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Say it with us, "Life should be sweeter."

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Positive thinking is useful, but highly overrated.

Positive thinking is useful, but highly overrated. Being truly successful does not require winning the positivity pageant. Being unsatisfied is healthy too. My whole life is an engine of dissatisfaction. It’s why I wake-up in the morning. πŸ˜‰

Are you moody too?

If you are unsatisfied, moody, discontented, and the song in your heart sounds more like a long frustrated moan, it’s fine β€” groan, grumble, sigh, even growl. But, don’t forget this; you are more. Real success is found in the balance of all things. Be fair with life, inasmuch as you wish life to be fair with you. Make your contentment equal to your discontentment. Voice your praise-filled gratitude as loudly, as your shouts of foul. Pray or give thanks in your own way, as earnestly as you bemoan your woes. Savior and sigh in the bliss of affections, as gutturally as your furrowed growls. Shout glory, Hallelujah, or thank you, thank you, thank you, as fervently as your most exquisite rage.

As reverently and devoutly, as your own…

Stretch your finger-tipped reach for inward success, as far and deep, as your reach outward. Ardently strive β€” toward yourself. Dream, reach, long, want, and hustle, but never once β€” for success. Do it for you. And please, do it as you. Let your success merely be a testament to a life well-lived β€” in the way that it must be uniquely lived for you, and only for you. Success is merely the acknowledgement of your significance. And the highest form of success, is to behold, and ever defend the significance of every person, as reverently and devoutly, as your own.

Negativity and complaining. What’s the deal?

There is a way of having your needs met without negativity and complaining. If you want something β€” give it. Being positive, giving and caring may not always work out exactly the way you wish, but whatever you give will come back to you one way or another. Your giving heart may inspire change in another, or qualify you for a better situation if the current situation must eventually change. And, even if it fails with the person in whom you wish to see a behaviour change β€” even if they are totally non-responsive, dysfunctional and a taker β€” you still can’t lose, because you can never lose by being awesome and by being your very best.

“Life should be sweeter” β€” but how?

Your life can be lived in grace and ease, as you surrender to the beauty, of bringing grace and ease to others. Your care and love will not go unrequited. We are here to be loving attendants to our beloved fellow human beings, as an act of devotion and gratitude for life. Our painful complications only exist when we refuse to honor the simple gifts before us. Life shouldn’t be more simple; it is more simple.

Bryant McGill

Bryant McGill is a human potential thought leader, international bestselling author, activist, and social entrepreneur.

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