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5 Steps to Help You Stop Saying Things You Regret

Everyone has experienced regret at some point in their life over words they chose to use. For instance, speaking out in anger is one of...

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Removing the Training Wheels of Meditation and Mindfulness

"To have intelligence there must be freedom, and you cannot be free if you are constantly being urged to become like some hero, for...

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Using Mindfulness Meditation to Cope with Divorce

Among the most stressful and potentially traumatizing events in life is divorce. Even in amicable situations, ending a marriage can put the married couple and...

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The Mindfulness of Negative Thinking

For as far back as we can remember, there has been a push to encompass positive thinking. Certainly, looking toward the bright side has a...

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Calming Everyday Fears

Before doing the work of releasing fear, let's consider for a moment what fear offers. Fear works diligently at all times, down to immediately adjusting...

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The Power of Gratitude

Think back to a time when you were naturally feeling grateful. Perhaps there were feelings of a sense of relief, security and happiness. Perhaps...

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