What’s preventing you from manifesting the life of your dreams?

It’s not thoughts that attract things, but your being.

You’ve read many of those books on manifestation and the law of attraction, but your life continues to remain ho-hum.

Your desires seem farther away. Your dream life seems more of a dream and your heart’s desires seem illusory.

You’ve read all the books, done all the exercises and visualized what you’ve wanted yet nothing… what gives?

Well, here’s the thing — the industry that is selling the idea of manifesting and the law of attraction has failed to mention one very important thing.

It’s not just how vividly you visualize or how much you visualize; it’s about your internal state of being.

If your internal state is vibrating at a low frequency and you’re filled with anger and resentment, it’s going to be difficult to manifest the life you want.

It’s not thoughts that attract things, but your being.

If you’re not vibrating from a place of joy and happiness, you’re not going to attract the experiences, people and dreams you desire.

So, the real key to manifesting your life’s desires is not about seeing what it is you want. The key to manifesting and attracting is to become the best and happiest version of yourself.

‘Hell, that sounds like a lot of work,’ you’re thinking to yourself, but not to fear – your personal development journey to your highest-vibrating self starts today.

Not only will you start manifesting more of what you want, you’ll also feel more at peace. 

Here are 6 ways to clear your energy, remove internal blocks and increase your vibration so you can manifest the life you desire. 

1 — Forgiveness

When you don’t forgive others, you’re carrying around plenty of resentment and anger within yourself.

It’s hard to feel good when you’re in this state. The only way to let go of the bad vibes and negative energy is to forgive the person for what they’ve done.

Use compassion, empathy, love and kindness to forgive.

Here’s the thing about forgiveness. You don’t wait until you’re ready to forgive because more than likely you’ll never be “ready” to forgive. Instead of waiting, forgive now and reap the benefits of forgiveness.

Clear the trespass. Stop repeatedly hurting yourself and cease being the prisoner of someone else’s actions.

2 — Let go of grudges

You know all those petty grudges you’re holding onto in life on a daily basis?

When strangers take your parking spot, cut you off in traffic or grab the last box of your favorite cereal from the shelf?

When your friends forget to invite you to a party? When you don’t receive thanks for a gift you sent? When you feel under-appreciated?

It’s so easy to take offense every day – you’ll find all kinds of real-life and online bullies.

With grudges come more hurt and more pain.

Wouldn’t it be easier to acknowledge the wrongdoing and let it go so that it’s no longer your burden and responsibility?

Clear your energy by letting go of small hurts and annoyances.

3 — Feel your feelings

If you’re a guy like me, you have learned to deny and hide your feelings.

While growing up, we heard that showing our feelings was inappropriate.

Not surprisingly, society and our families taught us to not feel, to repress our feelings.

Feelings are a normal part of human emotions. Hiding them and repressing them will create uncomfortable internal conflicts and negative energy throughout your body.

Allow yourself to feel those feelings that develop in your life, especially those strong ones of anger, fear and pain.

If you don’t know what that looks like or how to do it, when you’re feeling strong waves of emotions, write them down or share them with someone.

Acknowledge the emotions rolling into your life.

4 — Let go of judgment and comparisons

When you’re mentally putting others down or comparing yourself to others and putting yourself down, you’re just creating more negativity and bad vibes.

Learn to let go of judgment by putting aside differences and boundaries between yourself and others. Try to see all people as one and connected and your walls of division will lower.

Stop comparing and start living your own life.

Realize that you gain little by doing either and that both create zones of negativity that make manifesting more difficult.

5 — End rumors and gossip

You’re likely engaging in rumor-mongering and gossip for one of two reasons: boredom or to feel better about yourself.

Engaging in these activities may give you a temporary high, but it’s helping you feel better about yourself at the expense of others. Engaging in rumors and gossip will ultimately make you feel worse about yourself.

Stop this practice out of compassion for others and kindness to yourself.

If you have to say something about someone else, flip the script and start pointing out what you appreciate about them and why you’re grateful for them.

6 — Cultivate love within

Achieving much of what I’ve talked about above comes down to loving yourself and being comfortable in your own skin.

If you’ve never accepted yourself or loved yourself, you’ll likely need external validation or to put down others to feel better about yourself.

If you love yourself, you’ll be good to yourself. You will deal with negative self-talk with compassion. You’ll treat your body and spirit well. Get out of toxic relationships. Get more sleep.

Self-love is a practice that takes time to work on and daily habits to build up.

A key component to manifesting is being in a positive and emotionally healthy place.

If annoyance, anger and resentment fill you or you engage in many of the practices I mentioned above, you’re only going to manifest negativity and unfulfilled desires in your life.

Your mind matters, but your internal state of being matters even more in terms of manifesting your life’s desires.

In a nutshell: Be a good person and try to do right so that you can vibrate positive feelings. Focus on your personal growth and personal development to become a better and higher-vibrating human.

Then step back and allow life to manifest all the goodness you want.


Vishnus Virtues

Vishnu writes a popular relationship and personal development coaching blog.

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Melissa Rose Rothschild

“In a nutshell: Be a good person and try to do right so that you can vibrate positive feelings. Focus on your personal growth and personal development to become a better and higher-vibrating human.”
Awesome Vishnus.
Thank you.

baya elbey

great article thank you


Beautiful article, with many invaluable reminders on the art of manifestation. Thank You Vushnus for sharing your wisdom.

Vasudevan Bhattathir

this article is well written and if practiced great things can be achieved. the only problem most of us are facing is the lack .determination and self faith . there must be a vision in our life and move forward with determination and self love . normally people take life easily till we reach a point of suffering
Thank you for presenting such a nice article


Am learning, still trying hard to vibrate all the positive energy. I know am a good person at heart and I try to be good to others but persistent challenges of life has made me lost touch with who I really am. Am finding me again and I know I will be much better than I use to be when am done. Thanks a lot for the reminder.


Morning…it’s so true in life to always take care of ourselves first before anyone…people on the whole will always have negative impacts on us….that’s why it’s all about me….so long I give thanks to god anything could come after….I carry about myself with a good heart in doing things…blessings always….

Nisha KC
Nisha KC

Everything written above is real. I have experienced all above in these 8 years of my life. Before that I was totally concern with others. I used to try to help others the way I can. So my mind was clear and heart happy. But because of understanding the real nature of human and tolerated a lots of others selfish behaviours I just decided to be self centered. And all those problems above came in my life. I feel the problem is the sense of ‘me’ or ‘I’. And really got the solution reading the updates of Simple Reminder in facebook. And I am thankful for that. Though I give first priority to myself first now, in spite I am trying to contribute to others only the way I can without hampering myself.
And the other solution I got in my life to tackle those state of mind and heart is the ‘Vipassana Meditation’, that talks about nothing is permanent, what comes, let it go.

Nicholas J Cobos

Yes it’s important to remember self love and care and forget comparisons. That is what I have been working on..

Kerniece Reynolds
Kerniece Reynolds

This this article was very well written . Overall I am a friendly, compassionate person who never meets a stranger. I believe the thing I was afraid of was reaching out to strange men. I lost my husband of fifty-two years last year and I have been lonely for male companionship. I enjoy meeting new people but was hesitant to just start a conversation with the opposite sex. I let go and did that two weeks ago and at the end of the evening, felt like a giddy teenager again. I can now see that I wasted over a year of my life because of fear. No more!


Excellent article. I agree with your message. I try to keep in mind that it is an ongoing process to develop and maintain the habits that encourage positive flow.