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    10 months, 1 week ago
    Encouragement of escape the trap of hurt-back-madness with self-awareness #wonglok831)

    I would like to share how to heal my depression.

    Credit to Bryant and Jenni's concepts in broadcasts.

    Words are basically magical spells that creates permanence within our mind, our universe. When we speak or think. We are giving birth to words to exist within our mind's universe. Our own universe is like a piece of white paper and a canvas for us to paint.

    Have you think about your own well being when you were so angry and wanted to hurt back with mean words you received? It's only gets worse when we hurt back. Using hurt back to justify ourselves is subtly self destructive. It looks like the others would get hurt, and we would have the “vengeance”. But in fact, hurt back is only hurting ourselves, hurt back steals your good relationship with others, kills your happiness and destroy your mental health in the long run.

    Hurt back is the seed of madness and depression. Walk away temporarily and then communicate afterwards heals. Don't plan the seed of attitude cancer in your garden and water it by spending time with it.

    When we're self-aware. It helps us with the very first step of being happy again and able to love, love-able, again.

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