True Love’s Secret

We all want to be loved, to feel loved, to be recognized that we are not failures.

People cannot help themselves if they are unable of recognizing a problem.

We are the sole creators of our own reality and there are moments when we go through life that bring our awareness to the truth that resonates with who we truly are. Sometimes we feel lost and helpless and we don't know where to look for the comfort we need to progress. Love is the ultimate foundation in every living soul in this world and people fail to acknowledge that finding their true foundation is enough to lift them back to true consciousness.

We all want to be loved, to feel loved, to be recognized that we are not failures.

We all want to be seen and heard and still, we continue the “never ending” search of what makes up our true essence. It is a constant battle in getting back on our feet to keep our composure in hard times. Sometimes we need to crumble to the ground and break all the built up barriers surrounding our true nature. These barriers through time have locked in all the unnecessary forces that have turned us away from our true selves.

We all want people to see us like we are held tightly together.

We want people to see our confidence and we want to feel indestructible and that nothing in this world can harm us. If only we can simply see the foundation of love in ourselves because then the clarity of knowing this simple and vital part of who we are would diminish this false reality that everything else material is what makes us whole.

Our own personal power is knowing that behind every accomplishment, is a sense of already being whole from the beginning of life. In knowing that we are all spiritual beings and that everything that we were strictly conditioned to believe as part of this “life” is not a real reality after all. We are all responsible for the happiness in our life. Our minds are the drivers of our own world and in the process of obliterating the false way to gain happiness, should we walk against the grain to change our thought process into thinking more simply.

We should think more with love and kindness and with peace in our minds.

We should stop thinking that a full bank account will buy us permanent happiness, when in reality it just buys us a false sense of security and opens up a deeper void that will remain hungry for more empty needs.

If we can simply train our minds to take one barrier down after another, we are now left at a road block of fear. But behind fear is a choice. The choice that needs to be made is go further and seek love or put the barriers back up because we're so used to seeking more of nothing. We are responsible to figuring out that when we are kicked down, we are strong enough to see that this is an opportunity of growth and not the end of the world. We know people who will always see it as an end of the world because they themselves have not found their true essence. Those that get hurt but choose to pick themselves up are the ones who know that in these times, their wholeness is enough to keep them steady, keep them ready for what is to come.

You will always meet someone who has been through hell and back and can still manage to help others and keep a smile on their face. You may wonder, “How the hell did they do that?” With just the acknowledgment of self-love, they are already strong enough to fight the wars of life and fight for themselves. We all deserve to just be, to remain in a safe place that we can call home. We all deserve this calmness. We deserve to tell our fears to move to the side because we choose to be indestructible. All you need to do is believe, to imagine a life without the material things that apparently make you happy and to look deep within the self.

Are you happy enough knowing that if you physically have nothing, will you be ok?

If you say yes, then you're on the right track but if you say no, I urge you to find your love within because without it, when everything falls apart, you're going to want to be able to stand up for yourself and know that everything is going to be ok.

Everyone is born with love and that already alone is a true success that we all take for granted.

Karen Baquiran

Karen is a wife and mother of two who resides in Laval, Canada. She works full time as a radiation therapist specialized in oncology, however her real passion is for writing.

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