My People Are Good People

Preferring “Innies” to “Outies”

Did you ever find yourself trying to befriend people as if they were your kind of people only to discover that they are not your kind of people after all? My people are good people, loyal people, people who would crawl through heaven and earth for their people and EXPECT the same in return.

They are not pretentious, and have no need to put on airs. Neither do they.

These are the people that you would jammy party with on a cold winter’s night with a cup of hot cocoa and laugh until your belly hurts or cry and give each other heartfelt hugs. I have no desire to work overtime trying to impress or please people who are not MY people. I could spend a lifetime doing that. And then, when some calamity hits, they take flight. Why? They are not my people.

Consider whose standard you are trying to measure up to.

If you are a good people, good people will naturally be impressed by you and want to be around you. There is no striving or trying to impress. Me and my people, we look for the best in each other and we spend time making each other better. When times are tough, we give each other the greatest gift of all, the gift of Presence. We can’t cure the whole world’s problems, but we try. I want to be around MY people, my tribe. They are GOOD and loyal people. Some of my people are pretty on the outside and some are not so pretty on the outside. But, all of them are beautiful on the inside.

You know who you are!

You don’t have to impress me with your exterior because in the end, in 10 years, you will only wish you looked as good as you do today. I want the inside stuff. The good stuff. My grandmother said, “Pretty is as pretty does.” Just keep that beautiful package clean and tidy and take care of it the best you can. These are my beautiful people. I guess I prefer “innies” to “outies”.

You do have to be rich though.

Rich in soul. Rich in integrity. Rich in the way you treat your family and the people around you. Rich in creativity because sometimes, you may need to figure out how to live when the days are not so good. Rich in faith. Rich in courage. Rich in love. How about that?

My people come in all shapes and sizes and cultures and beliefs, statuses and educational levels. They are married, they are single, they are active or they are wheelchair bound. I love my people so much. I desire MY PEOPLE. They just rock my world. So stand up and acknowledge like me, “I am a good people and I deserve to be around other good people that are MY people”.


Pammie Day

Pam has been a Registered Nurse for 30 years, holds a Bachelor's degree in Management and Ethics and is pursuing her Ph.D. in Positive Neuropsychology. She is a Nurse, Author, Philosopher, Entrepreneur, and Promoter of Human Potentiality. Her primary life philosophies come from her father's teachings,: "The only failure is the failure to live to one's highest individual potential." and, "We are all in the process of Becoming."

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Gail Liming
Gail Liming

I agree with the statement, “living with one’s highest potential” that’s what makes feel as if we’re worthy individuals, to accomplish and achieve tasks daily even if seems mediocre. At the end of a day how much prouder, we can feel of ourselves and sleep better just knowing we accomplished a task or tasks. Interesting article because I was writing on that subject tonight.

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