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Spirituality seduces you from contemplation to completeness by Bryant McGill

In the inconceivably vast and humbling unknown called ‘everything’, is a supreme inter-communication called, spirituality. The laws of life are written into every atom, molecule and heartbeat. We are immersed in the sweet law of unfolding mystery called life. There is a way to flow and cooperate with universal laws which can be beautiful and kind. When we are in sync with this flow, its power moves us like a mighty yet gentle guiding hand. The flow of spiritual connectedness and oneness with life will dwell in you if your heart and mind is open and innocent. If you are pure in intention and in alignment with beauty and love, in body and mind, the highest levels of your spiritual self will subsume your weaknesses. Spirituality will take you like love; it seduces you from contemplation to completeness.
Bryant McGill


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Simple Reminders is a creation of love, and home to thought-leaders Bryant McGill & Jenni Young McGill — a couple on a mission to inspire and uplift with daily empowering Simple Reminders!

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