Reboot Your Life: 20 Mental Barriers You Should Let Go Of

We attach ourselves to things that we have accumulated over the years.

You are in an imaginary hot air balloon.

It's just you and all of your belongings in the wicker basket. Something went wrong and you are losing altitude fast. You will hit the ground in less than ten minutes if you don't come up with something quick.

The only immediate solution is to get rid of excess weight and throw off at least half of your belongings. It's that or hit the ground in ten. You look at the things and hesitate for a few seconds but then you do what you have to do and start throwing the things you have gathered half your life one by one. The cargo gets lighter, the descent slows down then you are floating up again back to altitude. You are relieved beyond comprehension.

This happens to all of us in less dramatic circumstances.We attach ourselves to things that we have accumulated over the years. Some of them might have some practical value. Others we just have attached ourselves sentimentally to over time. Some others are just clutter.

Our mental life follows the same fate. We carry with us a lot of things in our heads along the years — our life story, emotional attachments, beliefs and other things which can linger in our minds for many years.

Some of them are useless ideas that drag us down considerably. Some are emotional debris from difficult moments in our past. Some are just beliefs which we have attached ourselves to for no apparent justifiable reason. Some others are just self-destructive habits and fears.

So if you were in the hot air balloon situation, which of these mental barriers should we let go? I have listed down 20 here. Do you have any more?

1. Let go of attachments:

According to Buddhist Philosophy, attachment is one of the roots of all suffering. I can't agree more. We attach ourselves to all sorts of things even the most self-slapping stupid notions in the universe. Are you attached to something? How much are you attached? Is it keeping you back from something? Is it making you suffer? Look at it straight through — break the illusion. Know that every attachment can be detached.

2. Let go of guilt:

Guilt has absolutely no function whatsoever. Think about it – what could guilt possibly resolve? It just holds you imprisoned to self-mortification and sorrow.

3. Let go of negative thinking:

Pessimistic thoughts and negative attitudes keep you locked in a dark aura that permeates in everything you do. It's a dangerous line to follow. Know that thoughts influence the world around us. Enough said

4. Let go of self-criticism:

Many times we are our biggest pain in the neck. We criticize ourselves with the best of intentions but then go over the acceptable limit. Criticism then turns to disempowering messages. Let go of it and be kind and gentle to yourself.

5. Let go of prejudice:

Prejudice keeps you bitter and resentful. It restricts your opportunities to connect meaningfully with others.

6. Let go of compulsive thinking:

Do you keep on doing something just because you feel you have to do it without any apparent reason? It's time to honestly reflect on its usefulness and its side-effects. 

7. Let go of the need for others' approval:

We often tend to seek approval by others. This is an attention-seeking behaviour and one which threatens our self-confidence and authenticity.

8. Let go of limiting beliefs:

Most of our limits are self-imposed. Life doesn't have defined limits. Our beliefs do. Learn to identify those beliefs which narrow down your possibilities for action and let go of them.

9. Let go of grudges:

Let me put it this way — grudges are bad for your heart. Keep them long enough or numerous enough and your health will eventually suffer. Research is showing the relationship between heart disease and emotions such as anger and grudges.

10. Let go of the “I'll do it tomorrow” attitude:

This is a delaying tactic of your subconscious saboteur trying to keep you from accomplishing important tasks. Try to be aware of it when you think it and consciously push yourself to do at least the first part of it. Naturally you will then continue the whole task because the hard part is only the beginning.

11. Let go of anxious thoughts:

These are born out of our fear of the unknown and uncertainty about the future. The thought that something unpleasant may happen is only an unreal thought we have created ourselves. Ask yourself: “Is this thought based on real evidence? ”

12. Let go of past heartbreaks:

A heartbreak can take quite a long time to heal. Your heart is locked as your mind keeps on hovering over the same thought. The thing to realize is that in heartbreaks it is not the loss that make you suffer but the idea you create in your heads about that loss.

13. Let go of bad memories:

Sometimes we remember unpleasant things that stir up some sad feelings in us. Bad memories make you relive those sad moments in the present. Keep them where they are – in the past.

14. Let go of useless things:

We also attach ourselves to things of all sort. Sometimes we clutter our life with useless objects. Let go of them and simplify your working and living environment. 

15. Let go of bad company:

If there are people around you that are insincere, harbour envy, are highly pessimistic or disempowering, keep away from them.

16. Let go of the idea that you are a product of your past:

One very common mistake we fall into is the belief that we are determined by our past experiences. This limits our view on future possibilities since we are stuck in believing that the future can only be more of the same as our past.

17. Let go of identifying yourself with your job/role:

This is one of the risks of modern day life. Since roles are always becoming more specialized, we think that we are part of our roles. This makes us lose perspective of our true nature.

18. Let go of counterproductive habits:

These are the repetitive patterns of behavior that obstruct or distract you from constructive and productive behavior. They can be anything from watching too much TV and overeating to self-destructive behavior such as drug abuse.

19. Let go of taking things too personally:

Very often we are disturbed emotionally because we interpret people's words and actions from a very subjective perspective. When we take things personally, we get irritated, hurt and disappointed. When you look at life from a more detached and objective point of view, we stay emotionally balanced and focused on our priorities.

20. Let go of the ticking clock:

Time is one of our biggest sources of stress. Well, not time really but our perception of it. Sometimes we are enslaved by the concept of time even in our moments of leisure. This has devoured a lot of our genuine freedom and space. Learning to spend moments without the constant awareness of time can be liberating and finally productive.


Gilbert Ross

Gilbert has been writing about personal growth topics for a number of years on his blog SoulHiker and on various other media.

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Thank you so much for all the guidance. I always receive messages from you at the right time. Thank you once again.

Nicholas J Cobos

You also have to accept and love your whole self. The good and the bad. Love your mistakes and flaws. When you do that, you take the power away from others to use them against you. Love yourself- flaws and all!

Debbie Shelswell
Debbie Shelswell

Thanks so much, Gilbert. Really needed to read this…lโ€™m writing it up in dot points and putting it on my wall, so l can read it all day…
Take care๐Ÿ™ƒ…

Angeliki Anastasia

Oooooohhhhhh Dr, Gilbert thank the Lord that Genius Doctors Exist!!! I almost lost my life because I did not visit my Doctor for 20 Years!!! Well Miracle Dr. Gilbert I Will follow All 20 Steps!!! This was The Greatest lesson of My Life!!!🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🌹🌹🌹❤️❤️❤️


I appreciate the reminder of โ€œletting goโ€. I have always had a hard time with โ€œletting goโ€ of anything. I think one of the reasons is I am an only child and grew up needing stuff.

Robina fazal

Nice article…Gilbert Ross..dear…❤💐Really inspiring and encouraging to focus on our true respect and love ourselves…..we have to competent enough to resist problem of ego…let go of past mistakes….make them your tools to make the best of your further life style…with more energy..good intensions…good thoughts…if you did somethings wrong…hurt someone.misbhave sometimes..its normal..we are human…we where always have good intensions and love all…we do make somemistakes..not by choice..but we get upset by some one or some one’s behaviour or attiude..we show bad bhaviour…ridicoul or disrespect somebody…then we sorry with full heart….no need to be so sensitive..wht is over is over ..let go…move forward…make peace with yourself …peaople liked to be respected love and cared..
Take care of yourself ,be not peoples pleasure all the time..give others time…as possible.
.for good puposes..or be supportive as family member.and have good relations with all…Not degrade the true power of your yourself yourself ..pamper yourself at times…spend time in your own company…so you can focus on your inner potentials…you can use them….in your favour…at times..learn ..get knowledge…exercise..have times of Soul and mind relaxation and recreation so you can get positive energies…and yourtrue self be the source of blessed energy to bless your goodness….with ease of soul mind and those where you go…and can utilise it for better..positive purposes to ease souls..and minds….it needs much you are your true mate… much you can feel love and compassion…in your much humble patient and confident and loving you are….you are given a heart of love of an Angel by God almighty and you can be a beautiful source of love…compassion and respect for all…but for such a Gut….you have to be your pure lover…who can be Strong ..brave…who have intentions to make positive changes….can mould the worry of others in to happiness…can put best efforts…to ease souls…to let them in peace and enhance by the warmth of your love positive energies from Soul to Soul…This is why we are send into this world to love care eachother…Amen

Akiroq Brost

I really enjoyed the analogy and all of these great tips Gilbert. Love this easy to follow, actionable advice! Thank you. <3

Laurie Lankins Farley

I feel like letting go of these things bring you straight to self love. wonderful article.


this was me at one point when the pain wasnt bearable i knew my outlook wasnt good and that it wasnt my true calling enough if somethings were out of my control i sat there thinking no girl your better than this you have more in your heart its ture i when though every stage but i know it was cause i was pain filled and it was cutting into me more though they dont deserve that much power thats still under my control


This is Fantastic! Iโ€™m letting go and learning to soar to my highest! ☮️❤️😊🙏🏻


This is awesome article ,by letting go these 20 mental barriers ,the person will get the necessary enelightment,understanding to himself ,others and life and can over comes easily any sarrow, obisticals and bad feelings .
By applying those steps the person will feeling free from any barriers and turns to be positive thinking ,healthy ,sincere ,honest ,productive,open-minded ,…..
He or she will turn to be more noble person .


Nice information ๐ŸŒธ๐ŸŒธ๐ŸŒธ

Ellen Potvin

I thought your ideas on mental barriers were quite amazing I agree with all of them. I’ve had a lot of sadness in my past I’m working on trying to change things but it’s really hard. Some things I just can’t seem to let go of like my divorce in 1987 I’m still carrying that sadness today also all the family members I lost along the way. It’s not easy to put these things behind you especially when you loved all of them all your life. But I’m trying. Thank you for your reminders I will keep them in mind and try harder. Ellen

Paulina Bagunas
Paulina Bagunas

Letting go is the most hardest part in a matter of the heart. But I believe it is the best way to free ourselves from worries, stress and live our best life to the fullest. Thanks for this very inspiring article. God bless.

Rhonda Martin

I needed ThIS. A Lot OF these are SO ME. Sometimes it’s Hard TO move ON.
But with the Grace of my Lord and Savior l Will grow stronger every day.🙏🙏🙏🙏


Excellent article! So on point with all things, thoughts, feelings and emotions that holds us back. Time to let it all go!


Letting go of “bad memories” is NOT an easy task. For example-a child being raped, emotionally abused, hit for many years, nightmares may be second nature. A soldier of war is another example. It’s sickening when you are told-let it go. Live through it then find out about “letting it go.”

natalie grant
natalie grant

I enjoyed reading your post just wish I could do all of this, I’m so out of whack til I don’t even go outside, things got so bad for me I had to quit my job, can i be so lonely and unhappy that I can’t come be to reality….I want so bad to be normal again, getting in the car with no fear, doing my own shopping I mean is this real will this end……


this was v ery good


this was excelent !

Wong Lok

Let go of Perspectives without foundation of humility. It causes us too proud to listen, dominates others in our mind.
Let go of Perspectives without foundation of gratitude. It causes us to complain free help when things aren’t perfect.
Let go of Perspectives without universally applicable symmetry in relationship. It can causes us to have double standards.