The 5 Seasons of Life byWhere do you see yourself, which season are you…

The 5 Seasons of Life by @michelle_a_homme
Where do you see yourself, which season are you in?

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@vishalkumar1384 we are human. That should supersede everything else. We should be more kind, more generous, more loving towards one another. My best to you always!


In India person have only three seasons but this is not matter more we want to convince somethings yourself buy our life have different stage of life This is really matter us more. Most worst things I ever get in my life is go and deal every single problem with yourself and no one with you even if you are more offensive case then all something related to you person behave like enemy. I don’t think that how person keep yourself totally wrong path and tell these kind of experience. I don’t mind if anyone has billion dollars so they go to torture you in case of loyality but if another did wrong to you then you definitely want to show how much you are really strong person. I am right now very very weak sitution and another person bound my life totally so at this condition make you more stress, it’s not about only me. People should have act like that even you have no person to see mistake then also you need to show good side towords anyone. This simple humanity act make us so famous and I can guarantee you that one day you will go for amazing destination. After anyone struggle anyone want to feel their result that how much I really did .

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