What Is Your Dream For 2019?

We are all born to dream.

We are all born to dream.

However, some will dream BIG and some small. I am not talking “Day Dreamers” because they live in a not so far away place called Never Land, where things just never quite happen. Can you imagine just how many are out there, those who had a dream and were just too lazy to do the work and watch it unfold?

Sabotaged Dreams

Sadly, there are those who will be carriers of broken dreams, some through no fault of their own. Perhaps you have watched your dreams squashed by someone you thought would help you? Those who would rather sabotage the dream because of their jealousy or envy do so because they have no vision for their lives, they don’t dream, and chances are have no desire to succeed in their own lives let alone watch you better yours. Those “Dream Crushers” as I call them, we have all encountered one at least, they sometimes include our families, friends, co-workers and can even be a spouse or significant other who like to keep control, they would rather you fail than succeed.

Dreams Can Come True

How many times have you had a dream come true for you? When you did, I am sure that It did not happen by magic, rather you worked at it diligently, every step of the way because you had a plan of action, executed every tiny detail, most probably kept it to yourself.

Always Have A Dream

Dreams have no age barriers. Your dreams can come true for you at any age or stage of your life. The dreams you dream as a child and the ones you dream in your later years are all important. You should know that they can and will come true for you, but only if you plan and execute them in a realistic way. If you set goals for your life or have a dream, but you don’t succeed, you should never give up. Whatever it is that we fail at in life we need to take a good look at the reason why. We need to redo or rewrite a plan, but never give up, never stop, because one day we will get to live that which we dream.

Living The Dream

When you are there, at that point where you are living your dream or enjoying whatever it is you strived for, share with others the lessons you learned along the way and lend a hand to make another’s dream come true for them. When we share our gifts with the world, it just becomes a better place.

Dream BIG, never stop.

Maria Koszler

I am a Thought Leader, Writer, Poet, Photographer. Creator of A Message From My Heart, Every Season Has a Reason and Thoughts Words and More. I use my creative talents in a unique way to Inspire others with my various writings and photography taken on walks around Lake Ontario and the Niagara Escarpment, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve where I am blessed to live. Grateful beyond words for a life of purpose.

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