The Secret to Manifest Your Vision

Once you can see yourself doing it, you will see yourself living it.

You have access to significant power, transformative power.

One of the most powerful tools you’ve been entrusted with is also one of your most under-used. What is it?

It’s your image-maker. Your imagination.

It’s meant to bring into existence the things that already exist on the inside of you.

Get a picture of what you want to see in your life. See it. Study it. Speak it. Believe it. And, it will come to pass.

Once you can see yourself doing it, you will see yourself living it.

Your imagination is your image-maker, intended to build the life you’re destined to live.

Why do we limit Destiny by trying to measure the set of circumstances that have to be in place in order for something to materialize when we’ve been given an imagination, an image-maker?

Get an image of who you are and the power you possess and no one and no set of circumstances will be able to stop you. 

Destiny already sees what you’re building with your imagination as finished and complete. If you can see yourself with it, if you can see yourself doing it then all the resources you need for it to be made manifest will come available.

What might happen if you begin to use your image-maker to manifest the vision Destiny placed inside you? What’s your image? What is it that you see inside that you long to see externally too?

If you can see it, then nothing can restrain you.

For every one of our faculties, there is a designed intent, a divine usefulness. The divine purpose behind our image-maker is to manifest the unique vision that Destiny placed within.

Some of us feel unjustified in our pursuit of the good life we long to live. We’re compelled to settle for some lesser, seemingly more reasonable compromise. But, to compromise is to to mishandle our Divine endowment and negate it’s greater purpose.

You see, your vision isn’t about you. Yes, there’s immense reward and satisfaction in manifesting your vision, but that’s only because your destiny is tied to the manifestation of what you hold inside. The satisfaction and reward is simply meant to compel you towards the fulfillment of your purpose, which includes the release of Destiny’s gift to the world. 

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to cultivate your divine endowment to the point that you can see it, hear it, taste it, smell it, and feel it even before it comes to pass so that it does come to pass. You have an image-maker so that you can take your divinely entrusted vision and bring it to pass here on earth at this moment in history. That’s your mission.

What can you do to grow your vision inside?

  • Place post-it notes all over your house to build and strengthen the reality of what you see inside.
  • Place a note on your steering wheel that reads, “this car is paid in full.
  • Place a note on your checkbook that reads, “this account is overflowing with riches.”
  • Place notes all about your home that remind you, “this house is paid off.”
  • If you can see it, you can be it.
  • Write “debt free” on your bathroom mirrors to remind you morning and night of where you’re headed.

There’s nothing that can stop you if you can see it in your heart and believe that it’s yours.

Focus on what Destiny has said you’ve already got.

Destiny is for you.

The Way-Maker is for you.

The Image-Maker is for you.

The promise of Destiny inside of you shall come to pass.

What you spend your time focusing on the most is what you will see in your life. This is true for both positive and negative circumstances.

Have you ever been so riddled with fear over an event that your thoughts became absolutely consumed with visions of that negative circumstance? For instance, have you ever been told that your house was going to be repossessed? Has your checkbook every suggested to you that you won’t have what you need to pay the upcoming bills? Has your boss’s poor opinion of you ever given rise to the voice in your head that says, “you’re going to lose your job”?

In these events, did you focus on the negative news? Did the events come to pass? I bet they did.

The intended purpose of your imagination is to focus on and bring into view the image that Destiny placed inside you. Focus on the promise of Destiny, not the lies of fear.

Meditate on your vision until it becomes reality to you. Bring yourself into agreement with the promise of Destiny.

Meditate and you will bring forth the fruit of the vine of Destiny planted inside you.

What will you do today to cultivate and grow the vision inside of you?


Sara K. Wasser

Sara Wasser is the creator of SaraWasser.com which is the materialization of her purpose in life, namely to lovingly commit to understanding and honoring the special character and true identity of others so that they may safely delight in the richness of a far better life.

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Sharing! Great message!

Vasudevan Bhattathir

actually whatever we think we become . thinking process is followed by action so imagination and visualizing is very important in life. a clam mind only can see things properly in the mind . to calm down mind meditation is required . we must set apart every day a fixed time for this.our destiny is our own creation and we can change it by self effort
every mind has infinite powers but we have explore it Swami Vivekananda has said we are responsible for our present condition and not some God sitting in some heaven
this article is very good and will helping us to explore our hidden capacities. thank you


I need to vision my destiny so i can see it come to pass

Dno Nibley
Dno Nibley

Thank you for your message on vision.  While it sounds good I’m afraid that most of us are unable to turn our vision and imagination into such a positive outcome.  Outside sources create circumstances and pressures that are out of a person’s control.  I tend to have a negative outlook probably due to years of experience of negative outcome.  Many of my dreams have come true and overall I am probably on the positive side in the balance of things.  One of my problems is that I trust people too much.  I also am very charitable which works against me.  People tend to not appreciate the help I provide.  The least I expect is some sort of appreciation in the form of aid in return when needed.  Sometimes even a sincere “thank you” is too much to expect.

John McDougall
John McDougall

Yes Dno, I was in the same boat when it comes to trusting people too much. This person who came and stayed with me, wanted to change the motor in his Ute and I went out of my way to help him which he appreciated but this ignorant person never listened to me when I gave him some advice. He thought he knew better when he took out the butterfly valve from the carby thinking that the engine will run better has made me angry. Also, when I was away for 3 weeks spending time on vacation, I relied on him to feed my two dogs only to discover on my returning home that he never fed them properly as if he didn’t care! That’s when I started to dislike him because there’s an old saying ‘If you like my dog, you like me!’ Then one night he falsely accused me of using his washing detergent when I had my own but I kept my cool until the morning! He then asked would I like to go to the markets with him? I replied ‘No, because you accused me of using your laundry product.’ Then he said ‘Who accused you?’ I said ‘You did, now pack your stuff and get out of here because your attitude is ugly!’

So, that was a bitter experience I had to endure because we should never trust anyone which has been proven in the Bible.

Angeliki Anastasia

I really appreciate your point of view! When we really believe in God the impossible dream becomes possible and then we witness a genuine miracle! Thank you very much! 🙏🙏🌹💕

Jennifer Robeson
Jennifer Robeson

Bryan and jennie,Thank you for sending this gods trying too bring me out of everthing ive been thru,and he is still putting thru test tell this day.I want too be so much further,and im still growing with god learning,and listioning,and leaveing the past behide again,and again,but this last one was the hardest,and tell this day i might add god got me thru everything i the last few years of hell.And i relieved my hole life over again in the eyes of adault,and i dont know how i got thru my childhood,in and out of foster homes,and homelesess every month,my mom had us three girls and we moved everywhere it seems as a child.I guess i blocked it untell the last few years,and the last few years has been hell on me,and my autistic child,and my now my 14 year relationship,and what we half too get thru our relationship,and the hurts the pain,and i never thought we both seen in the past few years,and then he was taken bye DEA,IN FRONT OF our eyes too me and my little boy ,homeless over and over seeing my past ,and watching my family be disloyal too me and watched us starve while they were eating big.Drug life,i had a poor life,i had a aweful childhood,too doing what ever as a child and teen,being with a 22 year old at 12 years old.I was trying too get out of my life,and my 20s i think was the greatest years thers more too that story too,i only thought i did the crazyest thi gs yet no you guys.I could right about any part of my life and there is good and bad.And i could go on and on.There isnt nothing that i did or didnt do anytime in my life,and how god replayed everything back,and made me relive every moment.Im wondering each day ,and i ask god please just let me make it thru that day week or month.I never knew i was strong untell i had too go thru the last year and 18 months without my ole man larry,and seeing my oldest go too jail,too my child watching meoff and on certion thing,and how my 14 year autistic child mike gave me hell and welfare,and the schools,and what i did while my own true love was away doing time for me.And all i could do is keep going forward,like them pushing got too his cross.And now things are better and still have alot of healing from the scars of past hurts,and misakes,and the choices we all make each and everyday.I thought i never would do!!!!! bla! bla! bla !Ill never say it again because when your undwr pressure,and hot,cold and hungry things change in your mind and thinking.Ive got so many things ive done,and seen it wood take days and days too tood.Im tryi g too figure out how too start this role again in my life, like how do i start a book?No one can say they left my life without a happy or sad thought ,there is happy,sad,and drama,and i still wonder where it stops or begins again.lol!Ive been depresssed over my sister really bad latley because she has cancer and i could that phone call today,and there are days i want too choke a person,or stay in bed away from everybody.I will say i got my baby boy still,and god is restoring me and larrys life back .,and taking away people everyday out of my life still,and now i listion too him,and i dont beg for people too be in my life,i only want me and my family happy,and content and not worrieing of what will happen the next day .I want my family back really happy,and enjoying life,and too be thankfull that god today has brought us back too where we should be,its not easy,but im fighting,and he is too for mike.We let family and friends take before,and i wont let them continue on .I just hope everyday my family gets stronger,and forgive each other,and learn from things,and think before doing anything or saying anything.Well i got more too say,and i love u guys but i got a little boy and he wants too eat and open up presents ,and i hope we get too spend time together then this facebook,and i dont know what too say on my oldest.He knows what he wants and im wanting too smile for a minute and enjoy my family and catch some moments.Well i hope this is ok?And god bless you both..Later you too..

Robina fazal

Thank!Sara k.wasser an inspiring article..with your Nice encouraging and meaning full..Thoughts…and wisdom..yeah its absolutely true where ever we are..in wht ever conditions..or circumstances we are living its our own…self wil power…strenghth positive thoughts ..positive attitudes..inner instincts and capacities to deal our selves in the best possible ways by focusing on our own self loving caring ways..by meditations..mind soul easing yoga..our times in Solitude…our proper and energy gaining therepies…The ways to get benefits from our imagination powers to be a person we want to be….and to enjoy ourselves more and can utilize the best versions of ourselves to lead a happy prosperous life with health…vigour..positive energies….no hurdle..any side effects of our conditions or circumstances our others negative behaviours at times can destroy our inner peace ..inner Soul comfort ..mind balance..our intentions to do good..and our desires to be our true selves..but it needs daily practice to be Calm.cool.relaxed..and to carry on our lives in best possible ways..where ever we are..wht ever our circumstances or conditions in which we have to work..and move on.This will make us capable to lead our lives with good will and purpose. and we can prove good and positive to others..Amen…… ..


Sorry, but I don’t swallow this. I’m too real. None of my dreams came true. Maybe I didn’t have what it took to manifest them, in spite of my efforts. I never got the breaks. I kept getting knocked down, I still do. I don’t know where my life is headed. There’s only a small window of opportunity now. Life’s passing me by.


Hi Margo,

As I read your comment, it sounded like my life! However, as I read the article, I realized that back in the 80’s, I had actually manifested the beautiful adopted son I have now. As I read this article and how it describes how we should practice manifesting, I realized I had already done it then! Somehow, over the years, I guess I stopped manifesting and my thoughts and experiences became negative. When I wanted something, I would proceed exactly like everyone else, but… when I got to the door, the others got to go through and I got the door slammed in my face!

Several months ago, though, I came across videos on YouTube that talked about manifesting. I watched as many as I could and then decided I would try it to manifest the car of my dreams, the 2018 Nissan Rogue. Although financially it was out if my reach, I would envision myself sitting in it and driving it. I was able to purchase it in March at an affordable price!

As I write this comment, I have been manifesting a condo in a newly developed luxury community where I have wanted to live for years. Again, I never thought I could ever afford to buy again for financial reasons. But it has not deterred me from manifesting that I own it. I have been seeing myself in it for the past month in a half. Don’t get me wrong, I have already run into obstacles during the initial process but I keep manifesting myself in it. Through manifesting is how I believe I have come across state programs that will assist me with the purchase. Because, no matter what, I am going to make this happen! This coming week, I will be signing the contract! I am so excited!

Again, I have had many negative experiences for years; and for years, I have lost all hope. I feel you. However, try and give manifestation a chance. I am sure you will be glad you did.

By the way… great article Ms. Wasser!


I feel you Margo what if you cannot vision it as much as you desire it. Yes the clock is ticking and often feel i am in thick quick sand and weary and low on energy. Although keep on keepin on or accept that physically as we age even gracefully our bodies are unable to alighn with the vision we want to manifest. Im not much help but i felt your response.


Thank you for your kind words. I relate to you. You are lots of help by replying and acknowledging me. That means a lot. Thank you, you are a kind person. I hope we can both find something to help us get by. X

prabhakar rajarapu
prabhakar rajarapu