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Seven Easy Steps To Parenting Your Child Through Love

These 7 easy steps can change everything, I have seen it happen many times.

Let’s look at the many different ways to love, be loved, and feel love.

But most importantly, we hope that some of the steps here will be of help to you in bringing your child to a place where they can always love themselves and know that they are special just the way they are.

How does society define your idea of love?

In today’s society, we hear the word “love” so often that perhaps the human race has misunderstood the meaning. As you know…ultimately, loving oneself is the most important love there is—and may be the most important information about “love” that you could ever share with your child. Yet it is often easier to love others than it is to love ourselves. This activity, below, gives your child the tools to teach themselves to love themselves even though they may not be perfect and to teach others to love themselves for the same reason.

Imagine if we all felt about ourselves the way God feels about us. The world would be a different place. The good news is that it is possible to love oneself that much. It is in the remembering of this, and in the experiencing of it, that a child will blossom into a happy, healthy adult.

Using the word love is important to your childs healthy development.

Use the word “love” in as many ways as possible, and then break it down to the actual meaning. Be aware that your child may get overwhelmed when they are asked questions about themselves surrounding love. It may be easier to do one step each day if you wish. There is no reason to rush through this lesson.

1: You and your child write down as many ways a person may use the word “love”.

Example: I love cake!

2. Now have your child say why they think that they, or you, would use the word “love” in each of the ways that you both listed above.

Example: Because it taste so good.

3. Now, each of you say what you think love is.

What is love? What does it feel like?
Example: Security, or a feeling in my stomach.

4. Now use adjectives to describe each other.

Take turns, one word at a time. Encourage your child to be honest is using all the words that they can think of that totally describe you. You can do the same.

Example: You are beautiful. You are helpful. You are sometimes cranky when you first get up in the morning.

5. Now ask your child:

Do you know that I love you? If they say “yes,” ask them, “How do you know that? What makes you feel that?” If they say “no,” ask them what you could do to help them know that you love them.

Example: You could listen to me better, you could spend more time with me.

There is no such thing as a perfect parent or child. 

6. In this step, you are going to teach your child that love is not perfect.

No one in the world is perfect. AND THAT’S PERFECT! This is a wonderful chance to explore what is meant by the word “perfect.” Earlier we explored what the word “love” means. Now let’s explore what the word “perfect” means. Create a way for your child to see that there is such a thing as perfect love, loving yourself perfectly just the way you are.
Ask your child, ‘Do you feel perfect”? Do you think I am the perfect parent?” They will probably giggle and say, “Uh, noooo….” That’s great! Ask you child to tell you then how they feel that you are not perfect. As the parent, write their answers down.

Example: You make us clean our rooms. You’re grumpy sometimes when you get up in the morning. etc

Laugh with your child and admit, “Wow, most of those things are true!” Then ask your child, “If these things are true for them, does that mean you don’t love me?” Listen very carefully to the child’s answer. It is here that the child’s innate wisdom will show through. It is here that the bond can begin.

What you think of youself is a key to bringing your child freedom.

7. Give your child the opportunity to understand that many people think of you what YOU think of you.

That’s why it’s wonderful to love yourself…because then, others can feel the same way about you!

Example: Invite your child to share with you, or, even more creatively, DRAW on the sheet of paper, all the reasons they can think of for people to love them, and for them to love themselves!!

These 7 easy steps can change everything, I have seen it happen many times.


Laurie Lankins Farley

Laurie has been widely recognized for her gifts as a Psychic Medium, internationally known deep energy Intuitive and as parenting expert. She has worked with, and assisted people, parents, and families all over the world, held sessions/readings with known celebrities from all walks of life. Because of her talent and a passion for working with parents and children she has published an inspirational children's book, "The Positive Little Soul" Endorsed by Doreen Virtue and James Twyman. Laurie has been widely recognized for her gifts as a Psychic Medium. She has worked with, and assisted people, parents, and families all over the world. Laurie has held sessions/readings with known celebrities from all walks of life. Laurie has been on the stage with such individuals as New York Times best-selling authors and Thought Leaders, Dr. Shefali (Appearances on Oprah. The Bestselling author of The Conscious Parent), Neale Donald Walsch (New York Times best-selling author, Conversation with God book series) and Bryant McGill ( McGill Media / Simple Reminders). Laurie is also the co-author of Conversations With God For Parents with Neale Donald Walsch, the New York Times best-selling author of the "Conversations With God" book series. Laurie has spent her entire life sharing, developing, and fine-tuning her intuition and She has always used her pure intuition in all of her life decisions from parenting, career, and relationships. Laurie has Worked hard to strengthen the parent /child connection and has become closely involved with the Conscious Parent Revolution. She has raised two children. For more information on her work, please visit:

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Mayuri Rana

Wow such a beautiful insight.. Loved the ways you showed to communicate with our kids..Self-love is so important despite the imperfections.. Thank you for sharing.. Much love <3

Jackie Wilushewski

I read this is just the right moment! Thank you so much. <3 Just love you the subtle and gracefulness of this article / "activity".


There’s a lot here I Appreciate!

Thank you

Jo Davis

Share! Share! Share! Love this @laurie Farley!
So simple & it creates such a beautiful conversation!!! You rock!




Great article Laurie and definitely to be shared💕💞❤️😘🤗

Robina fazal

Nice article.. 💖👑💐Thanks!Laurie dear for Sharing.. Child’s psychic condition is healthy…and stable…as much they are loved by their parents…the parents loving,caring attitudes and behaviours….uplift the child….mind and Soul to love their ownbeìngs…to love and be loved……Childs learn and experience continuesly as much you prove feeling of love…compassion….respect…in them…they become more and more positive….loving…caring…happy..healthy being…Love is a feeling that can ease the child’s mental behaviour and attitudes.. as much a child is given… ..and proper…education…and time to become a good human being….it flourishes..and shown in a child who raised in loving and caring atmospheres ..where he,she is guided and emphasised to love themselves.. to utilise best of their abilities and capabilities.. This will bring a younger generation with more healthy.. happy minds..and they can focus on their aims.mand desires..with more zeal and zest…Another thing encourage children to love..themselves.. so they can be loving caring to others..but they should know the Art to work for their own selves side by side…by not forgetting their own needs…own self pririorties…own self care and should manage to pamper their selves…make their selves ..positive…and good for their own lives….because they are the little Angels who has still to travel through out their lives..with love..with patience…with courage…with energy…with hope and desires……Love is a blessing….and we should love ourselves to be a good human…in this way we can be a Source of love and comapassìon for all souls…Love is a pious holy feeling that God Almighty has given to each and every’s up to us…how we use to have our lives healthy.. happy..and fruitful and to be a Source of love….for others to make this world a real world of peace and love….Amen


yes you are right thank you


These are some great simple steps to help parents communicate with their children. I will be sharing. Thank you for sharing this!

Wong Lok

awww thanks a lot Laurie for your heart felt sharing <3 you are amazingly awesome. Thanks for sharing your wisdom on how to let kids feel they are loved by their parents even at times they might think their parents dont love them. Letting them know everybody is not perfect, yet it's perfectly okay because we try our best to love as well. <3 much love to you and hugs~ loklok