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Getting over money blocks and worthiness issues

Money is not the problem in the world; hard hearts are the real problem

There is no nobility in poverty; that is to say there are beautiful people who are poor, but being poor does not necessarily make you beautiful. There is no sense in relishing in poverty. We serve no purpose by being small, and we can best help others from a position of strength; not weakness. Take a vow of total abundance. Declare that you believe in balance, and therefore, full spectrum inner and outer (spiritual and worldly) wealth and empowerment, also known as freedom.

The lie that you can't make money doing what you love is just a projection of your self-accepted unworthiness. We are all worthy of abundance. The great Earth is abundant, and we are its stewards; endless wealth is ours. We have the wealth of the universe; it's all accessible, but you have to claim the abundance. You don't have to be poor to be deeply spiritual, and in fact spirituality can bring every type of wealth there is to be had. What the world needs more than anything is more spiritual millionaires and spiritual billionaires; the world needs conscious leadership! Maybe that leader is you.

Money is not the problem in the world; hard hearts are the real problem.

Money is not the problem in the world; hard hearts are the real problem — the hard hearts of both the rich and the poor. Unkind and selfish people, whether they be rich or poor, live in abject poverty. Yes, you have permission to make money — lots of it. Let your wealth aid in funding your passions, visions, and hopes for others. And like all energy, such as time, effort, money and thought — spend it compassionately, purposefully and in service of others. For those who say money is evil or that it hardens your heart; speak for yourself — that's only your relationship with money. Money only magnifies and extends who you already are. Negative people who criticize and judge others just because they have money, spend their scant resources of time and effort foolishly and with a mean spirit. I became rich because I have a rich heart. I became wealthy because I spent my poverty well and kindly. You choose your worth in life each day, by how you treat others. Open yourself to the possibility of your total empowerment!

The world needs more conscious and caring leaders.

Contrary to what you may think, real leadership is not about superiors and their followers. Leadership is not about the senseless accumulation of wealth and power. Proper leadership concerns itself with what it does with its power to serves others. The endgame of leadership is fostering dignity in the lives of others. Real leaders want to create and empower other leaders; only the phonies hog it all for themselves. Real leaders spend more of their energy helping others than helping themselves. Real leadership is less about leading and more about service. Real leadership is about giving, and carrying the dreams and hopes of others in your heart every step of the way. The distinguishing characteristic of a true leader is pure elation in seeing others prosper. It is time that spiritual people open themselves to total abundance without shame or guilt. The world needs more conscious and caring leaders who are empowered, not only with integrity and big hearts, but with cold hard cash! Embrace the resources that can help bring more positivity, compassion, understanding, and change into the world.


Bryant McGill

Bryant McGill is a human potential thought leader, international bestselling author, activist, and social entrepreneur.

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Lissa Hinshaw
Lissa Hinshaw

Wow, this is such a powerful eye-opener for me. I do agree that the more resources that good-natured people have the more good we can get accomplished in the world. Opening myself up to all the abundance I am worthy of. I agree with Nicolle. I need to print this beautiful reminder out. πŸ™‚


Yes! The world needs more leaders like this. Empowered and empowering and powerful leaders who don’t abuse their power.

Elizabeth Hemingway
Elizabeth Hemingway

March 7,2018 6:11a January 2017 was reunited with my son’s and niece. We had talked about me moving either 2 Illinois or Missouri so I had applied at senior housing in both states. I said whatever ever 1 comes through first is where I will relocate. Preparing all the details of moving I did my part on my end and had all kinds of help from my niece and her daughter 2 help me find a place 2 live. I had no help in Missouri where my sons live so I ended up in Illinois in June 2017. Not knowing what was going 2 happen. My niece made arrangements 4 her daughter’s fiancΓ©e 2 fly in2 Bradley airport and a limousine brought him 2 my apt in Ct. which was a Thursday night because we had 2 pick up UHaul truck and accessories on Friday morning inorder 4 my movers 2 load the truck starting at 9:00a. Everything was moving along as planned. We ended up leaving Ct on the 12th of June and ended up in Illinois on the 13th and had my nieces family waiting at the apt building ready to move me into my new apt. I love my apt I don’t like the rent I have 2 pay. My niece was miss informed about it not being a hud subsidized building. The information that was giving to her said it was. It is a 55 and older building. In Ct. I worked 4 a company called Griswold Homecare I was with them 4 19 yrs. I waited a week be4 I made a appointment with Griswold Homecare out here. I had enough money 2 live on until September. A job became available in my building 4 a elderly couple but I had 2 apply at a different agency which I did. I worked 4 the couple 4 about 6 weeks. Then I had 2 apply at a different agency called Home Instead 4 Seniors. I was hired and been with them since. I was out of work 4 5 months be4 coming up with the job in my building. In the mean time my bills got behind . I ended up having 2 surrender my car 2 my bank in October. I’ve recently have had 2 put 4 credit cards and my bank loan 4 my car through consolidator. I’ve been out of work it’s been 1 week and 2 days so far. I do 24/7 Live In work . I have a lot of patience but when it gets 2 where my money is running out I start worrying. I’m ok 4 now but if they don’t find me work soon I’m going 2 be in trouble again. I was doing well in Ct. and when I moved 2 Illinois that’s when I’ve lost everything. Oh well and life goes on. Elizabeth!!!

Akiroq Brost
Akiroq Brost

We are worthy of ourselves and we are worthy of our own success. It’s time for us to step into our power and to stop denying ourselves our own potential. Dreams are only possible when we act on them.
Live a life of purpose, fueled by passion. Find the depth of your life with presence and an open heart. Give generously to both yourself and others. Give of your heart. Give love.
As a leader and a friend, you have lent both courage and inspiration to my family and I. As we stand in our power, we find ourselves in abundance in all arenas of our lives. Forever grateful. Thank you Bryant.

Noelle Dodge
Noelle Dodge

This one I need to print out and keep handy. If not to remind myself to pass along. I have had so many conversations that this is useful to keep in mind.

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