Creating Our Own Reality

All human beings are creative — More creative than we realize.

Each day, thousands of times daily, we create our own reality in the unconscious mind, and this can be proven.

By placing your right hand about 18 inches from your face and slowly moving it to your ear, you will see that your hand disappears in a blind spot. You can do this with the left hand as well locating another blind spot. The peripheral vision is also very poor. Now, if you look ahead, you will see a full spectrum of vision, most of it being a made-up background in your unconscious mind. We fill in our own blanks. We do this thousands of times daily without even being aware.

Filling in the blanks can be seen in one of my favorite artistic expressions, the use of negative space. In this art form, an image is presented but the background is left blank. The observer is left to create the setting or imagined scenery or situation occurring in the background.

The great symphony booms with spectacular music and then, the grand pause. During the pause, the imagination is left to contemplate. We place the music into some scene that we create, or emotion that we imagine or correlate the music with some scene that we recall. Amazing things happen in the negative space in the artist’s work and in the symphony’s pause.

This is where the magic happens and where the creative energy awakens.

If this is true, it unlocks the idea that we are all innately creative. This means the possibilities are limitless. We create our own realities without even realizing it. If we are creating every waking minute of every day these imaginary backgrounds one is left to wonder if there are even limits to our ability to create. 

I propose that all human beings are creative. More creative than we realize.

Not only do we create and construct unconsciously, but we can also create on a conscious level. If we have ever figured out how to put something into a baggie or where to find our keys or how to put food in our refrigerator, we have consciously created a solution to a problem. If we are able to create solutions to small problems. With this ability to create solutions to everyday problems, both great and small, the question arises as to whether we can create solutions to problems that inhibit our dreams.

By tapping into our inner creativity on whatever level we perceive it, we are able to find meaning and purpose. Finding meaning and purpose becomes its own reward in enhancing our sense of health and self-perception. These internal rewards may initiate even greater energy and, in turn, desire to create.

We develop our destiny and dreams through our own creative ingenuity.

Even the dreams themselves are a creation of our own thoughts, dreams, and desires.

Artists, writers, musicians, scholars and other disciplines get so engulfed in what they are doing that they enter almost into and unconscious state becoming oblivious to what is around them. This is not limited to craftsmanship or what we know as the Arts. Simple daily activities such as cooking meals, playing with children, and everyday chores can become unconsciously participated in while disregarding all the external noise. Hobbies such as boating, fishing or skiing can cause one to become so engrossed that the external world seems to drift away. This is known as “flow” or getting into the “zone”. When we create or flow, we become so attuned to the skill that we are participating in that we can stay up all night, don’t realize we are hungry or thirsty, or can become oblivious to those things around us. 

The very act of creating becomes automatic through the perfection of the art or skill. We become skilled creators at what our heart is passionate about. As we continue to practice our passions, some pieces of it become automatic and ingrained into our unconscious with little conscious thought. As we begin learning a new craft, we start out clumsily with careful planning, deliberate movements, corrections of mistakes. But, with time and practice, the elementary level skills are absorbed into the automatic understanding of the specific skill or art. The more complex portions of the skill are more consciously rationalized, until they too are absorbed. An example is a clumsy little 4 year old in a tutu trying to stand on her tiptoes who becomes the great ballerina in the London ballet. Based on the dream, she uses repetition and builds skill upon skill until the final rewards of creative talent are seen.

By creating the dream, practicing the desire, and fine-tuning the art, the reality was created.

By doing this, we realize our dreams and our purpose. Creativity and ingenuity, problem-solving and practice work together to assist us in becoming the beautiful, meaningful, purposeful human beings that we desire to become.

It might be that we limit ourselves by refusing to believe in the possibilities of our dreams.

We may be capable of more than we ever even imagined ourselves to be. Surely, a great mind that creates such graphic visual backgrounds automatically, can construct more vast possibilities than we may have imagined. If we focus our skills and develop them through repetition and practice there may not truly be limits of how many of our dreams that we can obtain. How much of our own reality are we truly capable of creating?

I propose a confident leap of faith into what our desires and dreams dictate.

Though clumsy at first, absorbing and perfecting our creative desires can spring board us into the reality of creating our ultimate purpose or whatever we have imagined that to be. We created the dream, now we can work on creating the reality.


Pammie Day

Pam has been a Registered Nurse for 30 years, holds a Bachelor's degree in Management and Ethics and is pursuing her Ph.D. in Positive Neuropsychology. She is a Nurse, Author, Philosopher, Entrepreneur, and Promoter of Human Potentiality. Her primary life philosophies come from her father's teachings,: "The only failure is the failure to live to one's highest individual potential." and, "We are all in the process of Becoming."

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giffee chick
giffee chick

Wow what a JOY are your articles. I will keep reading them for they are mus8c to my ears and heart! I have a goal that im going to finish a book and illustrate for kids. Keep inspiring us!

Fran Merkh
Fran Merkh

Creativity can be a luxury when life is too hard and it’s free


That was truly inspiring. We need to realize we can create our life’s

prabhakar rajarapu
prabhakar rajarapu


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