Suffering and Divine Beauty

Suffering comes at a price and you sometimes lose a part of yourself in the experience.

Suffering comes at a price and you sometimes lose a part of yourself in the experience.

The burden that one carries with them can completely destroy their life, tarnish their self-worth and through it all may affect their relationships. It takes a lot in someone to move past the pain and re-establish themselves. It is an intense journey in getting themselves out of the darkest days and it takes great courage and faith to rise once they've hit rock bottom. To imagine life entangled in unfathomable circumstances, it just seems so impossible to rebuild your life when there seems to be nothing left.

The lesson that comes with suffering is one that will stick out and be a pillar of strength for these people.

When they have risen above and have moved past their sorrows, they do have a sense of appreciation for life and have a knowing of how precious life truly is. The universe will never give anyone anything they couldn't handle and in knowing this fact of life, these are the people who are our greatest teachers. They are the example that regardless of whatever happened to them, they will still be patient, they will still show compassion for others, they will still choose to smile and act kind and still find any reason to smile at others.

Everyone has a story that makes them who they are and I've met many people in my life that have gone through tragedy after tragedy.

What's incredible to me is that you would never know it because they don't wear their suffering on their face and they don't allow their pain to define their life. These people have found strength and courage to detach from their losses and what makes me admire them even more is that they have a thirst for life and live with an undeniable sense of humility. To witness this phenomenon is a miracle and it truly gives a deepened perspective because when I put myself in their shoes, it is so easy to assume that I wouldn't be able to survive the storms that they have. At the same time, to have them as a model of survival gives me hope in knowing that even if one's life takes a turn for the worst, there is a calm at the end of every storm. They are the example that it is possible to find the strength to join the rest of the world in moving on to lead a meaningful life. I always look to these beautiful people and I show gratitude to them as a way to honor the parts of them that they have lost and more importantly to honor the parts of them that have survived.


Karen Baquiran

Karen is a wife and mother of two who resides in Laval, Canada. She works full time as a radiation therapist specialized in oncology, however her real passion is for writing.

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