What we perceive as reality, only hints at it … the things you think are important, aren’t

The problems we think we have, aren't.

The things you think are important, aren’t.

What you perceive as reality, isn’t. This is just a dream, your dream. It is a perception of your experiences and environment, wrapped in a package for you to try to comprehend and make sense of.

But it is not reality. It is not truth. What we perceive as reality, only hints at it.

The problems we think we have, aren’t.

They are self-manufactured scenarios we’ve created for ourselves in the dream that is our life. The sooner we let go of our false attachments and assumptions of the world around us, the easier we’ll free ourselves from the struggles that bind us to this level of psychological existence.

We’re here to witness the wonder and awe of this world we find ourselves in — to experience it, fully. We’re here to listen to the universal music of the cosmos, the symphony of our souls.

We’re not meant to plug our ears and scream overtop the beautiful song that’s being played for us. We’re here to revel in the majesty of the artistic creations the universe has constructed, to gaze at the natural sculptures before us, not to criticize them, fear them, ignore them or tear them down.

We are here to enhance the beauty of our universe, to add to it, however, we can, for the brief time we’re here.

Our problems are only in our minds.

They’re self-created, manufactured by our fruitless attempts to label things, to judge them and somehow define them. but the universe cares not about such things — it is nameless. It has no problems and it suffers not. It is not attached to this or that, to me, to you or them. It is, and that is all. It is an open, unfettered awareness, unbound by mental limitations.

We attempt to understand what can never be known, no wonder we’re anxious and stressed. Rather than just looking and listening, breathing and being, we attempt to reason with the unreasonable — we attempt to make sense of that which has none.

We are a product of our minds and of our egos, who so badly want to solve the puzzle of our life. But there is no puzzle — all of the pieces are already here, now. In fact, it is already assembled, and this is it. 

We need not search for paradise, for this is already it.

If I perceive I have a problem, then I will certainly have one.

Our redemption is found in letting go of our mental fabrications, and letting go of the false forms we try to build within our minds. Our redemption is found in simply experiencing as much of it as we can, without trying to label it, classify it, compare it or make sense of it.

We suffer from an indignant denial that we cannot control the world and reality around us.

Yet, the paradox of our self-imposed conundrum is that we actually are in absolute control of our world, through how we think, observe, love, act, interact and react.

In fact, it’s our minds that create the world we experience.

Only when we silence the convoluted, back and forth pointless discourse with our false perceptions, will we find the peace and happiness which we so desperately search.

Silence the inner chatter and ongoing banter between your ego and your monkey brain.

Quit trying to reason with your unreasonable mind.

Breathe — experience each moment for what it is — and know what it means to be truly free.


Brian Thompson

Brian Thompson is Creator of Zen Thinking and author of the upcoming book, Sparks to Awaken. Writer, speaker, and teacher of Non-Duality who shares original essays, poems, podcasts, and videos on spiritual self-realization.

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