What We Can Learn From Bees About Creating Happiness

Mindfully notice all the little amazing things that are here for use to enjoy.

Are you a passionate seeker of joyful things?

One thing I've noticed happy people have in common is that they're constantly seeking opportunities to experience beauty, wonder, enchantment, laughter, and pleasure. The same way you see bees buzzing around for pollen and nectar.

It takes conscious effort to drink in life — to mindfully notice all the little amazing things that are here for use to enjoy.

It's easy to get so caught up in everyday life that we forget to be actively looking for and soaking in the opportunities for joy that are all around us.

Taking inspiration from the bee and re-training ourselves to be consistently seeking and focusing our attention on the sweet things that feed our soul can raise our level of overall happiness in big ways.

This mindful way of “beeing” can turn everyday life into a magical adventure, and can also serve us during difficult times by allowing us to still notice the beauty, joy, and supportive synchronicity around us, which can be healing and even help guide us.

For example, three years ago, I was in a dark space after the end of my 10-year marriage.

In the days after that split, I was actively seeking high-value nutrition, rest, and simple joys to help keep my spirits and my immune system in check. One morning, I made myself get in the car and drive to the local juice bar for some healthy green juice. Feeling sad and drained, I asked the server if they had anything with kale and lemon. She smiled and said, “We sure do! It's called the “Learn to Let Go!”

I looked at her a little surprised and started to LOL at the irony! And, felt instantly uplifted and grateful for the timely message I'd just received. All because I was willing to put the effort into seeking and staying open to good things, even during a challenging time.

Living from this place of positive awareness can make happy times even happier, and hard times a little easier (not to mention help us to take in powerful lessons).

So, let's drink in the summer! I invite you to join me in taking inspiration from the bee. Make deliberate effort each day to mindfully and consistently seek, discover, and create the space for all the amazing little things in life that can bring us joy, wonder, wellness, and needed guidance. Let's take joy to another level! One of the most important habits of truly happy people.


Kristi Ling

Kristi Ling is a happiness strategist, transformational life and business coach, and author working to help others create joy and realize their dream life.

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Jackie Wilushewski
Jackie Wilushewski

Wow – What a lovely synchronicity – a little nudge from the Universe for you when the server said the name of the drink to you, “Learn to Let Go!” <3

Ye,s it's so true, putting an actually effort (not excuses) into noticing the good things, even during difficult times is really what brings us through.

Thank you for this lovely simple reminder 🙂

Melissa Rose Rothschild
Melissa Rose Rothschild

Bee-ing 🐝 Ha!
Yes !


Congrats to all your beautiful articles❤️🙏🏻

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