To Thyself Be True

Be your own signature, be original.

“Know thyself. Accept thyself. Love thyself. No matter what you have done, where you have been, know, accept, and love who you are.” — Iyanla Vanzant

Who are you? Are you exactly who you are supposed to be?

Are you staying true to who you want to be, to who you really are? Do you feel a certain pressure from society or your inner circle to act a certain way because you feel that if you don't, you will be judged or rejected? Have you faked your personality so bad that you don't even know who your authentic self is anymore? Or are you too far gone with your fake self that when you are yourself no one would even know it was you?

We are living in a world that has carelessly slapped on specific ideals and norms for everyone to follow.

There is a specific formula to life and we are obligated to become what everyone says we have to become. They say you can do what you want to do and be who you want to be… So long as you do it within what's considered normal limits to the eyes of the sheep who don't have enough courage to be exactly who they were supposed to be.

We are born and are instantly brainwashed to think unconsciously.

We are programmed to walk life like we are asleep and we have zero control of how we are meant to live. We are brainwashed because our parents were brainwashed and because our parents-parents were brainwashed and so on and so forth. We are born believing that we need to do certain things and have certain things to fill our void to be happy.

We are not born thinking that we are already enough and are already whole.

Everything else we achieve is secondary. We are all part of this precious life and fighting to free the spirit within us to be who we want to be. We are told that we have to be something we are not, and to fake who we aren't in order to survive the dog-eat-dog world. Given the situation where everyone was given the opportunity to be a free spirit, we would no longer be living in an ego-dominant world.

It's intense to think that we've been lied to and people are still being lied to because they have been trained their entire life to think that this is all this life is about. There is nothing more than the house you live in, the car you drive, the job that pays the bills. You are not taught that who you are is just as great as the entire universe at large. We aren't taught that we are powerful individuals who can seek more than what the superficial world makes you believe. We are not taught that we are infinite and if you are liberated to be who you are meant to be, everything that is meant to happen for your life will happen. We are taught that we can do no wrong and that it's ok to blame other people for why we failed. We are not taught that we are the ones who create our own reality, in a sense that we are responsible for the way that we allow our mental state of mind to be.

There are tons of lies that resurface and continue to drown everyone in. People have taken this conditioning to another level that those who are living conscious lives seem scarce and also seem crazy because they're not following the formula of life that the majority of the world are striving to have. Be true to yourself even if you know it's not seen as “normal”.  It's normal to be who you are meant to be. It's normal to feel comfortable in your own skin. It's normal to feel free to love yourself for exactly who you are. You are flawless. These supposed flaws are also what society has highlighted as a problem.

Remember, you are already whole.

We are not meant to live under any sort of condition. We are meant to live our lives in staying true to who we are and fighting against the wave of pressure that shouldn't exist in the first place. Fight for yourself because there's no point in living if you're just going to be told how to live it. This is your life. Find your courage and free yourself from the human condition.

Be your own signature, be original.

When you can finally love yourself and be your authentic self can you truly see past what society says is the formula to life. By defying all odds, show the world that you can be just as successful and happy by being true to your self. This is the most beautiful gift you can gain, the gift of love and freedom.


Karen Baquiran

Karen is a wife and mother of two who resides in Laval, Canada. She works full time as a radiation therapist specialized in oncology, however her real passion is for writing.

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Uchenna Ilo
Uchenna Ilo

Beautiful article. Authenticity is the key to fulfillment and happiness. Understanding who we are and the power we posses is our first step to creating the life we want.

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