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    1 year, 9 months ago
    Today I went to the park and sat for a while to get some outside time, to listen to the birds chirping, the wind in the leaves, the babbling brook. Then I went home and deliberately took my trash to the dumpster at that time because gentle sprinkles had begun, and it was so warm on my skin and the rain smelled so good! It has been years since I enjoyed walking in the beginning of a rain. Wishing all of you the simple pleasures of today right where you are! May it bring you as much joy as I found today! I encourage you to take a few minutes to look and listen. What did you find?
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    • I enjoy going to the park to sit and watch all that goes on from the birds flying, chirping, singing, swimming to the ripples on the water, the breeze gently blowing on me and gently moving the leaves on the trees, the way the sun reflects into and off the pond, listening to the sounds of childrens voices and watching people fishing or walking by. The squirrels always look so chipper and happy to me as they run up and down and around the trees. The flowers and flowering trees this time of year are brilliant with beautiful colors and shapes, each uniquely amazing to look at. I take it all in with all of my senses and feel truly at peace when I do this.


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