The Missing Link to Lasting Happiness?

If I could share just one thing with the world about happiness, this would be it. If you've struggled in your life with creating sustainable, lasting happiness, this is for you, and it's very important…

Happiness is many things a mindset, a choice, a feeling but the most important thing to know about happiness and the little-known missing link is that happiness is a skill.

When you embrace happiness as a skill that you can learn to do, practice and become good at… just like learning to play a musical instrument or speaking a new language… everything changes!

Consciously practice happiness every single day by deliberately re-focusing on positive thinking, doing the things that bring you joy, creating healthy happiness habits, practicing self-love, and taking ridiculously good care of your precious mind, body, and spirit.

Research, try different things, discover what supports your happiness — and regularly invite more of THAT into your life on purpose. Make it your top priority.

A few years ago, when I realized the reason I'd struggled with happiness in my own life for so long was because happiness is a skill that I just hadn't totally learned yet, I stopped trying to search for happiness (it's not something to be “found”), and instead decided to take on learning how to create it. This was a life-changer.

Work at your happiness like you would work at learning a challenging new computer application or the steps to a complex new dance.

Do this with great effort every day — mindfully and deliberately do happiness — and after a while, it will become part of your natural state. Suddenly, you'll find that you're fluent in happiness!

It may take weeks, and it may take months or even longer. Don't give up, everyone is different. You'll feel the shift within when it happens. If you stick to it and don't stop, you'll actually re-program your brain, your actions, and your cells to naturally live in a state of actively cultivating happiness and inner-peace.

This doesn't mean that you won't experience difficult times, everyone does, but it does mean that you'll be regularly living in a natural state of happiness, and the skills you develop to live in that state will also support you through the hard times too. Everything becomes easier, more light-filled, and more doable.

Happiness is the required skill for living our very best life they forgot to teach us in school.

The most beautiful thing about happiness is that we're always in complete control of creating it. Are you ready to learn and master this vital skill? You're already a natural; it just takes practice and dedication.


Kristi Ling

Kristi Ling is a happiness strategist, transformational life and business coach, and author working to help others create joy and realize their dream life.

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