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How to Love a Woman

I’m no expert on women. In fact, after a divorce, it would be fair to say that I failed miserably with the woman in my...

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What’s preventing you from manifesting the life of your dreams?

You’ve read many of those books on manifestation and the law of attraction, but your life continues to remain ho-hum. Your desires seem farther away....

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8 Steps to Heat Up Self-Love and Make Your Relationships Sizzle

“If you don’t love yourself, you’ll always be chasing after people who don’t love you either.” — Mandy Hale My childhood was filled with negativity,...

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5 Barriers to Self-Love and What To Do About It

I didn't grow up with positive or supportive parents. I experienced a childhood that was filled with verbal taunts, criticism, and put downs. I never...

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6 Ways to Salvage a Relationship on the Rocks

I couldn't accept that my relationship was ending. I couldn't fathom divorce or living alone. I thought my life was over about four years ago when...

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How You See the World Is How the World Sees You

Growing up, I believed the world I lived in was a struggle. And you know, I was right. It was. At home, I repeatedly heard things like, "money...

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