The Little Sacred Rules Of Inner Peace

These rules helped many people over many centuries acquire inner peace.

No matter how different people’s goals, inclinations and social conditions might be, there is always one thing that is common to all humans — the desire for inner peace.

Some might not be consciously aware of this all the time or their life experiences have completely closed their heart to this possibility. Others might think that their highest goals are nothing like inner peace but more like material success and gratification.

Still, whether we admit it or not, we all seek happiness and inner peace. Nobody will ever feel complete with loads of material rewards but a spiritual void. So many life stories are a witness to this.

The rules

If you are listening to your heart’s calling for inner peace and happiness, there are a few rules you can embrace and follow in your life. These rules helped many people over many centuries acquire inner peace, reconciliation with their heart’s desires and happiness.

Here they go:

Listen to your heart:

Sometimes our mind enters into conflict with our hearts. I have been there endless times. You think that something is the right and sensible thing to do but your heart would be beating to a different drum. This can build anxiety and a general dissatisfaction you can’t really put a finger on.

Give space to your inner voice, your intuitions and your feelings. Learn to turn your awareness inwards and recognize your inner motivations.

Don’t take things personally:

Taking things personally means interpreting life from an ego-centered point of view. It’s about I, me and mine. This leads to a very blinkered vision of life in which the ego reacts badly to every petty thing such as criticism, strange looks, misplaced words, etc. What happens is that we end up too subjective and emotionally disturbed for things which when we see from a more detached point of view seem futile and unworthy.


A heart can never be at peace with grudges and anger. Whatever wrong people might have done to you, when you carry the grudge in your heart you are also carrying the mistake. You relive it every time. Let go of it and travel with a light heart.


This is by far the most effective path to inner peace. When you accept that which you cannot change or control, instead of struggling against it, your heart is open and at peace.

Be Grateful:

When we are grateful to life and things that are happening around us, we are filling our heart and our surroundings with love, joy and appreciation — the highest form of positive energy. This positive aura certainly promotes happiness and inner peace.

Give back before you get:

Why do you have to get something in order to give back in return? It works just as well the other way round. Giving is a powerful exercise of heart.

Smile to yourself and to others:

You might not always mean it but be kind and gentle in your approach reinforces healthy and meaningful relationships with others and with yourself.

Don’t do things you don’t have to or don’t like:

When we are always seeking the approval and admiration of others, we do things which are not genuinely our passion. Listen to your heart and search for your. mission and goals in life.

Share. Don’t think twice:

Do not hesitate to share. Sharing is a gesture of peace both to others and to yourself.

Avoid negative company:

If there are people around you who are disempowering or a negative influence in your life, avoid their company. They can only slow you down and create inner disharmony.

Respect the thoughts and opinions of others:

If you respect the thoughts and opinions of others instead of looking to win an argument or show that you are right or more knowledgeable, you create harmony and get respect in return.

The Golden rule:

Don’t do to others what you don’t want upon yourself. A natural prerequisite for inner and outer peace. 

See the ‘you’ in others:

By default we think that we are separate from the rest so we see things from a self-centered point of view. This creates all forms of conflict known to man. Start seeing yourself in others. Think about others as different versions of yourself! This helps you intimate with the concept that we are all interconnected.

Learn to use your mental filters to your advantage:

Rerun the day in your head, pick up and accentuate the positive things in it and exclude the negative ones.

Step out of the moment and see the bigger picture:

When you are emotionally blocked or stressed out, pause and shake yourself out of the subjectivity of the moment. There is always a bigger picture. If you can’t see it, then recognize it at least.

Hold love as your guide and higher purpose:

Open your heart to love. Be on the lookout for it. See it in the everyday things. Welcome it, nourish it and nurture it like a fragile precious thing. Love is the highest power. Make way for it and it will expand your life beyond measure.

Gilbert Ross

Gilbert has been writing about personal growth topics for a number of years on his blog SoulHiker and on various other media.

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