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Do You Have This One Very Important Attribute You Need To Build The Life You Want?

A missing ingredient that every creative dreamer needs to make it all real.

Watch the video above for an important missing ingredient for building the life you want.

If you want more from life — start by counting your blessings instead of counting your losses, deficits and wants. Impatience, resentment, jealousy and endless “want” are not creative attractors and have no value. These feelings block your opportunities. From time to time, everyone experiences these thoughts, but you must learn to move through them constructively. When negative feelings move upon you, reflect, and recognize the danger of feeding those feelings and keeping them alive. Let them take their course and see to it that they burn-out like a campfire in a dry forest; watching them carefully, without adding further fuel to their fire with undue worry.

Excessive want is a form of desperation and a declaration of lack.

Impatience, resentment and jealousy are obvious negative emotions that are more easily understood as toxic. However, the concept of want is more complicated and confusing. If your feelings of “wanting” are not disruptive to your inner-tranquility then they are likely healthy. However, excessive want is a form of desperation and a declaration of lack. Any aggressive lust lacks balance and is unwholesome and obstructive.

Balance in life is the key to everything.

Balance in life is the key to everything. You need to focus on more than just your wants. Everyone has wants, but you have to be smart to get what you want. It can be counterintuitive and difficult to understand that in order to get anything, you must offer your value first — you must give. You must also create a space of sanity and security within yourself for your value and strategies to take root and grow. That space of sanity is called contentment and gratitude.

Be calm and patient with your desires.

You are likely the greatest obstacle to achieving your own dreams. Get out of your own way. Learn to exist gracefully and peacefully with yourself. Only inner-mastery can bring outer-mastery. Start deep within yourself and slowly build outward toward your goal. Be calm and patient with your desires. Reject the common false beliefs that you don’t have much time or you will never have another opportunity. Be steady, gentle, calm, centered, focused, patient and grateful. Focus on your truthful passion, even if that passion “seems” to have no chance of bringing the worldly rewards you presently believe you want. Your wants will evolve as you grow in understanding and spiritual maturity.

Be prepared to prove your passion with patience and longsuffering…

Be prepared to prove your passion with patience and longsuffering, or if you are wise, with long-joying. Remember that any desire is tested; the greater the desire, the greater the tests. Take action, but without attachment to any outcome. Work only as a truthful expression of your passion and not just to get.

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Bryant McGill

Bryant McGill is a human potential thought leader, international bestselling author, activist, and social entrepreneur.

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