My One-In-A-Million Health Transformation

Simply put, I was on a VERY cancerous path.

Becoming well when you have been desperately sick can be a very daunting task. It requires an open mind, plenty of faith, sage advice, and a commitment to accept nothing but the best for your body. However, if you can accomplish all these things, your body will undoubtedly take over and provide you with a refreshing transformation. This is my story.

My Physical Transformation

I was a “healthy” guy in my late 20’s who failed to recognize the “subtle” signals that I had a ticking time bomb in my body that was one pin pull away from going boom.

That day came December 27th, 2004. I was 30 years old.

In a short period of time, my health went unceremoniously down the tubes. I had a fraction of the proper functioning that was needed in order to be healthy. I reluctantly went to a conventional doctor and ended up with an arthritis diagnosis and some pain medication. Fortunately, I rejected both of those ideas quickly, even though I knew I had no other answers currently available to me.

As a result of being caught flat-footed with this diagnosis (which is where many people find themselves), my health deteriorated as I searched for answers. In 2005, I suffered from a number of problems, all a result of every system in my body being severely compromised.

These symptoms included:

Extreme neck, shoulder, back, elbow, joint, and wrist pain (primarily on one side)
Severe knee problems
Excruciating shin splints
Debilitating plantar fasciitis
All kinds of skin conditions (eczema, rashes)
Extreme sensitivity to chemical smells
The need to urinate frequently (especially at night)
Heartburn and indigestion
Lumps in lymph nodes
Brain fog
Chronic fatigue
Allergies and sinusitis
Blood that felt very acidic
Traces of blood in stools

Simply put, I was on a VERY cancerous path.

Since I didn’t understand nutrition yet, bodywork was my primary way to reduce pain and get things working, with massage, acupuncture, and chiropractic being the primary methods (with naturopaths, biofeedback, and reflexology also factoring into the equation).

I ended up focusing on this for 21 months until I found an exceptional source of online information on natural nutrition. The views expressed on this website were “opinion” and NOT from a conventional medical professional, which likely ended up saving me from a life of physical and mental ruin. I read everything I could, bought every supplement I thought would help and started making immediate changes to my diet.

In about 3 months time, I felt a lot different. My inflammation was curbed and I was feeling better overall. I was on the path.

For the next 2 years, I followed this path and was slowly getting better as the weeks passed. Then I discovered, through a biofeedback session, that I may indeed have Candida (fungal infection). At the time, I had no idea what it was or what it could do, but as I read up on it, I knew exactly what my problem was and how to overcome it. The final stage had begun.

(By the way, the proliferation of Candida also created many other disease labels for me, including leaky gut, hypothyroidism, and extreme adrenal fatigue. Not to mention an impaired liver, damaged kidneys, and impaired cardiovascular function).

Over the next year, I would knock down this terrible disease and slowly regain my health. Stage after stage, I felt different, newer, and lighter. After 5 years, I felt nearly completely normal, even though I also had to battle extreme stress related to a unhealthy business relationship I had during 3 years in that period. This significantly slowed down the process, and when removed, facilitated another layer of healing.

By the time it was all said and done, my holistic “routine” had left me in a much different place. I NO LONGER had:

  • Neck, shoulder, back, elbow, or wrist pain
  • Knee problems
  • Shin splints
  • Signs of plantar fasciitis
  • Skin conditions
  • High sensitivity to chemical smells
  • Frequent urination, especially in the night
  • Digestion problems (even with foods I had to monitor previously, like nuts)
  • Lymph issues
  • Brain fog
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Acidic-feeling blood
  • Allergies or sinusitis

However, I did have:

  • Refreshing and well-balanced energy
  • Completely resolved digestive problems
  • Glowing skin
  • Loose muscles and joints
  • Clarity
  • Deeper sleeps
  • Alkaline blood 

In other words, all remnants of my previously painful disease were eradicated FULLY. This was not a partial removal with some symptoms remaining (allergies for example). All issues were completely gone. I had completely healed my body.

It was a 1 in a million experience.

The thoughts that saved me.

As soon as I heard the word “arthritis”, my mind instantly refused the diagnosis. There was no way that I was going to live with that label and pain for the rest of my life. My mind was made up that no matter what the cost, I would fix it, and damn conventional medicine for thinking otherwise.

This mindset, along with a very open mind on alternative remedies and solutions, led the way to my recovery. I had complete faith, the mindset of a champion, the persistence of a 5-year-old, and access to plenty of healing wisdom, all of which were paramount in my transformation.

I also realized later that my thoughts were actually what initiated this physical burn out and just like they got me into this mess, they could also get me out. During my physical transformation, I read all that I could to change my mindset from one of lack to that of complete abundance. It was not an easy task, but I knew it was worth it.

I was right.

My Life Now

Life now shows me that I was living a “shadow of a life” previously. I was not fully engaged and tended to worry about things I couldn’t control. Fortunately, I don’t live in that space anymore because it doesn’t serve my future. It doesn’t add any value to NOW.

Today, I am grateful for my life.

I’m very healthy, in body and mind. I’m also happy I’ve learned from my experiences, and excited that I can help teach people to generate their own transformation. I no longer worry about things I can’t control, and I focus on the gifts and blessings of today.

Today is special. It’s a new day. One that I get to create.  And everything is awesome.

Derek Henry

Derek Henry is a well respected holistic health coach, educator, and writer.

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