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    Why do we give our power away?
    This is a question I have been asking myself often lately. Life has many twists and turns and it is always at our lowest points when we are growing the most.

    The past few years […]

    Joy is Deep Within You

    Why do we give our power away? This is a question I have been asking myself often lately. Life has many twists and turns and it is always at our lowest points when we are growing the most. The past few...

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    • Thank you so much Vicki for sharing and your insight. I have known this and although it may be common knowledge doesn't mean it's always common place or second nature. I am currently working on this myself. This was a wonderful reminder!! You are not alone and thank you for shining you bright light for us to see 💗

    • Our childhood has a lot of influence when we are grownup our present life is an extension of the past experiences all our thoughts and work habits are based on it .. present life such, that all the people have some or other type of stress. the degree of it depends how controlled our mind ,stress can be completely eliminated if we have Faith in Divine and His doings this requires complete surrender to Divine.fear also will vanish when we know that the Divine is guiding us 24 hours a day why fear then?.
      This article is very good and experiences mentioned are happening to all of us in one or other way thanks for presenting such a good article

    • I too know this pain and feel like I have suffered these past 7 months. However, I am finding myself and know that it is Gods will. With this I take great comfort in knowing everything will be okay! It is just a new journey in life and I need to make it great!

    • I really enjoyed reading this. THIS IS SO ME. TRYING TO PLEASE EVERYONE, TO BE ACCEPTED. IT has caused me nothing but heartAche and PAIN, I'am working on myself, With the Grace of God. I WILL Succeed. AMEN🙏🙏🙏

    • Beautiful, Vicki.
      Joy is the foundation of the soul.
      Frustration and resentments seem to manifest when we attach to what is of this earth , including relationships. By letting go , we allow our spirits to grow.
      Remembering our one , true Source brings a divine peace and a joy that can not be stolen.
      Happy that you reconnected through the lessons that you have already learned. We all need reminders while we walk this earth.
      Thank you for sharing.

    • Thanks!vicki Savini 💗💐for such a nice article…yeah one can never be abandoned because the light…to ease our Soul and mind is inside deep inside…we can use this light to benefit our lives….as much long we live and can prove good to all…..How much we are living and pure to others..they can't be satisfied….we if not set limits in giving they keep on taking full advantages rather than having thinking just a minute that whts going inside us .wht we feel..whts our passions whts our desires…we have to have set Some limits…Take care…love all..respect them .but my dear..don't become people's pleasure once you realise you are caught in this stigma…to devote your time for others…and they are making fun of you..taking you for granted..not cared about you have a have your own self care time have your ambitions too…you have your self worth..Self agenda to lead your life with healthy and satisfied once realise they are people of need…and using you for their benefits and ease of life..not caring about your own Self to groom …to focus on yourself your inner light starts dim,so dim that you not even recognise yourself..your self…so let yourself..pamper with love..and care…Give yourself proper care and workout on your own self strengths and instincts to get the most out of life…Then you can live a life…with true happiness…health and stability that you can manage time to do works for some positive purposes….when inner is soothed and in ease everything becomes beautiful and life is worth living ….

    • I am a recovered people pleaser. I still like to make people happy though..but just give with no expectations…if that makes sense… I don't “please” to be accepted but just because being kind is a good way to live.

    • great article thank you for these precious advise

    • Lovely article. I have been a victim and now I'm ‘slowly removing myself of this from my spouse,siblings and working on loving me. It's not easy but will succeed.
      Thanks so much.

    • I learned this very valuable lesson too. My advice is take baby steps in this process. Do not be discouraged or too hard on yourself. You will always be a people pleases to some degree, but with better practice you will have control of why you need to please a particular person, and that alone will open many opportunities for your growth. Take baby steps, be kind to yourself along the way. Good luck.

    • I was never a people pleaser,my childhood to adulthood was going excellent..but after marriage i had to bow down authenicity was dying as i had turned into apeople pleaser wasvery difficult for me..anyways i learnt a lesson and now i don't please anyone..I am happy confident and only help people as i feel its a call from god..

    • Thank you so much for sharing this. I definitely needed to read this. I have been working on the issues that I have associated with being a people pleaser. So this was perfect timing!

    • Thank you for the article! It hit home deeply! Gb you all! 🙏🏻☮️

    • Thank you I see my son trying to please others and leave himself out if the loop. This really struck a cord with me to what he is doing and what I've been doing the majority of my life.

    • I have been through a very similar journey. I had a very happy family and an easy, comfortable marriage.
      Then my husband told me he didn't love me anymore. And hadn't for 6-8 years. And that when we had married 15+ years ago, he knew that he didn't love me, but “had hope I could change”.
      Honestly? It was devastating and humiliating to learn not only that being myself was not enough, but also that my ex had pretended to love me.

      At the back of my mind I was aware of the paradoxical freedom.
      I was relieved because could now live an authentic life, except I was crippled by the deepest pain and grief I have ever experienced.

      2 years on, and I am through the worst.
      Looking back, the best thing I did was just to BE. It was tough. I found that when there were additional demands, the stress caused me to shut down.
      So the only way I coped was to do *only the basics*, and say no to almost everything.

      It took me 2 years.
      Everyone's journey and timing is different.
      But life is definitely brighter on this side!
      I am dating (which I honestly wasn't sure I would ever do.
      I still feel devastated by the loss of my family unit, but I am happy and I'm looking forward to whatever the future holds.

      I wish the same for you…

    • 😭😢 Yes, Ive spent my entire adult life being the “ fiver” or as u say the “light” and success for others. Yet when my darkest days come I get not even a 1/4 of empathy or care from anyone, leaves me sad and feeling unworthy! My mother who was a toxic narcissist mean evil-spirited person died a month ago today and that’s all I know! I have 4 siblings who I’ve been good to all my live ( and I’m the youngest ) r also evil spirited and they had to get the last punch even my mother. Oh yeah cremated she was so we who didn’t speak to her in life couldn’t visit her in death.
      Everyone including my therapists and friends view this as inhumane ! She is my mother, and no one should inflict such pain on Anyone no less blood!
      I live my life as true as I can! I like the person I am! I’ve been thru hell and back, but came back stronger and wiser from the trauma of 49 yrs!
      I yearn for now all 4 parents r gone and I can find peace in my heart again! No one abuse or ridiculing or insults or made up stories!
      I am blessed to be a part of our Royal Society because you help me everyday foe yrs now!
      ☮️❤️😊🙏🏻 To u all! Have a Blessed Day my friends and God Bless

    • Omg I feel as if this was written for me except I was the eldest of 4 children not the youngest, so I seen how stresses and anxious my ma would get from time to time actually scratch that everyday but it wasn't until I got older that I realised she suffered bad with anxiety and maybe even depression, she didn't have any help at all with us my dad worked a lot and when he was there he might as well have not been anyways to cut along story short I myself am a people pleaser I feel as if I live my life around family and friends and what they want and expect of me and it's so draining 😩

    • Bo Powell – The most poignant words were contained within your comment (and I am going to copy and paste them here to highlight their significance… As well as in my journal! LOL)

      “I hadn’t been giving from a place of abundance. I was giving from a place of lack. Instead of taking care of and loving myself so fully and completely that it overflowed into the life of others, I was giving from this void wanting people to like me and to stay. Instead of tapping into my own joy and happiness, I was looking to get it from an external source.”



    • I know it’s hard, you are doing it out of taking care of you!

    • Thank you so much for this powerful and insightful article, Vicki!!

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