The Hidden Power of Forgiveness

Liberation comes when you can truly let it go.

I am thinking today about the people I let go.

Reminiscing about the darker days allows me to see how far I’ve come. Those days seemed endless because it’s as if the darkness just took over. The darkness acts like a layer and it engulfs your mind and you feel trapped. All your thoughts are consumed by this unwanted heaviness and you feel helpless and like a prisoner of your own mind.

How does one get out of this mental state? When your mind wanders, it creates its own story or assumptions and the more it creates, the more you get consumed in its falseness. We are always desperate for answers and in doing so, do we naturally use the power of our minds to create a story to help put closure or truth because we are desperate to find peace. With our healthy mind, do we know that playing mind games with ourselves doesn’t solve a thing.

Assuming answers is never the right way to go about it.

So you may wonder, how do I stop my mind from becoming a storyteller? The only answer I can say is, you just have to constantly remind yourself that you are ALWAYS in control of the way you think. You are ALWAYS in control of every thought that comes in. You are ALWAYS in control of the way you interpret information. But you may argue, I can’t help the thoughts that come in. You are the one thinks it, therefore, you are the one that allows yourself to get bothered by it or not. You have to keep reminding yourself that you are in the driver’s seat of your own mind and your own life.

Today I am who I am because of everything that has happened in the previous chapters of my life.

I have chapters on the people that have made an imprint in my journey even though they are no longer present in it today. In CHOOSING to forgive them for all they have done, I know I am free from all burdens of their darkness and in doing so, have I turned their darkness into light. I am using the wisdom from their lessons as a means to better my very being. And with that, I am able to teach those that are in need to find a way to fight their own battles with their own darkness.

Liberation comes when you can truly let it go.

That is the best gift you can give yourself. Again, be thankful for these people even if they turned your world upside down. Rising and turning your world back is a slap in their face to say, “I was always enough, but I thank you for this experience. I appreciate what you’ve done to me and I am free now because I decided that I am worth fighting for.”


Karen Baquiran

Karen is a wife and mother of two who resides in Laval, Canada. She works full time as a radiation therapist specialized in oncology, however her real passion is for writing.

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