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Women and Children, and Rejection of War-consciousness

The world desperately needs the balancing leadership of the woman.

To fully understand the state of the human family, and the problems we face together, we must carefully look at the ways women and children are treated by men. Throughout the ages, society has emotionally castrated the male, in order to condition his consciousness to become capable of unnatural acts of violence and war. This war-consciousness is purposely cultivated to guide the male away from the natural, healthy balances between masculine and feminine energies, and toward more unbalanced and detached psychologies. This detachment from compassion in the male is produced in him, so he can do the dirty work for society and its so-called national interest, in the form of social competition, militarism, and predation. Mothers should be very careful what type of boys and men they create, or allow to be created. The artificial man, which is being created, is indeed a monster, and carries within him the dark and unnatural male war-consciousness. The war-consciousness is a living meme; a parasitic blight on the soul of human consciousness. The war-consciousness is alien and suffocating to the untainted spirit-nature of women and children; its unique cruelty is the vile domain of unbalanced male dominance, and represents the lowest part of the male energy.

In the problem of women was the germ of a solution, not only for their oppression, but for everybody's. The control of women in society was ingeniously effective. It was not done directly by the state. Instead the family was used — men to control women, women to control children, all to be preoccupied with one another, to turn to one another for help, to blame one another for trouble, to do violence to one another when things weren't going right. Why could this not be turned around? Could women liberating themselves, children freeing themselves, men and women beginning to understand one another, find the source of their common oppression outside rather than in one another? Perhaps then they could create nuggets of strength in their own relationships, millions of pockets of insurrection. They could revolutionize thought and behavior in exactly that seclusion of family privacy which the system had counted on to do its work of control and indoctrination. And together, instead of at odds — male, female, parents, children — they could undertake the changing of society itself.
Howard Zinn

Around the world, women and children are desperately seeking refuge and safety from violence, death and sexual assault, which exists as the gross offspring of the male thought-forms of sexual conquest, subjugation, and need for domination. Until women and children free themselves from the ravages of the violent, male war-consciousness, there can never be peace.

Women carry the heavy burden of caring for the literal and figurative future of humanity in every way: materially, maternally, and spiritually. The passive and overt violence waged against the women and children of the world must end. The world will change when women reclaim their power as the sane, nurturing hands of love, which are ever reaching to cultivate a world of beauty, safety and harmony.

Through honoring, appreciating and nurturing women, we set in motion a seismic shift which will lead to a new and healthy relationship cycle. Eliminating violence and fear opens the portal to empowerment and communications. This respectful flow of information enables constructive, healthy, compassionate, and wisdom-based nurturing of male and female children. It is women who bring forth the future of the human race, and those early years of childhood are shaped, for better or worse, by the experiences and conditioning of the mothers, who subsequently pass relationship models on to their offspring. The current predominant attitudes were shaped by our parents, their parents before them, and so on back through history. Yet, this ancestral habit formation can be overcome, and humanity will be transformed when this shift occurs.

Assaults against women and children are assaults against any potential positive future for the world.

We must turn our eye and attention to the root causes of unfair and dominating attitudes and practices against women around the world and at home, and work to restore the woman to her rightful place, as the strong, loving maternal leader of peace and reason. Assaults against women and children are assaults against any potential positive future for the world. The voice of reason cries out to us at every moment, and says, “the future is in our hands,” and we must protect the women and children of the world by unequivocally rejecting the male war-consciousness. To protect them, we simply must set them free from the cycle of selfish violence, which is endlessly waged against them — and they will, in that instant, become an essential part of the natural balance of leadership the world so desperately needs.

Much of the horrors that we are fed daily through the media could be attributed to the loss of a sense of belonging and partnership in couples and communities. In the past, and in some indigenous cultures today, the stages which involved watersheds, rites of passage in life, were observed and honored. This communal veneration towards puberty, coming of age, preparation for manhood, womanhood, birth and death, and the stages of life fosters mutual respect, and violence and intimidation have no opportunity to rear their ugly heads where respect is present. Finding ways in which to recognize and honor these life-stages would most certainly contribute towards a more peaceful and peace-seeking society.

Present-day society is saturated in the degeneracy of subjugation, which prevents women from fully participating in society as social equals.

But until that transformation is possible, we must become more conscious of the profound violence presently affecting the lives of countless women around the world. The problem is so ubiquitous that one could say the fish does not know it is wet. We are all a part of a culture of violence that dominates every aspect of our lives. Present-day society is saturated in the degeneracy of subjugation, which prevents women from fully participating in society as social equals. How can any serious discussion of breaking the cycle of abuse be considered anything other than useless rhetoric, when even in so-called developed countries, women do not receive an equal pay of respect? What is it in the value structure of society that allows overt injustice to exist generation after generation, with people paying almost no attention to the obvious disparity? What does this say about the society, and us as its members? If society allows this, what else does the society allow? These are the basic questions we must all ask. It is the socially determined norms and traditions of gender roles and perceptions which must be challenged, and challenged with vigor.

In nearly all countries, including America, the truth is that women have a lower social status, and are quietly considered inferior, if not consciously, then by the policies, institutional traditions, and practices, which reinforce the thought-form that men are superior. It is the totality of the woman's crippled status that quietly gives a nod of approval to further acts of injustice and domination. Too many women, especially in so-called underdeveloped nations work for unequal pay, and do so with very little resistance. This sad acquiescence represents the level to which the spirit of woman is bridled, broken, and conquered. While economic inequalities may seem less pressing than physical violence, they represent a mindset of tolerance for the violation of fundamental human rights and the unequal balance of power, which serves as the foundation for greater acts of indecency, injustice and hateful treatment of women. These economic inequalities are part of the same habits of thought that underlie the true and overt brutalities committed against women all over the world. Even though physical violence may be more obvious and more vile on the surface than other forms of subjugation and inequality, the truth is that both are expressions of the same perverse philosophy.

Ultimately, all of these crimes serve one purpose, and that is to keep the women from sitting at the table of conversation regarding the balance of power.

It is difficult to comprehend some of the hateful and vicious acts of barbarism such as domestic abuse, rape, child marriages, female circumcision and genital mutilation, dowry deaths, acid throwing, and so-called honor killings. Ultimately, all of these crimes serve one purpose, and that is to keep the women from sitting at the table of conversation regarding the balance of power. The deeply embedded game of “the boys versus the girls” we have all observed in the school yard continues to play itself out as the stakes are increased in the great game of life. It is in the venue of these highly-competitive life games that the finely-tuned and unbalanced male sense of competition and his artificial war-consciousness are focused on the woman competitor, to obliterate her rights and suppress her highest worthy forms of female leadership. Since childhood, the male war-consciousness has made a life-long study of the female mind. This study is similar, in almost every way, to the study of an enemy before battle, which is used to achieve a perverse victory of domination — naturally and almost subconsciously. As masters of war and domination some men turn their warcraft against women in their pursuit of conquest and ownership. The problem is that many mothers, as a part of a cycle of violence themselves, unwittingly participate in the cultivation of the psychological instruments of oppression within the male consciousness. These unnatural psychologies are later used against the very women in society who first nurtured and ultimately crippled the male during upbringing. This is because the males have been groomed since birth, according to the specifications of a sick and perverse society, to become instruments of war.

Women are controlled by men like a currency of the world.

What then are women being groomed for? Women are controlled by men like a currency of the world. We all instinctively know, that for many men, the world revolves around money and women, and the conquest of both. Often, men want money to get women, or to use women to get money, or both at the same time. Women, their looks, traits and sexuality are reduced to caricatures of value for appraisal, show, trade and consumption. We see this every day, the way a new girlfriend is trotted out in front of friends and family like a cattle auction, to the winks and nods of passive commodity brokers, who all have a stake in this female slave auction. As a part of their conditioning, women unwittingly prostitute themselves into the auction and groom themselves toward the highest exchange rate — tragically entangling their self-esteem with the rise-and-fall of these perverse valuations. Through the process of objectification, many women have been reduced to dollar bills, tucked away in a man's billfold, and spent at his will, with full approval from the culture.

We must embrace new frameworks of understanding that reject the angry, domineering, sex-driven male as an acceptable model. Women do not need a knight in shining armor or a Prince Charming to come to their rescue. The “Big Daddy” animus father-figure can be a man, lesbian female partner, community, government, or any type of power structure, but one thing always remains the same: if you are a good girl then “Big Daddy” will protect and love you, and if you are a bad girl, then you will be unloved, on your own, and the monsters will devour you. However, “Big Daddy” the fear monger, too often is the monster himself. The archetypal “Big Daddy” creates many of the fear-illusions used to keep women feeling insecure, dependent, scared, helpless, worthless, and full of restless despair. Love is the perfect safety, or the perfect weapon.

Both men and women must carefully consider the roles they play.

Women receive messages from childhood that they may be rewarded and protected for maintaining a childlike comportment such as being demure, obedient, passive, and subservient. However, if she rebels through exerting independence, asking questions, doubting myths, and especially self-reflection, she will be punished and rejected. Of course, this father-worship and voluntary subjugation is not limited to women. Little boys and men seek protection and validation from “Big Daddy” in the authoritarian realms of intellectual, fiscal, and social hierarchy, and through fraternity, government, military, police, and other consolidated power structures. The great father will not save us, whether it be your chosen mate rescuing you and making you “complete,” or a personified “Uncle Sam” saving you from terrorist boogie-men. We can only save ourselves through elevating our individual consciousness, by realizing there is already completeness within, and exercising as much considerate independence, respect, and fairness as possible. Both men and women must carefully consider the roles they play. Both men and women are responsible for creating and participating in the dynamics of their chosen relationships with themselves, their communities, and the world.

Society's broken male so desperately needs to ascend in the balance of power by subsuming that which is being suppressed in women.

Society's broken male so desperately needs to ascend in the balance of power by subsuming that which is being suppressed in women. The natural and untainted male mind respects and loves the woman and her magnificent scope of capability and creative gifts. The natural woman really represents the antidote to the great afflictions that haunt the world. It is the absence of her rightful leadership which has created such profound imbalances that the entire plane of human affairs is near the tipping-point of falling into a cultural abyss. The most urgent and immediate solution requires the women of the world to achieve greater consciousness and authenticity, to reject artificial gender roles and social expectations enforced by perverse social norms, and raise more authentic and less artificial men. It requires all of us to achieve greater self-awareness and consciousness, and develop more intolerance for the obvious and omnipresent injustices we all know are wrong.

We must strive for the fostering of a peace-seeking society.

It will take generations, great resolve and presence of mind to heal the deep wounds and distrust created by gender discrimination, manipulation, and abuse. The male-dominated systems know they cannot maintain their current power structures if and when the woman is restored to her natural and powerful state as a great leader and co-creator. The bondage upon humanity's great aspirations is largely held in place by the state of the woman in the world. Men can never have the true power they were endowed with by creation, until they respect and protect the women and children of the world. This involves men releasing unjust control, and having faith in the process of natural and healthy relationships, where the distribution of power is fair and the spirit of intense competition is tempered with great desire for cooperation and justice. When we try to control, we become controlled; when we release, we become free. We need to begin to see hyper-masculinity as the disorder it is, and not as a strength. We must unequivocally reject the male war-consciousness by understanding it, exposing it and reforming it. We must strive for the fostering of a peace-seeking society. We must imbue our children with principles of the higher-self, principles which see all people as true equals, and above all, which are sensitive to the delicate and fragile balance of life.

The woman's ascent to her position of fair and equal leadership will touch and bring healing sanity to every sphere of our pain.

It is predominantly men who are destroying the miracle of life on Earth. Looking at this phenomenon non-politically as a naturalist, the Prima facie evidence is clear. Practically every legislative body, assembly, and boardroom on earth lacks the natural balance between genders observable in the population. The ultimate male tradition is keeping women from sitting at the table of conversation regarding the balance of power between genders. The world desperately needs the balancing leadership of the woman. The woman's ascent to her position of fair and equal leadership will touch and bring healing sanity to every sphere of our pain. All pain in life comes from imbalance. Nothing will solve more problems than the women exerting her balanced leadership and guidance. The world cannot and will not survive without the woman's leadership.


Bryant McGill

Bryant McGill is a human potential thought leader, international bestselling author, activist, and social entrepreneur.

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Melissa Rose Rothschild

Great article, Bryant.
It is if there is still such a primal fear that penetrates is to the core and keeps us in an evolution of regression.
As much as we progress, there seems to be so much fear based desperation to hold on to the power and roles of what once was.
The fact that we still live in a world with child slaves and women being stoned … I could go on… it is incomprehensible. At the same time , you see the struggle and ambivalence of men and women to let go of Neanderthal ways.

Melissa Rose Rothschild

*as if

Melissa Rose Rothschild

*us to the core πŸ˜‘ typos

Lynne Mann
Lynne Mann

i wrote above how i think is one way to help women. i failed to say you can go online and look at their beautiful clothing.

Lalie Nieto
Lalie Nieto

Hi Bryant and JenniπŸ’• This article reminds me of my European trip with my parents so many years ago. As part of the tour in Amsterdam, we were brought to the Red Light District and we saw the women in the brothel being treated as mannequins; meaning, they were standing in a glass case like in department stores wearing flimsy underwear while waiting for a prospective customer. Such a sad sight πŸ€” i wished then that I was superwoman and had powers and I would snatch those women from that brothel and bring them to a safer place. Just wondering how we can put an end to this?πŸ€”

Melissa Rose Rothschild


Lynne Mann
Lynne Mann

Just one suggestion. i buy Sudara clothing. These ladies make beautiful, washable, dryable β€œpunjammies”. i wear mine to my doctor, to run errands or just for lounging around. they are not only besutiful but well-made and they save women from sex slavery.


Wonderful and much needed article. Thank you.
I believe we can harness our power as mothers to lovingly guide our sons to not only honour and recpect the divine feminine energy, but to also align with it to help bring balance and peace to our world.

Jeri Williams
Jeri Williams

This article is full of crap,,especially if you live in The USA. We have women governors, women in Congress, women taking all kinds of leadership roles and if a woman does the same job as a man in the USA, they get equal pay.
In the sport of martial arts fighting,, or the UFC, is what it is called, a woman named Ronda Rousey was the highest paid martial artist there was, The men were making peanuts compared to her.
And I don’t know where you get the idea that men want to control women by marrying them and taking care of them financially is hogwash
No man wants to support women anymore. They expect their wife to work and have her own money, which is a load of crap too.
Women that want to be independent makes it harder on women like me who wants to be took care of by a man.
The Bible says a man is supposed to work and take care of the family and be head of the house hold and women are to obey.
And you will not brainwash me with a bunch of women’s lib. I believe in what the Bible says and I wont go against the Bible for this nonsense
I don’t understand what the women are fussing about.
Like I said, we have women in Congress. Women already have the same rights as men. What the he’ll else do you want, blood?

Melissa Rose Rothschild

Jeri, With all due respect, I think you are missing the point….

Jo Davis

A necessary article. I have been amazed by the remarkable women that have crossed my path. Connecting to that powerful divine feminine is life changing. I sometimes am blown away when women do not see their power or feel the rumbling inside, the itching to come out and roar!!!! Sadly, I believe that that fire in their belly unrecognized eventually manifests itself in illness. It is crazy that the ghost of our regrets can actually show up, set up camp in our bodies, and wreck havoc on our lives.
This flip side is magnificent and united can completely alter the trajectory of this planet. All by design. All our own doing.


thank you so much for a beautiful message for a woman’s day celebration,
thank you Mr and Mrs McGill
God Bless

Tina ngo
Tina ngo

Thank you very much for Happy women Day recognition!
I was abused im many ways & many times by my ex-husband and ended up homeless with my children. Fortunately, I remembered my respectful male obgyn doctor told me women are the strongest on earth. He said “If men have to go through pregnancy like women then there wouldn’t be people on earth”. He said “i would do anything & everything for my mom”, she my hero. His words gave me tears. Many boys raised up without fathers and they start becoming careless. The mothers’ working too much and have no time or little time to disciple them. Boys are very active at young ages and they required a lot of training. If they don’t get that then they will be out of control. When becoming teenagers, they start to becoming irated. Becoming men, they ended up hating others. They feel like they didn’t get love so they dont need to love anyone or anything. I think boys & men needs special classes to learn about self control. They need more attention; nurture, care, & love education. I have 3 girls, i tried giving as much love as i could while working 2 jobs at the same time to provide for them. They were sad and angry because i couldn’t physical be there for them. They were mostly upset with their father. They turn out Good. Thank God.. If they were boys then i think they would do crazy things to act out their feelings.


Tina ngo

Rose Parise

I agree with most of the perceptions in this article. I have lived and been abused by men such as this over my lifetime because I was outspoken, confident and educated and didn’t and still don’t fit the status quo of most men and sadly many women.
The imbalance will not be balanced until women also stop playacting apart they believe will appease these men, instead of educating themselves, develop the confidence to speak up and refuse to be given platitudes and verbal support that has no truth in it. be
Being a strong, independent woman too often threatens the domination minded man and so they do all they can to destroy that strength and confidence. Real men do not need to do this and confident spiritually intelligent men know how beneficial having women like this in their lives, in the boardroom and speaking up bringing their strengths to the table that God gifted them with to balance out the too often warring attitude of many men. It won’t happen in my lifetime and I have sons that are like this and developed the same attitude of their father and men that they worked with and for teaching them. I pray however that in my grandchildren’s adult lives they will see this come into balance or we will continue to slide into that abyss


Today we are celebrating International Womans Day …..
We know that today’s woman is a woman of substance needless to say she is a super woman….but we are still unknown to some facts…In India there are some remote rural areas where women are treated as doormats due to lack of proper education resources…we can dtill understand that, but in the big cities too some educated illiterates still exists and they enjoy the violence towards woman mostly behind the closed doors… they flaunt their masculine power and flex their muscles on women!!! What a shame….but still in society they are the fame power and big names….dare not touch them…they can turn you into ashes….yes…this is today’s woman… turn you into ashes…i am happy that woman are taking stand against this issue… sometimes its just lip service…my question to all of you…Are we celebrating womans day in real sense??