Welcome To Fall!

It’s time to move on, to move forward, to move ahead.

It’s funny how nature teaches us so many lessons.

Many of us would consider fall the most beautiful season of all, which is ironic since everything is dying. But fall is undeniably beautiful as creation lets go of all of it’s summer glory, and prepares for a time of rest and rejuvenation in the winter.

Is it possible that letting go can be beautiful?

Maybe allowing things to die is necessary for those things that have served their purpose. I don’t know about you but I have always had a hard time letting things go.

I was recently given a gift. It was a simple key that says, “Let go.” It was a very personal message for me. You see, I’m a giver, I’m a keeper, I’m a fixer. I hold on too long, give too much and love too hard – I only have one gear and that’s full throttle, all in, ride or die.

But I have learned, often the hard way, that not everything deserves that type of devotion and not every one. Sometimes things, relationships, jobs, assignments, and communities are only meant to be temporary, to teach us, to awaken us, to break us, to heal us, to change us.

I am learning to live with my hands and heart wide open.

Not holding on to anything too tightly, but rather letting things come and go in their own timing. I am learning to let go of my fear of being empty.

So it’s time to move on, to move forward, to move ahead.

There’s no need for hard feelings, blame, nothing has to be wrong with something to leave it, often it’s just time to go. It has served its purpose and you served yours, so go ahead and give yourself permission to turn the page, adjust your sails and simply just, Let Go!

Jackie Dorman

Jacqueline Dorman is a dynamic entertainer, speaker and author. The former General Manger of the Emmy winning Guardian Television Network she saw a need to raise the bar in women’s entertainment.

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