Self-sabotage — Find Out If You Are a Sabotager

One must recognize this without feeling shame in order to overcome the inner battle.

Stress is a signal that you are self-sabotaging or being restricted by someone else’s self-sabotage. If everyone around you is sabotaging you, you are the one most likely stopping projects from being completed or are avoiding finishing them.

Resisting completion of projects is a signal of fear. Not just any fear, hidden fear.

Your mind is lying to itself in an effort to self-sabotage. The behavior of an individual may be obvious to everyone in the room however, do you really think its obvious to the individual?

Unconscious self-sabotaging causes the individual and you stress. If you do not call it out, you are also self-sabotaging by not bringing it to their awareness. That friend who tells you “if you want to know what turns people off” is priceless!

Unexplained stress or waves of panic can be a signal to you that you are self-sabotaging.

One must recognize this without feeling shame in order to overcome the inner battle. The denial to recognize the behaviors comes from avoiding shame.

Shame is what prevents us from recognizing our own self-sabotaging behavior.

So now what?

  • Declare the completion of a project or goal.
  • Identify the vision
  • Identify the goal of the vision
  • Identify the values that will achieve such goals.
  • Create a priority checklist with deadlines
  • Have someone hold you accountable
  • Give yourself grace
  • Celebrate small achievements

Noelle Dodge

Trauma-Informed Psychotherapist, Intuitive Healer, Simple Reminders Writer & Online Host. Entrepreneur and visionary.

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