The 12 Most Forgotten Life Secrets

The power of remembering is at the centre of the spiritual path to self-discovery and realisation.

The more I ponder about life, the more I come to one solid realisation: The biggest curse and predicament of modern Man is forgetfulness. Like a creeping malaise, forgetfulness has seeped through all of Man’s being and doing. Individually, collectively, historically or culturally, we are spellbound to forget.

We haven’t only forgot our past but also our place in the present and our responsibility of the future.

On a personal level, our ego-based state of consciousness is on a mission to keep us in this state of forgetfulness — to break the link to our being as a whole and to the interconnected web of life and universal consciousness. On a collective level, this forgetfulness is perpetuated and reinforced by social and cultural means — mainly by being tranced into a reality of unconscious consumerism, inauthentic lifestyles and a materialistic mindset.

The brighter side of it is that we all have the chance to re-member and re-connect to ourselves and the universe at large. The power of remembering is at the centre of the spiritual path to self-discovery and realisation.

Here is a list of what I believe we have forgotten, or more importantly, a list of things to remember:

We forgot our place in the natural world

In the last couple of hundred years we have detached ourselves from nature. We have exploited, ravaged, consumed and attempted to control nature to appease our greed driven by self-absorbed madness. We tried to distance ourselves from the natural circle of life. We forgot how to listen to and understand the natural rhythms and cycles of the earth – its signs and languages. We forgot to follow nature’s path and live in balance with it.

We forgot our connection to life and the cosmos

By detaching ourselves from nature, we forgot that we are deeply connected to it and to the cycles of the universe. Some tribes on the outskirts of ‘civilisation’, and who still follow ancestral ways, have preserved this connection with respect and reverence. We, on the other hand have instilled a sense of separateness which drove us out of balance and in dis-ease. We forgot how all consciousness is interconnected and weaved into a delicate and beautiful dance.

We forgot our ancient wisdom

We forgot our ancestral wisdom. In the quest to gain scientific knowledge through the rationalisation of our mind, we forgot the wisdom through the opening of our heart. We forgot the ancient stories and folk wisdom that was handed down from from seers and wise men of antiquity who lived in harmony with the universe.

We forgot our path and our dreams

By stirring away from our inner path we forgot to dream the dream of life. More importantly we forgot how to awake in that dream and see our true nature as co-creators of life – as the dreamers. We forgot that we have the power to weave dreams and use our power of intention to direct those dreams into manifestation.

We forgot our purpose

With too much chatter, noise and distraction in this dense reality we forgot what we came here to do. We forgot our purpose. We are caught in the mass trance of fabricated consensual reality. We lost sight of our authenticity, that inner spark that drives us towards our happiness and self-realisation. We forgot that we are here to be realised as spiritual beings embodied in a physical form and embedded in a congenial universe.

We forgot that everything is love

This is perhaps the deepest mystery of all that only some seers came to understand it as an all-embracing truth. That truth however is hidden somewhere deep inside of us. We knew it at some point but have lost touch with it. We forgot that everything is ultimately energy and consciousness and that love is the fundamental fabric of existence that runs through all energy and consciousness.

We forgot to forgive

By being made to believe that we are separate and disconnected from the others and from everything else, we forgot to forgive. In its deepest sense forgiveness is the act of reminding ourselves that we are one with everyone and everything and that there is no victim or perpetrator. It’s just all of us together moving together in a dynamic web we call life. 

We forgot to be free

Remind yourself one thing everyday: You were made to be free.

We were born and raised in a ‘reality’ where freedom is only a concept. We were bound to the shackles of fear, misconceptions, false ideologies, material reward and held ransom to rules and laws laid down to safeguard the interest of the few. We were made to forget that we are free agents of change. We are free to be who we are without fear or guilt.

We forgot our real power

Living in fear has made us forget how powerful we are (1) . We forgot the massive power of our will and intention to change our reality. We have been tranced into sleepwalking and following the ready made signs like automatons.

We forgot our lessons from history

If there is something that history has taught us is how fast we are at forgetting our lessons. Time and time again we keep on repeating the same mistakes, stuck in the same patterns of greed and self-destruction. We cannot be blamed individually for the mistakes done by humanity in the past but we are responsible as individuals to to remind ourselves of the past mistakes and pass it on to the collective psyche.

We forgot to be simple

Human life got more complex and complicated. We are seduced by the glitter of more and not by the power of less. We forgot to be simple and the meaning of simplicity. Life is simple really. Simplicity means discarding all the inessential stuff and ideas that clutter the view to our life purpose and the other truths we have forgotten. (You might be interested to find out more about Simple Living from my Udemy Online course here)

We forgot to trust, believe and wonder

We lost our enchantment with the world. We forgot to be wondered by the miracle of life. We do not stand in awe at the majesty of it all anymore. Our skepticism and cynical view of the world has made us lose trust in ourselves and the magic of the universe. We forgot how to believe. This is perhaps the biggest tragedy of all. It weakened our spirit and impoverished our soul.


Gilbert Ross

Gilbert has been writing about personal growth topics for a number of years on his blog SoulHiker and on various other media.

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Wonderful article! Geat simple reminders full of ancient wisdom. Thankyou.


your article is spot on we do lose these things that cut us short to whom we are and our true calling im a natural lover giver but hard times fell as deep as you have shared among here it took myself love to snap me back round and many solo walks though the countryside for me nature set me free brought back to me for what i once losted


thank you both so much for sharing this article im must say i find freedom in nature its always been my escape from the world life has changed me to the point i was once so silly with my love i got drained alot now ill help anyone but have learnt were some to put it instead of being left hurt run down i do need to forgive more thats my downfall in bouncing back on my toes ive come to except so will never be sorry but its ok because they are in the best place regardless and i have the power to go on be there for who will not use and abuse my heart

Robina fazal

Gilbert Ross sentence I wanna say in my article that’s My dear Humans live a life of your choice.. your desires and wishes..Every thing is possible if we wanna make it possible.. Miracles do happen ..Angels do help..and God Almighty do shower his blessings upon us ..Trust in yourself and your guts and instincts..Be brave health be free…Life is worth living.. and Sir Sorry .in my article by mistake I wrote dad’s…in a sentence.. I wanna say..Dear Humans.. hope you don’t mind ..Thanks for Sharing the article.. ❤💐

Robina fazal

Beautiful interesting.. lovely.. inspiring article..❤💐Thanks dear..Gilbert Ross for Sharing with us your wisdom.. and powerful thoughts.. yeah it’s v.imp.for a Human being to be in ease Soul.mind and body..and it’s not at possible in its true sense..unless..we learn the art to enjoy to be gain positive energies..and to utilise them in our day to day life..for our comfort..piece of mind..and to prove good and useful for others. There is of course health and cure in nature..As much I spend my life time in nature I get the Real energy from Flowers..from plants..from trees..from their smells.with them in changes of seasons..Spending time with them in day and night hours..Getting advantages from sunlights ,from Moon..soothing health providing energie..Spending time in nature boots my physical..mental energies with a lot healthy sensations to feel ease and to be more lively to deal my daily more stable and healthy notes ..with more courage..patience and willpower….The ancient stories..The beautiful breathtaking.Soothing poems..The mystery worlds..The fantasy worlds…of fairies..Ghosts..Angels . That are makes our hearts really cool..Happy..and blessed..were told by our Grand Mom’ our Mother’s..In our real life we do a lot more positive..and productive…And the main Source to be lively and have ease of Soul ,mind and the motivated stories. We read in books of ancient civilizations..Gives us deeply the sense what is real’s true myths…and be a real (Human Soul)full of love…and life…Yeah to forget the past is imp..we Should get energy from our happy moments..and Should forget bad or irritated memories.. with ease of mind and Soul…That it’s our’s once..So why spend it in worry.. regret our tension.. rather than make it worth living by our guts..intentions .and positive .Beautiful . health thoughts.and a life of freedom…like a a a Dove..Be a Source of goodness..for ourownseves..and for all..So my dad’s ❤👍If You get a chance to live a life you desire..and it’s every Human’s right..Be your your passions …acheive your goals.. But for this❤😘☝️👍Freedom of mind and Soul is must…God Almighty bestow us with a desire to construct our lives by our ambitions,will power..and make the most out out life…❤💐☝️👍Amen

Melissa Rose Rothschild

This is why we need “simple reminders” 😉

Suzan Muhialdeen
Suzan Muhialdeen

This is very good article and reminders about the good values and life secrets , that could be forgotten in rapid rhythm of life and seduction of getting more of things ,i think contentment is very good, the person can be ambitious but at the same time he or she can be content so he will not be greedy or lose his good values in the way to achieve the goals ,because life is simple and money don’t make a human but good manners do it .


I am great…Im not an addict & never have been. I am a born again Christian,& I have God in my life. I am good. I read my Bible,& spend time with my Jesus every morning,& all during the day,Im always talking to my Heavenly father. I am a Child of the most high God. I pray for all the hurting & addicts in this world everyday. I think that the problem with this whole world,is that people dont have God in their lives. Once you have God in your life,everything is so much better,& you dont have to worry about anything! God is awesome! I pray for all people,that dont have God in their lives,& the ones that dont know God. Its so simple…get to know God,& get to know peace,& love! Amen. Love &God Bless you all, Nancy

Robina fazal

Thanks!Gilbert Ross !For a v.nice inspiring authentic article on our most forgotten life secrets…❤💐yeah if we wanna lead a healthy..Happy ..stable prosperous life..we should not miss the lessons and Our Secrets to live a healthy life ..As we carry on our lives..
gaining.. understanding..feeling..thinking about ourselves..our insticts..our needs..and while going through these processes we learn a lot lessons..good.hard..Happy.. and depressed and tough.. it’s us who have to make own self a better healthy Human being by focusing on our ownsleves uplifts at time…and to use our best capabilities to lead a healthy.. Happy.. productive life..our life can become useful for all…We need to be our own hero..our own lover..our own friend.. as we have to spend the rest of life with our energies ,strenght…stamina..courage.. Will power…if our Soul,mind and body is in ease we can live a life of happiness..contentment..eagerness..vigour.. love..respect.. and some purpose…can make our lives useful and healthy.. So live life….Trust in God Almighty.. Life is once..make it worth living for yourself and for all…..Amen..

Tiffany Newsome
Tiffany Newsome

Nice article. My belief that this is true for a lot of individuals. It is very important to connect or re-connect with nature and not be bound by material wealth and gain or the ” glitter” of it all. When an individual can learn or remember how to align or re-align themselves with one or more of these beliefs, we become better humans.