Parenting Through the Eyes of a Child

My realization as a parent: My child and I can Co-Create the forever that we wish it to be.

“Life is a process of creation, and you keep living it as if it were a process of re-enactment.” — Conversations with God/Book 2

As a parent, it is important to live life moment to moment, experiencing the journey that you have created with this new life, your child! However, most of us re-enact what we experienced as children, not the other way around.

We re-enact parenting behaviors rather than create new parenting skills.

Spiritual parenting is a new concept. It is a different approach to the traditional authoritarian style of parenting that society has handed down generation after generation, one which involves a new way of seeing your child and a new way to experience each other’s humanness.

I am writing this article because I have noticed so many parents parenting from the past, rather than from a natural progression of their life experiences. Most children are intuitive and have natural human senses. But it is often the case that parents do not allow their children to manifest their own thoughts and ideas.

Instead, many parents dictate to children their own ideas about what they think life should be like or look like.

Sometimes it is okay to follow their lead, allowing them to direct us in creating their futures. This will give us, the parent, more tools to work with as we move toward a new way of parenting. By listening to our children, we gain a new, creative way of parenting rather than re-enacting our own past experiences.

I realize that this little tad bit of information might seem confusing at first, but it is quite simple actually. I am suggesting that you step out of your mind…out of your past…and look into the future through the eyes of your child…into forever.

What does your “forever” look like?

“Forever” for you may mean until the end of this physical life. To some, it could mean through many lifetimes for all eternity. To me, forever is a continued source of energy, one that exists in both the spiritual realm and the physical realm. It is a never-ending story, a continuation of your Soul’s creation, not a re-enactment from the beginning of this physical life… unless it is. My forever often doesn’t look anything like I think it should because I am constantly creating it. I am creating that which has been given to me, through me, and releasing the re-enactment of what I think was given to me.

I was given a wonderful example of this from a very good friend who longed to raise her son in a small town, because that is how she grew up, until one day she realized that her past is not the place to draw upon in an effort to create a life for her son. Rather, it was an attempt to simply relive what was meaningful and memorable to her. Creating a new direction with her son was a better path for both of them, and way more fun than simply doing over her own life.

By not re-enacting your childhood, what your parents created for you, you are embarking on a life experience that will fill you and your child/ren with new ideas, new hope, and keep your parenting “life spark” alive inside of you. Now, I hope you understand that this is merely my idea of a creative forever. There are no rules, no restrictions, just life unfolding.

Will you allow a new unfolding to occur in your family?

My realization as a parent: My child and I can Co-Create the forever that we wish it to be.


Laurie Lankins Farley

Laurie has been widely recognized for her gifts as a Psychic Medium, internationally known deep energy Intuitive and as parenting expert. She has worked with, and assisted people, parents, and families all over the world, held sessions/readings with known celebrities from all walks of life. Because of her talent and a passion for working with parents and children she has published an inspirational children's book, "The Positive Little Soul" Endorsed by Doreen Virtue and James Twyman. Laurie has been widely recognized for her gifts as a Psychic Medium. She has worked with, and assisted people, parents, and families all over the world. Laurie has held sessions/readings with known celebrities from all walks of life. Laurie has been on the stage with such individuals as New York Times best-selling authors and Thought Leaders, Dr. Shefali (Appearances on Oprah. The Bestselling author of The Conscious Parent), Neale Donald Walsch (New York Times best-selling author, Conversation with God book series) and Bryant McGill ( McGill Media / Simple Reminders). Laurie is also the co-author of Conversations With God For Parents with Neale Donald Walsch, the New York Times best-selling author of the "Conversations With God" book series. Laurie has spent her entire life sharing, developing, and fine-tuning her intuition and She has always used her pure intuition in all of her life decisions from parenting, career, and relationships. Laurie has Worked hard to strengthen the parent /child connection and has become closely involved with the Conscious Parent Revolution. She has raised two children. For more information on her work, please visit:

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Catherine B. Roy

Brilliant concept, Laurie! So great and much needed perspective!

Angeliki Anastasia


Angeliki Anastasia

Oh Laurel leaf 🍃 Laurie your words are very holy!!! “Continuation of the soul’s creation!!! Co Create the Forever Land” and shout out like the leader you are: “My name is Laurie and I promise you, you will never be lonely!!!”, just like Peter Pan shouted in Neverland!!!
Thank you Laurie for making me fly!!! Freedooom to the land of Laurie!!!

Angeliki Anastasia

Oh Laurie, when I look into your vision and get lost in your words I feel holy!!!


A wonderful and much needed perspective on what it takes to raise children in this ever changing world. My generations old ways of parenting are outdated and at times unknowingly misguided today. Thank you for enlightening us all Laurie, and guiding a new generation of parents.

Akiroq Brost

The awareness, that unless we make the effort to change “most of us re-enact what we experienced as children, not the other way around” is crucial. I did everything differently and I am so very glad I did. Raising my children was an awesome adventure. We had so many exciting adventures together! Loved this article. It brought me back to when my kids were younger and all we did together. Thank you Laurie. <3

Brooke Lillith

I just LOVE this article and your divine wisdom so much beautiful Laurie. So true that parenting IS a co-creation between child and parent, and that generational imprints need to be recognized and ultimately healed. So powerful. Thank you for sharing your brilliant gifts angel!!! This wisdom, along with spiritual parenting, is so deeply needed at this time. Love what your ‘forever’ looks like. Love you so much soul sister. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Jo Davis

I love this! Sometimes reminding a parent that the forever can be new and ever unfolding is a relief to hear. It’s permission to evolve & open our hearts. To roll with it & not compare & NOT HOLD ON SO DAMN TIGHT. This article goes deeper than the words. I would suggest reading it 2-3 times. Well done! Thank you, Laurie!

Jessica Gilbert

Wonderful article! I’m not a parent myself yet, but this gives me great insight for when the time may come.

Melissa Rose Rothschild

Beautiful article Laurie❤️
Roots to grow and wings to fly🦋
I remember my mother and I speaking on the idea that we didn’t really need to tell my son,”no”. We did not see a reason for it(there is exceptions of course). I allowed him to explore and choose for himself with my guidance. I still marvel at his life and now the choices he is making and creating with his future . Sometimes it is difficult when our own experiences have already taught us more and we want to protect them from mistakes but we have to allow their life to be their own… mistakes and all ! I am far from the perfect parent but I certainly agree that creating together but separately allows the independence that allows for an unconditional, true eternal love.