The Royal Society of Manners, Etiquette, Comportment, Kindness and Personal Development.

The Royal Society is a personal development club, with similarities to organizations you know, like Toastmasters, Rotary, or AA, but which focuses on personal development, encouragement, and community building. But more than that, it is a world-wide family dedicated to the practice of “The Royal Way”; a lifestyle based on a deep respect and abiding reverence for the dignity and worth of all people. Our mission is to “Hold The Space” for others to awaken to their inherent value, worth, and royalty, and to step into their greatness, higher purpose, and fullest potential.


We are a global society of good-spirited people who share common values and aspirations for personal empowerment and a kinder world. We are the world's first ever intimate video community of all member generated content about living a royal life. We are a debate and divisive issue free zone, which creates a safe place for heart bearing and connecting deeply with people from all walks of life and cultures.

ORIGIN: was created as a response to community enthusiasm during live stream broadcasts about concepts from the Simple Reminders book regarding the incredible worth and value of individuals, and the respect and high regard we should have for one another.

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