The Science of Mastering Sleep

Without proper sleep the body will function poorly on more levels than we can imagine.

As a society, we are trained to move forward with fervor: grasp the next idea; improve at rapid paces to achieve; maintain beauty, fitness, and wealth — and compete at all costs. Striving at this rapid continuum can secretly deplete our invaluable body chemical stores and, while we may not be aware of it happening for months and sometimes years, our body and its wisdom will come crashing down and leave us in a stressful and sleepless paradigm, chasing desperate measures to find quick solutions that can damage our systems even more.

The power of sleep

Without proper sleep the body will function poorly on more levels than we can imagine.

Improper rest will produce many symptoms ranging from lack of energy that impairs clear thinking, creates mood swings and causes irritability, all the way to auto-immune issues, poor detoxification, and even severe fertility and menstrual imbalances.

Accumulating damage

While we can run after remedies including prescription medications that can cause great toxicity to our livers and organs, or natural herbs and bio- machines that reregulate inner rhythms for a time period, these fixes alleviate the stress and imbalance at the surface, without truly altering the depth of the stress patterns that created the problem. Without addressing those issues, they will continue to grow and even fortify themselves.

Ultimately regaining the power to sleep must come from within — by understanding the miraculous electromagnetic nature of our body's healing power.

As an expert in the application of the manipulation of forces, attained through my years as a Master of the Martial Arts, I've learned to apply these principles to heal many of people's most intractable conditions and illnesses using natural means. Sleep deprivation is a common problem that can be easily resolved when approached through the proper pathways of working with the earth's grounding forces.

The core of stress and sleep deficiency

Your body is designed to sleep and rest, as well as to gather massive amounts of minerals and elements that it receives during the non-active external moving periods. The minerals and elements are gathered through the earth's magnetic pull while the body is in a lying, receptive, and unstressed position. The heart and bones together serve as a dynamic means to absorb both electricity and minerals– and store them for use the next day, as well as for upcoming periods of greater need.

Both stress and sleep are electromagnetic reactions that occur based on your ability to balance your magnetic field with the forces and fields around you. When you cannot sleep, your organs are too hot or active and have no capacity to connect to the earth and surrounding mineral fields that are designed to stabilize you and absorb the cooling and replenishing properties of the night for your body to gather for detoxification and healing.

The lack of coolness and flow is why stress literally feels like a constant inner shaking, a tension that creates the inability to calm or slow down. It is a failure to engage the cooling powers of the body's system and control one's own electromagnetic field. Ultimately, sleep cannot happen without the body being allowed to enter back into its cooling and absorbing rhythm.

All the feelings we experience are electrochemical reactions between the stimulus in our environment and our body. Sleep is an engagement between the earth and the body; the body  cools down based on the shift of the earth's position in relation to the body, the sun, and the particles in the atmosphere.

Change your magnetism and master your sleep

By learning to control your magnetism and consciously using the surrounding magnetic fields properly, we can immediately create dramatic shifts to re-regulate our sleep cycles naturally — and dominate stress forever.

Here's how to start.

Facing North — Acheiving Balance Position

Position — Extracting Balance

Healing Benefits

  • Engaging the bodies balance system for regulating rhythms
  • Gathering new energy into the core of the body
  • Calming stress and PTSD

From a standing position, place the right back of your hand behind your back on the spine and the left hand toward the earth like a spear.

Hold this position for 5 to 10 minutes and breathe through the nose and all of your bones.

Do even breaths of 4 seconds in, 4 seconds hold and 4 seconds out.

Facing North — Sleep Position

Position — Drop of Water Pierces Eternity

Healing Benefits

  • Inducing sleep
  • Healing the kidneys and regenerating hormones
  • Reduction of inflammation
  • Healing the ears and digestive system.
  • Reducing cravings

From a standing position, place the right, back of the hand against your kidneys. Place the left hand out with thumb up and two fingers extended. Turn feet in slightly and squeeze the side of the body gently.

Draw in through the fingers by pressurizing toward your kidneys and heart.  Hold for 4 seconds on inhale… Pause and hold the energy for 4 seconds… Exhale for 4 seconds as you send a pulse out your back-right fingers.

Perform this a minimum of 12 times.

You should see results within a day or two. Repeat these exercises daily for maximum impact.


Sifu Matthew

Sifu (Master) Matthew, is a Kung Fu Master and wellness pioneer, who teaches the science of force mastery for optimal performance and healing.

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Member seems the lack of sleep is becoming a problem nowadays.i heard of people who didnt get sleep for God!.if only i can say i am tired my God and i want to sleep and they sleep.i generally sleep on my right side putting my hand under my head facing the east.insomania is mostly the tax of development especially in big cities.thanks to Allah i have no problem in sleeping but i always getup early sometimes i wake up many times at night.there is always a why not sleeping for anyone to be answered or seeking answer within.

Alison annable
Alison annable

fabulous imformation, i have just read, @ would definitely love to learn more, as i have had trouble sleeping for nearly 2 decades now, @ would just really like to go to bed at night, close my eyes, @ slowly drift of into a nice / peaceful sleep, –wake up in the morning totally refreshed, @ ready to take on the day–I really hope you can help me, as it would be deeply appreciated, Thankyou xxx


this is great thank you so much been struggling with my sleep lately quite badly to i will defiantly be taking on these tools to help sooth my sleep and anxiety i do listen to meditation music lie in a dark room shut off which helps some

Vasudevan Bhattathir

This article well written it is very informative . people having sleep problems can practice it and will benefit from this
we have been taught from childhood to sleep with head facing the east and leg towards west if it is not possible then sleep head towards north and leg towards south the other two positions [ head towards south and west are not allowed} are prohibited it is due to the effect of earth’s magnetic field. before going to sleep and pray to Divine . within few minute we will sleep.
this is a very good article and feel that we will be able to control sleep related probles

Jen cuya
Jen cuya

Thank you. But i have problem in sleeping becoz the nature of my work 😞 please pray for me to overcome this😢

Beatrice Hernandez

Your article is very informative and helpful
It so well written and offers so much guidance.
Insomnia runs in my Family.
It is one of the most terrible things besides getting cancer or a heart attack.
My Mother suffered from it for the last half of her life.
My Sister is the same way.
It feels like you have your mind running at full speed and power.
Sadly when one is stressed beyond their limit…it will strike…People have different ways of coping with stress by overeating and or having family problems.
Thank you for sharing your helpful information on how to change our habits to create a better environment for rest and sleep…


It’s a great article.


I’m not sleeping properly right now due to some extenuating circumstances. But I will get it together in a few. I’m going to move shortly. And I will get better rest

Nicholas J Cobos

This is a great article. I knew that sleep and stress were related but this is a simple and clear explanation. I like to listen to sleep meditation or binaral beats type of music before bed and I think it helps. Essential oils at night are good but you have to be consistant with them.


Thank you…this was a great article, I am having problems in sleeping and will be trying some of the exercise as you said…


Me too. Will try these techniques to see if they help. I sleep best facing North o my right side.