The One With The Time Giving

Sharing time is awesome.

I encourage you to optimise your time spending behaviour just like the way game developers optimise their code to make game play 3D effects really smooth. 😀

Code performance optimisation can be really hard to do, but generally speaking, it can be done by vetting.

When it comes to performance optimisation, you can just look at the code and see which is wasting your cpu time and which is not.

Simply don’t give time to those behaviour which waste your time.

For example, things that makes you dwell in sorrow and bitterness. To remove them could be writing down your feelings in word or be creative by painting and coding.

Now you know how.

Ideas are mostly about awareness.

Wong Lok

Love..... Being a walking aphorism. Sharing my personal encouragement experience. Code Visual ART with WebGL. #Kindness API #VisualART #CURE

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