Spectrum of Humanity

Diversity is a proof that life in this world is colorful.

After several decades of struggle, it is now recognized that diversity is not just a caprice of some optimists and realists. Perhaps it would take other millennia before everybody completely embraces the wonders behind our differences. Nevertheless, one thing will always remain certain: it is universally accepted fact that we all want to be included in the civilization of human race worthy of appreciation. To enumerate the entire spectrum of humanity is somehow impossible, yet it is my singular honor to include some of those whose ”wavelengths” are undeniably beaming.

Let us start from those merry hearts, devotee of aesthetic experiences, and the vanguards of the profound truth whom I believe are meant to live eternity. Poets for me are the sentient beings who possess exceptional proficiency in listening to every soul’s music only meant to be understood and sung by the angels. The essayists should come in immediately because they are the propagator of grandeur enshrined in the deepness of our souls. The sonneteer can, on the other hand, simply metamorphose ink to a living blood. Next are the admirable painters who live to safeguard the exquisite and panoramic stillness of our environment which only the lovers of silence can capture. Let us not forget the singers whose power can elevate every spirit; their music is like resonating the captivating speeches of heavenly beings.

Let us give our heartwarming smile to our great fellows who let their lights radiate.

Mindful of the reality that no one can move heaven and earth singlehandedly, they never fail to seek covenant with men and women who are willing to vouch that gregariousness and hospitality have not lost its magic even if values have started to change at the start of 21st century. With the help of another bunch of people of unique temperament and encyclopedic minds, they willingly serve to be the antidote to the perpetuators of ingrained bigotry and prejudice.

Blinded martyrs, they may be considered, but the choice for them is to be morally courageous.

To be a lukewarm Christians is the ultimate poison they can’t bear to drink. They are resolute enough not to wear the fashion of the time which can be antiquated so easily. They are attentive to saints’ and angels’ speeches for them to follow the steps of divinity. While here on earth, they use their intelligent faith to be sentinel of others to protect them from those whose intelligence is deadly and are not diffident to strike catastrophe and weave terror. These stressors celebrate the state of doom, and sadly their philosophy is to be living parasites. Luckily, awesome people don’t forget to offer some gaiety to the weary spirits and reveal to them how adventurous it would be to have passion for happiness. Although these bloodsucking vermin, as they are sometimes described, must be forbidden to live eternity, yet the benevolence of few hearts that protect, these creatures are still given second chance to live. If others like to vex, some choose to bring joy, few find pleasure in dehumanizing, while some opt to bless. Is not it envious that while we detest the beasts inside those unscrupulous people, yet surprisingly, few can still pray for those bitter souls? Some find consolation in the splendor of nature, others find happiness in the magnificence of arts, some live because of every fascinating melody they hear, while others fall in love and eventually married the quest that only language can offer. Still others are blessed with hearts that can imagine and enter the realms of unknown abodes even stranger to Greek gods and goddesses. They are, nonetheless, wary and are still mindful that the window of fantasy is not meant to overshadow the wide-opened door of reality. Through the use of their extraordinary gifts, these rarest breed of people can enlighten the benighted minds that diversity is meant to be celebrated. 

Let us advance another step and give compliment to those who have the strength to take higher law in order.

They are bold and daring to study the incomprehensible universe, so they are now the endangered species of our era; nonetheless, they still act selflessly to illuminate those who are blinded of their vanity. The Pulitzer and Nobel Prize awardees may agree with me that unequal wit is not a prerequisite if someone is willing to be of service to his/her fellows. However, if you do have some advance scientific power, use it and be an incisive analyzer of what is going on in our planet.

Another bunch of estimable people are the therapists of the broken souls who ensure to maintain every reservoir of trust, hope and love so that others will always find life a gift to behold and share. Despite the burgeoning of new inventions to quench the thirst of those who belong to generation y and z, these people are still aware and appreciative of human touch. Their finesse is to be passionate in guiding others to unlock the threshold of their minds to serve human race. Their benevolence allows them to handle the faith to those who lost their sense of directions and are experiencing emotional seesaw.

And of course the venerable people who take time to pray and live their faith.

Praying for them is like engaging themselves in the sacred covenant. They live because praying is the vitamins of their soul and a gift in behalf of humanity. They have the ability to heal those eyes glued on the mirage of genuine bliss but because of love, being the highest form of arts, can outweigh any incurable disease of present time. It is always the sacredness and deepness of heart that understands which the contemporary minds would always fail to fathom. 

Let us add some more people in the lists. Honorable persons who still give importance to an old-fashioned gallantry, though it is now like a fossil. May we not forget to express our gratitude if we ever have the privilege to be given; their race might multiply by conveying our heartfelt acknowledgement of their selfless heroism. I used to detest everything about politics, but when I met very few leaders whose hallmark of their governance is transformational leadership, I have started to change my way of defining terms. After all, some of these leaders rose from the effigy of shame to the statue of bravery. Don’t you like to talk to those who have the gift of adding intellectual flavor to make every conversation interesting? If you meet them, I am telling you it is just like witnessing a stellar performance. How about our modern Merlin and Morgan le Fay who can magnetize their audience with their magic? Now let us include those people who zestfully find joy in labor and do not agree in the conventional wisdom of the contemporary minds: instant gratification. Beside this kind of thinking will never keep up with time; some things are just intended to remain in vogue. Have you ever met persons who are excited to listen in everyone’s autobiography, with relentless fervor to seek mystery wherever they go, and much gusto in discovering thrill whenever they may be? Indeed, such Chaucerian traits are too uncommon among us.

Only few have a stalwart common sense so let us celebrate if we have ever recognized them.

Diversity is a proof that life in this world is colorful.

These differences create wonder, mysteries, excitement, and flavor so that we will always look forward to discover, learn, and dream for the betterment of everyone.

Let us just celebrate that the spectrum of humanity is still shining.



Words enliven my soul. I advocate science of happiness whenever I am with those eager and enthusiastic minds. To discover, to unlearn, and to seek wisdom with gusto fuel me to continue. My heart desires for genuine happiness. "Desiderata" by Max Ehrmann serves as one of my guiding principles. "3 Idiots" never fails to make me laugh, cry, fall in love, and follow those things I am passionate about.

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Angeliki Anastasia

You are an inspiring talented human being!! Your intelligence overpowers me!! Your choice of words are super powerful and too difficult for me to understand because I haven’t reached your level of intellectuality!! I enjoy very much learning from you and I am bedazzled by your fascinating article!! Thank you very much ooohh Great Philosopher!!! 🙏🙏🙏



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