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I Live For Your Applause Of Love

The positive experience can rescue you. We could belong together when we are being reminded that we're lovable. Please cast away the lie that we're unlovable. With...

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The One With The Time Giving

I encourage you to optimise your time spending behaviour just like the way game developers optimise their code to make game play 3D effects...

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Practice Positive Forward Thinking

Daydream is an example. Every positive thought fast forwards your time to design and make your a new better life come true. Fast forwarding time in...

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Essential Nature Of Life Is To Survive And Thrive

Being able to pick ourselves back up is essential nature of life. Life is about survival and thriving. Survival version of Freedom is like: Get your...

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What Im Trying In Terms Of Encouragement

Validating inspiration through personal experience and action is the best way to listen to guidance, encourage people. This is because it display personal courage,...

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