The Truth? This is the Ultimate Truth that I Know

We somehow manage to thrive in every epoch of uncertainty.

Have you ever wondered how humanity continues to evolve and live on despite various problems?

How do we manage to thrive in, embrace every epoch of uncertainty, and move on despite some “apocalyptic threats”? Just like what Sir Isaac Newton’s first thought when the legendary apple fell from the tree, the web of life that we enjoy must have reasons; there must be something imprinted in the blueprints of our being that fuels us to go on. I am just wondering: could it be something so extraordinary and miraculous that serves us our vehicle to find the truth within us? Or is it just something so common yet special but we oftentimes fail to appreciate because the windows of our souls are glued on something superficial? I am pretty sure that you, too, have felt, witnessed, touched, and savored these truths that I want to share.

The excruciating and paralyzing pains that continuously bombard us might be the reasons why somehow it is quite difficult for us to smile. If you turn the pages of our history, every age has its Armageddon; battlefields seem to have been fully booked and working 24/7. Thus, we ask: what sort of good news can make us paint a smile on our faces?

How about listening to the angelic laughter of babies?

Every time I hear a baby’s laughter, a feeling of serenity envelopes me. Watching children frolic in the rain transports me to my childhood years; a grin on my face never fails to remind me of one very valuable lesson: simple things, memories, and events can be fountains of inspiration to smile.

I fervently hope that you have felt the same essence of joy, too.

How about a smile from a total stranger? What feeling does it evoke in you? I guess you also consider it as a gesture of appreciation on something artistic–a beautiful smile can certainly create a meaningful day ahead. I am definitely sure that fine weather can uplift our souls, can’t it? Without any tinge of doubt, I am positive enough to say that there are indeed thousands of reasons for us to smile. “Do not frown because you do not know who is falling in love with your smile”. This adage is one of the truths that I am certain about. [ads]

It may be rare, but genuine friendship is truly among the few good reasons why we still feel awesome despite several mind-boggling news on television. Real friends simply gladden our souls and give us the courage to advance every step of our life towards something significant. Their presence fuels our drive to be more adventurous, and the interconnectedness that we feel with them really relieves us of the drudgery of life’s confinement.

Do your friends make you feel amazing?

I will be delighted to receive a positive response. This is the other truth that I know: You are lucky if you have few but authentic friends.

Words are eternal.

This simple truth enlightens us how powerful every word is, and hence it encourages us to be more humane. The word is so potent that its effect can be felt even if someone is nearing six feet below the ground. Touch your chest and remember those words that boost your confidence, stir your inner senses, fire your imagination, or–on the contrary–crush your spirit. Every word you remember somehow defines what and who you are now. I thought the unspoken word was better or sweeter until someone sincerely uttered splendid word of appreciation to me.

Share the gift of time, for finding quality bonding time nowadays is fast becoming a rarity.

It may sound a cliché, but if time is gold, how come only few celebrate it? This is the truth that I guess everybody knows: time is like dessert — it feels great to savor with those who are near to your heart.

If you like to be rejuvenated, then I suggest you commune with Mother Nature. If your mind is already a tabula rasa (blank sheet), I bet her calming breeze and soft whisper can stir your senses. If your mind fails to understand the x and y, your verb may not be able to find its subject, or you may not be able to spell even a simple word correctly, but you feel you can comprehend the famous E=mc2 of Albert Einstein, then waterfalls, rivers, or springs might just be good for you.

Nature is our life. This is the naked truth that I know.

We may not be able to completely visualize God in our lives but I guess everybody wants Him especially in the last wisp of his or her breath. It simply means God completes our being.

This is the ultimate truth that I know.

Experts may completely decode the mysteries of Leonardo Da Vinci’s paintings, find the lost City of Atlantis, explain the mystery that the Bermuda Triangle keeps, inform every living person if life really exists outside our blue planet, put to life the spectacular history of the Titanic via creative re-enactment, and yet deep within me, I always know that there are some realities just waiting to be fully embraced: every person wants to wear the badge of happiness, have a tattoo of inner peace, be clothed with the silky thread of long-lasting contentment, wear the necklace of freedom, wander and wonder while reading, and, most of all, love and be loved despite every Achilles’ heel that one might have in life. These are the other truths that I know: music is therapeutic, tears are like precious jewelry, love is beyond words to fully explain, we feel blessed every time we pray, family is essential, time is an asset, faith is our oxygen, and God is the reason of our existence.

Would you be kind enough to share the other truths that you know could hearten us to continue living?


Words enliven my soul. I advocate science of happiness whenever I am with those eager and enthusiastic minds. To discover, to unlearn, and to seek wisdom with gusto fuel me to continue. My heart desires for genuine happiness. "Desiderata" by Max Ehrmann serves as one of my guiding principles. "3 Idiots" never fails to make me laugh, cry, fall in love, and follow those things I am passionate about.

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