step. Look inside yourself. Whether is is God, Buddha, or no deity at all that you set out to please, first you have to find out who you really are.

    1. I totally agree!!! It is what I am doing as well. Getting to know myself and what I want so that I can work on making my dreams come true. I have to take things step-by-step and get rid of the clutter in my life so that I can make that happen. I’m super excited about it though!!! Just have to concentrate on one thing at a time right now though because of life events at the moment. But then I’m really pumped at getting my dreams in progress!!!

  31. Yes This is A Wounderful Artical And Alot Of People Need This How This Life Is You Have To have You Soul Good Before We Can Help Others I Was the Opisote Of I Loved Helping Others Then My Self But Now I Understand Alot More Since Im Older & Have A Family Of My own I Still Love Helping others I Tend To Put My familys Needs Before My Own But Im A Momma & My children Are My Life & Soul 💜💙


  33. So wise Catherine. I have also come to believe that we are in relationship with our emotions and have the power to choose how we interact with them. Why do we allow ourselves to be defined by them? Speech and thought are so powerful. More so, is the power to choose. Great reflection. By the way, I always love when I read that you are a member of MENSA! Look forward to reading more from you.

    1. Thank you so much, Julie! I couldn’t agree more. It’s incredible when we realize that and actually pay attention on how we feel, what we think and speak about…Yes, MENSA is a wonderful place with even more wonderful people! My hubby and I went to do the MENSA test with our friends and it ended up that both of us are members now. :)))))) Sending you tons of love!

  34. A positive instructional writing such as this is what many people need and can reap benefit from. Catherine has an uncanny ability to take the complex and make it simple to understand and something all will desire to implement. It is enjoyable to read, and inspiring; and I enjoyed reading it and am inspired!

  35. This is a great positive easy to understand article! I agree that we can change our thoughts, our words and our lives. Mindset is the key to a happier and healthier life.

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