The Healing Power of Introspection

Your voice, your courage, your dreams, all the things you, ‘thought’ you’d lost, were never really lost.

You’ve lost your voice, your courage, your dreams, your self-worth, the belief you once had in yourself, and so you search everywhere, in everything and everyone.

You travel and read books and magazines. You’ve watched countless videos and seen numerous seminars. Wherever you go, you ask everyone, “I’ve lost these things, I cannot find them, can you help me find what I’ve lost?”

And, damn, let’s be honest here, this race that you’re running, it isn’t with anyone else, it’s with yourself.

There are those Souls that will grab your arm and lead you this way and that way and, “oh look, maybe they’re over here in this box or that box, his box, her box, their box!” Exhausting isn’t it? Is it your truth they’re leading you to or is it theirs?

And then there are those rare Souls who take you by your hand and guide you home, to yourself.

Your voice, your courage, your dreams, all the things you, ‘thought’ you’d lost, were never really lost.

They were buried somewhere deep inside of you, beneath every other person, place, thing, and experience you piled up on top of them. Hmmmmm. This is where the inner work begins…

Inner-work is hard. It is. Looking into your own eyes and holding yourself accountable isn’t easy. To get to the root, to the very core is like ripping your own guts out and laying them out on the table in plain sight.

I’ve often asked myself if the grueling process of healing, letting go and growth is really worth it.

And the truth is; It is. I am. You are. We are.

Amanda Fernandez

Amanda Fernandez needed a hero, so that's what she became. Her writings are inspired to help you heal and recover.

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