Wisdom and Courage are Products of Sufferings and Tribulations

Let us give praise for all we have been through and also for the people who were used as vessels for delivering the pain to us.

Control freaks are emotional vampires that feed on the innocence and empathy of unconsciously kind-hearted people.

These naive kind-hearted people are oblivious to the workings and machinations of those spiritual predators. The predators are a particular type of people that feel they are entitled to get whatever they desire. They are manipulative in most of their dealings and conversations, always scheming out new ways to obtain what they want from others. The relationship between the predators and their victims is parasitic in nature. They love taking but hate giving. Control-freaks are vultures that feed on “dead” souls and are of the illusion that the world owes them something. They approach the unsuspecting empath using very subtle emotional maneuvers and will never be satisfied until they suck the last kindness out of them. When the empaths resurrect and begin to manifest their authentic selves, the predators disappear.

It is only the awareness fuelled by the resurrection that can bring peace and prosperity to the meek.

Their long suffering and painful persecutions in the hands of the manipulators entrench monumental spiritual wisdom and leads them to the path of grace and infinite patience. True meekness is a fortified semi-permeable heart that allows only good people in and the combination of our sufferings have made us stronger, wiser and spiritually equipped to face the world while living in peace and happiness. We have been saved from extinction so many times by unknown forces and that is why the majority of our writings are focused on spiritual sufferings, spiritual death, spiritual resurrection, spiritual revival and spiritual reconstruction. The sheer magnitude of the burden we carried around can only be defined as suicide.

Nobody sees our emotions; they can only be felt and when we remember the agonies of our past, they send shivers down our spines.

We stayed together through the depression and through the years in very dark places that are better forgotten than recollected. We have died more times than the proverbial coward and have resurrected on multiple occasions; it’s almost turning into a bad habit. Hanging out with shattered souls for multiple years exposed us to real humility and friendship in the dungeons. The vampires and snakes bit us so much we became immune to their venom. How we survived the years of spiritual holocaust is a philosophical wonderment. All we know is all we have been through and even then it seems hazy and accurate reflection is impossible. No wonder we have caged our hearts and let nobody in, our emotions have disappeared and our hearts are always cold. Intense suffering brings out the genius in us and strips us off all our ego.

The purest forms of humility, obedience and compassion are borne out of sufferings only comparable to the flames of hell.

Spiritually surviving the torment and torture creates a new being out of you and opens your third eye. We have been changed forever. The strength and courage which we need to confront future challenges have been embedded in our spirits.

It is our awareness that acts as a lamp in the darkness of life.

What we write is what we know because we have experienced humiliation and fear for such a long time. Let us give praise for all we have been through and also for the people who were used as vessels for delivering the pain to us. We will never be the same now that we have come to know who we truly are.

Uchenna Ilo

Doctoral researcher (Responsible Innovation Management), Spiritual Teacher, Philosopher, Social Entrepreneur, Creative Writer, and Lover of Life.

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