Practice Positive Forward Thinking

It creates happiness.

Daydream is an example.

Every positive thought fast forwards your time to design and make your a new better life come true.

Fast forwarding time in positivity with imagination, happiness, dreams, inventions, plans, execution, result, winning, edge of glory.

Fast forwarding time in fear based assumption with worrying, fear, negative past, cancelling plans, avoid this and that, doubt, losing, 90year old death bed regrets.

Getting rid of the illusion of hatred between can be very refreshing.

This can be a very powerful too to move away from fear based thinking.

Life is full. Make sure we can fell its abundance.

Wong Lok

Love..... Being a walking aphorism. Sharing my personal encouragement experience. Code Visual ART with WebGL. #Kindness API #VisualART #CURE

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