The Power Within

Words have the power within them to either build or destroy.

Effective words reverberate so much like booming thunder and forceful lightning that even those that have been completely forgotten shall be remembered.

The power of words can even withstand the test of time.

Decades turn into a century, and soon millennium enjoys its time, yet the efficacy of words shall never enter the black hole of nothingness. They may be considered dead, but their epitaphs shall linger on and history will still have her pages available. Just like a sincere prayer, a helpful word, though uttered with the faintest sound, has its own strength to elevate itself and can bombard the heavens with every language of appreciation, gratitude, and forgiveness that humanity has invented.

If words are properly conveyed, they can clothe even the deepest longings of human: warmth of true love, kiss of freedom, touch of genuine companionship, and breath of acceptance. The effectiveness of every word can fuel the creativity of those souls who used to be imprisoned inside the vortex of sheer ignorance and stifling mediocrity. A seemingly out-of-this-world canvas of art can be transformed and magnified into a masterpiece. Indeed, a work of a genius may look bizarre and senseless, yet the vitality of words could ennoble and awaken the spirit that knows nothing but to capture every spark of life there is in his or her surroundings.

What makes a word effectual?

If it can fan the flame inside those hearts that cannot fight the irresistible divine calling, the receivers may be hesitant and confused, but the incessant caller has his enigmatic yet illuminating way to finally win those who are considered the chosen few. A single, efficient word can be a tool to infiltrate the impassable soul of inane lives, extremely foolish minds, and illogical ways of reasoning, and gradually transform them into useful, wise and reasonable ways of living. The vigor of this word might be the reason why even the dumbest and toughest human being sheds his or her precious tear. Without this powerful word, hundreds of sacred souls could have been entombed into the pit of oblivion.

Every word, if it is used at its best, can serve as a saving grace of every human.

Indeed, every choice of word is like an ingredient that spices up a dish to make it more mouth-watering and sumptuous. Words are bridges that connect the writer’s soul to his or her readers’ minds. For writers to connect to the blueprint of humanity, they need powerful and effective words to convey the deepest emotions that we all have. To choose effective words, we must treat them like a living, breathing, and talking human being.

Unfortunately, since an effective word can move heaven and earth, the human race can also create thousands of apocalypses that could wipe out and destroy the sanctity of every living gift that we enjoy using the same controlling word. Every spirit of nobility may be used against itself to shield the megalomaniacs, and thus giving them the absolute freedom to amass the wealth of this world. A certain evocative word can move a person to disregard what is essential and just focus on the fleeting, shallow standard that perpetuates itself in some corners of this sphere. As Antoine de Saint-Exupery had adroitly put it: “What is essential is invisible to the eyes”. We might be oblivious, but some paths that connect every heart that understands, appreciates, and values can be darkened if a certain word is too persuasive to bedazzle a person who used to enjoy the feeling. No matter how much this generation devotes to every truth that empowers, if some influential, crooked minds use flowery words to give fragrance to stinking caprices, truth shall have its own natural death. 

Words are potent but toxic, too.

How can a certain word be lethal? If it leads to total annihilation of innocent lives, and can demoralize every good that flows in their blood. Its wrath can be more devastating than the combined casualties of the bubonic plague, the holocaust, WWII, the 9/11 tragedy, and other gladiatorial combats of the human race.

I firmly believe that the splendor of words outweigh their “darkness.”

Words can stir the dull moments into a colorful, vibrant firework of contented, gleeful life. Through the use of inspiring words, the monumental and state-of-the-art marvels can serve as vehicles to tickle the imagination of the young, high-spirited minds. One just needs to use propelling words to unveil the hidden piece of mystery so that others will have the chance to think deeply and intelligently. A barren desert of companionship can easily be transformed into an oasis of happiness if heartwarming words are chosen.

Words have the power within them to either build or destroy.

Choose with discernment which power you want your words to wield.


Words enliven my soul. I advocate science of happiness whenever I am with those eager and enthusiastic minds. To discover, to unlearn, and to seek wisdom with gusto fuel me to continue. My heart desires for genuine happiness. "Desiderata" by Max Ehrmann serves as one of my guiding principles. "3 Idiots" never fails to make me laugh, cry, fall in love, and follow those things I am passionate about.

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