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5 Steps To Get Things Done

A lot of us struggle with getting our most important work done in time and to our satisfaction. Progress can only be made when...

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How To Live In Alignment With Your Purpose

The surest way to live in alignment with your purpose is by listening to and following the guidance of your true and empowering inner...

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Wisdom and Courage are Products of Sufferings and Tribulations

Control freaks are emotional vampires that feed on the innocence and empathy of unconsciously kind-hearted people. These naive kind-hearted people are oblivious to the workings...

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3 Simple Steps to Find True Love

If you have been struggling to attract a life partner who is compatible with you and who shares the similar values and aspirations with...

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Letting Go Of My Suffering

When I speak of suffering, I refer to the constant emotional pains I felt in my heart and soul caused by a deep dissatisfaction...

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