The Liminality of Midlife byHow do I sit within the mid-stage of this ritual …

The Liminality of Midlife by @leaannmallett
How do I sit within the mid-stage of this ritual that is my life?

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The Liminality of Midlife

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This stage of life definitely very precious to do your obligation with perennially because more than exact time you never got so you can made further better. From here everything will be considerd how sit and behave with anotherone and what is your act towords ordinary ritual because all these act well introduce your impression and consequence you get reflection from crossponding enviorment. From here we should completly leave all notorious act from every random person and thus is definitely work as a liminality to create what you have been doing wrong for lot of time. At this stage of life you have great responsibility towards family and also expectation from crossponding enviorment that he will definitely show responsible act towords be to consider ritual. I think this is stage where you can get maximum power to do and if you missed then all power seems to be less with time. From here person has desire that I can never lose bit of opportunity to do better in life even you can do this from begining then also where will no problem because every stage of life you can entertain yourself more it’s not matter how much precious job you are doing. Many person oftenly forget to understand any kid if they have stage if life for more entertainment so where should not be your job to see all them which way you feel in your life today, I see this time major issue who don’t want to feel another person and then they found so many misunderstanding with little one.In the stage our frist prioirty to sever your obligation they go extranal because right now you have more responsibility.







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