The first simple steps to accomplishing anything

Why you aren't actually stuck, no matter your situation

1. Don’t wait for the right time

Do not put your life on hold, somewhere off into the future, where you dream you will allegedly, one day, be happy, fulfilled and on your path of purpose. The only moment you have guaranteed is this very moment right now. Quit saying the words, “one day.” That day may never come. You have enormous power and enormous value. You can begin in this very moment living in the ways that humans were intended to live, which is to live in joy, happiness, with purpose, and free from fear, worry and doubt.

2. Creatively visualize your future, and see yourself as a worthy

Creatively visualize your future, and see yourself as a worthy and deserving participant of the abundance of your own design and value. The answers that you need are not in the external. They are IN you, as the unique value that is inherent in each unique soul. The value is inside of you. You can exercise choice in developing yourself and guiding your creative stream of energy in the world, in any way you desire. Realize your tremendous value and your unique contribution to the world. Look around you in this moment, and be happy and live with gratitude and joy.

3. Release want and open yourself to faith and knowing

Live with desires, but not insatiable wants perpetuated by constant dissatisfaction. Develop a relationship and a deeper appreciation for your own unique self— the only YOU in the world. The master tools of success are invitation, patience, time, gentleness, cooperation, and surrender. Let go of everything. That is how you get everything; you let go of everything.

4. Learn to Re-cognize by first visualizing within

Changing your mind can move you into another dimension. Passages can materialize exposing a hidden world that was there all along. But there is no passage for a closed mind and heart. The expansion of your world, and in fact, your reality — expands and contracts with the arch of your mind and heart. A broad mind and heart inherits a broad and wonderful world; a narrow mind and heart suffocates in the tiny cage of their making. Empowerment is often little more than noticing what was once unnoticed and finding what was always there.

5. Your vision determines your destination — so visualize

Each moment has an unrealized dimension of possibility that only your perspective can liberate. Your perspectives change your realities. Your vision determines your destination. Having a sense of purpose is having a sense of self. A course to plot is a destination to hope for. Plot your course today.

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Bryant McGill

Bryant McGill is a human potential thought leader, international bestselling author, activist, and social entrepreneur.

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  1. Hi lovely beings!!! You both know I’m always filled after reading your lines or watching any of your post! You always know what to say in the right time! Your words are source of motivation and inspiration and bring positive energy to many of us! Thank you so much for all you keep doing for people here and there all around the world. Keep touching our hearts ! Wish you so much love and many more amazing things in your common life! May God bless you and the whole world! May He bring peace, understanding and love in any conflictual family, community and country around the world! Much love❤

  2. Just wanna keep Faith that God is still in control of all things. My husband (we ain’t married in way we wanna be)He draws SSI so we can’t or I can’t work and that’s not possible.) But anyway he’s survived Cancer twice in the last 5 yrs. First: Rectal Cancer 2 Lung Cancer). The treatments were awful for him and me too the radiation and chemo almost did him in the first time. The 2 was only Chemo but it was hash too. But He’s still here. God has plans for him. So I do know with lots of Faith,Prayers and Love God can move mountains,heal, restore and rebuild whatever Satan throws at us.

    1. I believe Faith is everything we could have to pull through anything without harming anyone ’cause it’s all what drives us closer and closer to God.
      I pray and hope that God restore your husband’s health! May He bring so much more peace, love and happiness in your home, In Sha Allah!!

    1. I am ready to move into my own place haven’t found anything yet just believing and praying because all things is possible with God.Faith is heard and not seen I had enough faith to go and get me a 2017 Kia and believe in my heart that I was gone get that car and I did first I prayed about then the Lord said its time to get your car amen

  3. Hi Jenni and Bryant, loved the spoof that Jenni almost fell out of the tree! I want to manifest a deep trust of myself and of the good I saw growing up amongst the trees and out in isolation from society. As one of the Royals said to me recently, I am SO unique that I must really forge my own way (and I’m still searching for what way that is). I do know that I want to help people and more specifically with good food choices and lifestyle changes that supports self responsibility and self love. I want to exude confidence and competence, balance and self trust. I mean that part of myself that runs on intuition and gut feeling. I want to hear the God within that speaks without words (quoted on FB by Rumi this week). My deepest self wants to learn to play and laugh and sing and dance and draw AND WRITE. I want to learn about and then teach about vermiculture and farming practices that are more natural or mimic natural settings. I want to be a speaker and be HEARD. I want that all that I say be worthy of being heard. I want to overcome all fear and only reflect love to self then others…..yes I want a lot. I want to live in the country and have goats and chickens (and rabbits to help with vermiculture). I want to travel and experience many days at the oceanside. I want to give back but mostly to realize that Life did indeed give to me first. And give to me good stuff (amongst all that I, up until this time, have perceived as bad stuff). Yes I’ve had a journey and I want peace with it and for it to matter and be beneficial to myself and others. I want perfect health as in size, shape, energy and body function, purpose, being in alignment with God ~ energy flow of Light through my being. May all have a splendid week (and month and year).

  4. Hi guys,this is elvis perez from Dominican republic
    Its a great broadcast..thank you for every positive things ..god bless you both

  5. Hello, am in Colorado I attend a UU church who is very love driven. Your message all are awesome and follow with my spiritual mind set. Thanks for all the positive thoughts you two send out into this troubled world

  6. Hi Bryant and Jenni i living in Erbil, Iraq it was amazing broadcast full with positive energy and important tips about life and the destination, i have been reading your quote and listening to you since 10 months ,in fact I don’t have specific destination currently I have many dreams wishes and aims to make them comes true because I have faith in God who could helps us to over comes the difficulties of life’s and could send us good opportunists, their is a beautiful quote which says do what you have to do till you can do what you want to do ,my best wishes to you

  7. I love this website and your inspiring motivations that you send to me in Simple Reminder’s. This has led me to other avenues of Positive thinking and visualizing my successful future. I have always sought a life of success, just didn’t know how to do it on a subliminal level and am now creatively visualizing daily, along with writing in my Gratitude Journal everyday, as well. This reminds me to be Grateful everyday for even the simplest of abundances. We are all so fortunate to be born in this great country of ours-America. And, we’re so abundant compared to other countries even with the simplest of amenities because of our freedom of thought, speech and religion. But, each of us can become as powerful as each of us desires. My will and the will of other’s is powerful and if we harness it, we can create anything! Thanks, Simple Steps for making my life richer!! It’s still about Attitude and Attitude really is EVERYTHING! I’m in Green Valley, AZ. oxox

  8. hey .. loved it .. thx for sharing …. we must enjoy our journey on the boat … the destination would come any way…. even if we do not have a boat we can make one with woods … we shouldn’t pay attention to other boats crossing us and we should keep on moving slowly in our boat….

  9. Oops not to forget surrender to divine timing. Not being attached to a particular outcome but believing and trusting that the universe will deliver what is best for you without 😍 worrying the when and how 💕 The universe works in mysterious ways 🦋Namaste

  10. Hi Bryant and Jenni 😍 I was at the Justice store yesterday looking for some clothes for my daughter when I saw the following messages on 3 shirts: Spread kindness like confetti, Be true to yourself and Something magical is about to happen. Oh boy isn’t that synchronicity ?! Random messages from the universe like these plus your invite on the broadcast in relation to this topic keeps me going and afloat. It strengthens my faith to hold on inspite of the various obstacles I have faced plus some inner turmoil i have to battle on a daily basis. Sometimes it’s tough to hold on to one’s dream but with continuous visualization, blind faith, tenacity and with the right choice of thoughts, actions and intentions I know I will get there. This is Lalie Nieto😍

  11. Hi Jenni and Bryant. I wish I was younger again and could do more things, move about more freely. My breathing keeps me from doing a lot of things but still I’m not going to give up. I can visualize a lot of things yet for my life, mainly being comfortable where I am right now because even though I’m not rich materially, we basically are doing okay. Because we have what we need and we have each other, my husband and I. But we like to go camping and that’s when I still can find enjoyment in being outside and around nature. I’m still working on my book and that’s one thing I always wanted to be was an author. Its about my life and my survival and I think it would help a lot of people to have determination and not ever give up because the Lord has always been there for me. I just turned my back on him a lot but now I turn to him always when my heart gets too heavy and he can relieve me of my stress and anxiety. It does take a lot of patience and perseverance to get through the hard times. I hope most of the hard times are behind me now. I always look forward to a brighter future where I will be young and vibrant again without sickness and death and live in a paradise earth where people and animals will live in peace. Thank you Bryant and Jenni for all you do.💝

  12. My name is Jess, I practice visualisation all the time and have been doing so since I was a teenager. I’m now in my 30’s but what you say I know is so true, if you visualise what it is you want out of life or where you want to be or even visualising a better situation for someone you care about if they are having some poorly dealt card. Not only do I/u visualise but you also feel it happening , you truly believe that it will happen so then when you’re visualisations manifest into reality I find that you don’t even stop to be shocked that your visualisations came true , you don’t tar it like a mirical, your not in shock that it worked because you already ‘truely ‘ believed that it was going to become reality so you don’t give it a second thought of omg .. shocked and think wow I’m a true mirical maker , no it’s no surprise, you knew it would happen. But I liked the metaphor that you used with the boats. Explained everything so well. You two have a beautiful energy about you , Jenny you’re full of beans I love it!! And I love the enthusiasm in your words Bryant. Both of you, you’re a perfect team. I’m quite happy with life but life goes on and things continuously change. I’m just working on being more creative. I have a big backyard that I used to think how to I even begin to do up my plain dusty yard and make it a beautiful jungle type garden with zen hideaways, but I have more faith than ever that it’s going to come together now. I have got ideas planned out on my Evernote app and my brother in law that hasn’t been around for 10 years is back and he loves gardening and the outdoors aswell, his already helped me get started, I can visualise it all coming together perfectly. He came back in perfect timing. It’s gonna happen. Maybe when it’s a success I could share with you some before and after pics. If you are interested. Thanks for all your inspiration. Both amazing people on an amazing journey of your own but with each other….. so sweet and special to share a journey such as yours with others. Blessed be.

  13. Another excellent and inspiring broadcast. Thank you Bryant and Jenni. I think Faith is very important and listening to ones heart. I am from Ohio and a Royal member of the Royal Society for around two years. Thank you for the Royal Society and Simple Reminders is amazing as well. Big love and hugs…

  14. I discovered that when I run into my pain, it is my best way to learn and grow. I was developing some software and I didn’t know I have to develop the server side logic code, which i don’t know how to. Originally I accepted and agreed to develop the part i dont know as a coding practice or opportunity but then a surge of worry starts to consume me that i might not be able to deliver a quality software. So to engage the situation, i had to run into the problem domain and work it out. now i finished what i thought i cannot complete. and I hope this experience is able to encourage anyone who encounter some feeling of being stuck. 😀 much love from hongkong, loklok

  15. Hello, Bryant & Jenni,
    I watched your segment on “The First Simple Steps to accomplishing anything” tonight. This message couldn’t have come at a better time in my life. I recently graduated with a Bachelors in Human Services, and I am contemplating my next move. The questions I am now asking myself are, should I go back to get a Masters in social work, or should I go to nursing school? I have always wanted to be a nurse, but Math has always caused me problems. It’s not that I am not good at it. However, I cannot stop thinking about being a nurse and how many people I would be able to help or have a hand in helping. Nothing else in this world gives me more joy than know that I was able to help someone in need. That said, in listening to your segment tonight, I feel confident that I am on the right course because I know my calling. It’s helping people. I understand that I am also defeating my purpose by allowing myself have negative thoughts even before I start. I have gone as far as telling all of my friends and family about my desire to become a nurse. My family and friends all support me and are very encouraging. I am fearful and very
    anxious because I want to do well in the program. Most of all I want to be a good nurse. Your segment tonight also made me realize that being a nurse would help me live out my purpose of helping with more power. I guess this next step scares me a bit because I don’t want to fail. I guess what I need is a listening ear. Thanks for sharing your encouraging lesson tonight.

    1. I allowed fear and negative thoughts to steer me away from my calling. Something I keep hearing lately is that when following your correct path those feelings are fear are a perfectly normal thing. It means you are leaving your comfort zone thus making forward movement and dream fulfillment possible. All the best on your journey.

  16. Hi Bryant & Jenny, I’m from Texas. I’ve been with you for about 2 mts. It’s so easy to get off course in our journey through life. I feel as though I’m kinda on the sail boat just drifting along. It’s as though Im at a cross road not knowi g what to do. It gives me wisdom just listening. It all makes sense even though I have to listen to you twice. Thanks for all of your positive affirmations. I do feel as though I’m a victim of my circumstances. All I have to do is look in the mirror and realize it’s me that goy myself ehere I am. I have to look forward snd not loom back. Thank you and God Bless.

  17. Wow! I’m in trouble but let’s have you take that interest up. In my life I’ve learned a lot. I often find myself liberated by romancing my fiancée. As well as buying a nice watch. Or even watering the house plants. One time even shovelling my whole driveway just to go see my mother. I’m liberated at every turn my life takes. It’s truly a gift to be so responsible for my own happiness. I can always find something to make a new beginning with if I fall off that horse. I’m growing about 24 bonsai trees and around 250 rare succulents. I’m in love with practically everything and everyone. I’m proud I’ve had a chance to reach out to you. I am in a little hot water. I can handle myself. Don’t worry. I’m not sure if you could help but would appreciate it. Even if you emailed me inquiring what happened. Best wishes and happy thoughts. Hayden Knight Todd-Flick

  18. I’m margarita maturan, maggi is my nickname , when i wasyoung i was adopted of my step father mr william pond , when i’m schooling my name is margarita pond , i did not reach in college becausei’m got living in with my partner when i’m 16 yrs.old when i was 19 i’m already widow , i’m poor in english not good but i try my best because of you Bryant & Jenni , i can’t another guy because i’m scared because of my kids , when kids grow up i joined a group of banal na gawain w/ Rolly Justo house in waling waling st. IWA FOR HEAling and believing of miracle , when i’m tired , i tell our leader punong luklukan that i stop because i’m tired but our leader hate me he doing something not good for me , ash me a kind of help for example momey but i have no money he talk to me , i destroy you , now i’m dangerous in pudlic i can’t not go in any place even my own home i ‘m now a celebrity all knows am i i’m here in our home Rosalina 3 Davao city i’m in difficult situation here , i trust you Bryant & Jenni and thaks all your advice 😂❤💕

  19. My plan are moving forward slowly, but surely. I work very hard everyday to be patient, so days are harder than others, but the goals are getting closer. Some goals slow and at the same time on of the other goals may move forward instead. That is work also, to not focus too much on one of my goals…all three are attainable. Thank you so much for your words of encouragement and love…it means alot to me…

  20. Love it! Fantastic! You two just seem to be mind readers. So many of us have had to struggle to earn our way up against some painful odds. You two have walked in those shoes and now serve as a “reminder” that not all is truly lost. You are the guiding light that is shining to pull so many through the roughest storms. May God continue to bless you both and all of the hard work you do!! ❤❤ You were sent here to emminate the love of the Divine and to remind us of the fact that love resides within each of us.
    I’ve been following you for two and a half years. You are both a gift! Love you both! Grateful to have found you.

  21. You guys are so full of positive energy. And it makes me happy to see y’all so happy, and give me the strength to move it forward. Thanks for inspiring me to be and do the best I can. Your daily quotes are a blessing to me. Continue to share with others, and we can see the love you two have for each other. Peace, Love , and Blessings❤️

  22. Hello Bryant and Jenny I’m from India Mumbai city..I met you both on facebook three years ago..many of your help me to move ahead in life when I lost my husband two years ago on Christmas night any way life has now changed with lovely people and God on my side ..I love yourpost and enjoy sharing them with my friends…Love you both…God bless you always

  23. Sending love and appreciation to you both from central Tennessee. A few things I have learned in faith…..

    * we get the same lesson, over and over, until we learn it.

    * anything is possible!

    * we don’t have to know all the answers, just the right ones at the right time, and we get help from above on all those 😊

    * honesty and integrity with yourself and others is so important!

    * it doesn’t always make sense to others, but you will know in your gut, and be so glad if you follow thru!

    Much love!

  24. Thank you both for this amazing, inspiring video. Each one makes us smile and laugh out loud. You both have a gift in your authenticity and unwavering ability to bring hope and clear directions when it’s needed most!

  25. i really needed to hear this as i’ve been letting my dream wane lately…there seems to be no end to my cuurnt life situation in sight. but the truth is, my day will come…just not as quickly as i’d hoped.

  26. Yes thank you some simple steps I forgot so distracted by life was feeling a bit out of sorts but am regaining strength courage hope and joy I will be visualizing my destiny our destination I’m keeping my eyes open for the unexpected paths to emerge the storms of life will knock meet down at times down and try to make me feel stuck and try to elude me from the path to take thank you for this video it helped me to realign my faith with my heart and my hope and my joy passions of my heart will lead the way thank you so much you’ve helped inspire me again love you too have a great night !!! 🙂

  27. Loved your video. I’m on my sailboat and I have my destination which is nursing school. Patience is the key.

    This is Liz Tarzana from Whittier Ca. I have been with you both now for two years I truly enjoy you’d messages daily. Take care

  28. Love your broadcasts, posts and inbox messages! I’m from Central New Jersey; battling osteoarthritis and other chronic health issues. You are a great source of positive support in my journey!

  29. Thanks so much, love listening to you both, very inspiring. I’m watching from Vermont, cold here! ❄❄☃☃😊❤

  30. Thank you for your inspiring thoughts!
    I have not been reading too many messages due to a diagnosis of Macular Degeneration..
    My Mother died blind…
    I have Faith the same fate will not be mine….
    I pray everyday and do try to be a positive person.
    It is difficult with all the negative news and my own Family….That’s life…
    My Father was a very religious man who never gave up in spite of all the setbacks He and my Mother faced. He taught me that there is no greater power than God! Thank you for your kind thoughts…

  31. Thanks for your messages, they really help me. My husband and I have been struggling with health issues, but we are people of faith and have overcome every obstacle. Now we are OK.

  32. Hi, I live in Sterling, Colorado. Today were in a deep freeze as we didn’t get out of the teens. We were blessed with about 3inches of snow and tomorrow we are to get into the 40’s.This morning I went to watch 2 of my great grand daughters play basketball. I have 18 grandkids and 13 great grandkids.Talk about God’s blessings! My faith came from my Mother and I thank her every day! God has blessed my life.

  33. Thanks Bryant and Jenni for all the inspirational thoughts you’ve been sharing to us. For me, whatever you went through or going through just always be thankful for your life and God will always there for you wether in failure or success. All you need to have is some faith that yoy will make it through.

  34. Visualize,give,help,smile!Find were you can make a difference!Look for smiles,Find your destination.You will be happy,and you will create a wave of team work.Keep the faith. Sending love & light! Rui

  35. This Rose Gerlinsky ,
    I have I ex that either phones or text ,at first it just starts asking recipes or other things in general , then he want s to have the same conversation about I left .i don’t think it’s very fair he does this to me weekly . Would have any idea how I could get him to stop this weekly thing? I don’t have the answers for this one so please me with one thanks for you guys help..

  36. Well people tell me thay dont know ×what to do i all say find something that needs done that is not being done and do it pretty some one eill ask you to do smthing more important be blessed

    1. Dont fall off the tree. I am from Paducah, Kentucky * Quilt City * I have a lot of faith and huge dreams! Thanks You Bless you both

  37. I never listened to your site I just got your posts on Facebook. I am from Pittsfield, Pa. which is in northwestern Pa 50 miles southeast of Erie, Pa. I am 72 yrs. old Married for 52 yrs. with 4 children that are all married. I have 7 grandchildren. My husband retired 10 yrs, ago We own our house. Anyway this is about me. I was raised in a Christian home & so was my husband. His father was a preacher & they pastored a church about 6 miles from where we lived. That’s enough about me.

  38. Hi Guys! You’re just awesome all around! I’m having a difficult time with remaining positive during this time, due to several injuries sustained from an accident I didn’t cause. It’s making the simple things quite difficult. I’d love to snap my fingers and take me back to the morning before the crash, bit that’s not possible. My faith has definitely been strong, but becomes stronger with each day. The difficult part of this journey I’m on now, is finding people who are honest and willing to help. But unfortunately, that’s a difficult task, considering I never ask for help unless I’m in diar needs. So any advice you may have, since I’m physically unable to do many things at the moment, I’d greatly appreciate it😊

  39. I have had to accept things I never wanted to accept because I believed my actions didn’t warrant the consequences. A person can’t make someone else love them. Understand them , or act in a mutually beneficial way.
    I live in the aftermath of these issues and it’s only been through my faith that I have found a hiding place from the hurt.

  40. Our Lord gave me the dream/vision of a bakery cafe, a run off of Panera Bread company. It has been 10 years and 2018 will be my year. We all have a story to share, for those who walk with Him. I prayed and believed, for we must believe to receive.
    I asked thru prayer for a crop name and laid on my heart follow like Oprah. Reverse name Jim, MiJ meaning Mission In Jesus. F.A.I.T.H.
    Fantastic, Adventures, In, Trusting, Him

  41. Hi Jenni n Bryant
    i have been working for 37yrs in a job that is challenging. though i love this job i find myself stuck here n desperately want a change now. I find myself at fonfl8ct with my lady boss who has been ignoring me for sometime. She has been focussing on younger staff members n has very little to say After all these years i don where to start. I will 59 this year. Do u think its too late for me??. i work for a men5al h3al5h organisation in malaysia. Hopecto hear from 7m

  42. Carolyn Shipman gets your beautiful encouragements everyday. Please send them to me . My address is (removed for privacy). Thank you. Jean Tobolski


    1. Hi, This is Susan listening to your broadcasts from Stevens. Point Wisconsin.I have been listening for about 6 months,and that’s a guess because I don’t keep track. You both have helped me more than I can say. Destination, the arts. Love you both

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